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  1. I 'spose my point is BAMF, there is absolutely nothing in the data which suggests he's in decline. Yes, he's 32. But he's a sensational athlete and been a superstar. His decline is likely to be gradual rather than sudden would be my guess.
  2. Could you please stop talking sense markc?
  3. Just checking we are talking about the same player. I thought the thread was about a guy named Lance 'Buddy' Franklin . . . currently playing for the Sydney Swans and formerly of Hawthorn. The one that hasn't played less than 17 games per year for the last ten years (19 last year and all four this year), has kicked at least 50 goals a year for 11 of the last 12 years (including 57 last year), averages at least three goals a game (including 2018) over a career spanning 294 games. Obviously I'm thinking of a different Buddy Franklin . . . not the "overweight, overpaid, has-been" one.
  4. Sorry SWYLB. That was very sadistic of me. My apologies.
  5. Doug "all alone and unattended" Heywood.
  6. Can you imagine Hudson and SoMo in the box together?
  7. Kelly Underwood is by far the best going around. Put her and Daisy in the box together and it'd be a good night . . . "we know that" as Bwoos wood say.
  8. Shouty Hudson . . . you're joking right?
  9. With Rance out and a few others down, Phil Davis becomes the most irreplaceable big backman in the game.
  10. Goodwin = no imagination evident May = fitness . . . what fitness? Umpires = back to Bendigo Lyon = what a hypocrite Jones = effectively finished now
  11. Sounds like you might be on to it PF (as usual). My sauce has been reliable in the past. If it's true . . . easily the biggest story of the year.
  12. Big news story brewing down the Nepean Highway. Not a good look and potentially season de-railing.
  13. you're a dam fine human being Werridee. thanks for the useful info.
  14. Interesting how this thread has gone quiet in the light of the Geelong debacle and the consequential occupancy of 18th position on the ladder. The harsh reality has hit home hard presumably. A top tier of stars and very ordinary 'c graders' underneath them. Outside of Lever and the Van . . . there's really not much improvement available outside the current 22. Many tried and failed and the end is coming quick of one in particular. Back to the draft for us and trade out a top five pick for Josh Kelly and a 'b grader'. The benefit of 2019 . . . which is considerable . . . is getting games into Tracktor, The Weed and one or two others who have 200 games stamped all over them. Getting a premiership outta this lot of 'a graders' is still well and truly on the radar . . . it's just going to happen a lot slower than many pundits realise.
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