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  1. Just my opinion . . . but this is an erroneous compassion. Check how JKH stacks up again Daniel Rioli at the same age? And who would you prefer running around at Melbourne?
  2. Heaps of players have been tremendous at clubs they didn't want to be at initially.
  3. Oh &%*K. Now we definitely shouldn't get him.
  4. For all the Jones baggers . . . based on 2019 form, he gets a game in 2020 in front of: ANB Hunt OMac Hannan Spargo Garlett Both Smiths Both Wagners JKH Stretch KK Lockhart. Yes, he's lost a yard, turns it over and lacks game awareness. But it's not like we have Matthews, Buckenara and the Rat in the ressies waiting for a game.
  5. I would have thought 12 flags and 12 wooden spoons compares favourable against 1 flag and 27 wooden spoons.
  6. "this joint" . . . as in the MFC? Nowhere near as bad as Linton Street I would have thought.
  7. Just get all involved to watch a jordon peterson video. Done.
  8. hey DZ . . . your avatar looks like he's pushing out a big . . . . . . . . . .
  9. Amusing. Lewis is one of the prime suspects when it comes to letting the club down i would have thought.
  10. The business case explained There’s been a lot written here and elsewhere about Goodwin’s contract length and immediate short-term tenure. Here are four facts, and two estimates, that I would suggest will drive the thinking of the Club’s board over the next 12 months. The figures quoted are in the Club’s 2018 Annual Report and are the most recent publicly available. Fact 1 Melbourne’s revenue in 2018 from football related actives was $44.8M. Fact 2 The AFL guarantees to cover player costs and other related expenses regardless of on-field performance. In 2018 this figure was $16.3M Fact 3 Revenue in 2018 from Football related activities that the club has influence over, by dint of its on-field performances, was $27.5M. Here’s the breakdown. Gate receipts $6,180,742 Merchandise $1,081,232 Membership, annual reserved seating and general fundraising $9,009,525 Sponsorship & corporate hospitality $11,287,779 Other revenue $922,363 The financial impact of 2019’s poor on-field performance could well be felt by drops in revenue across four of the line items above (i.e. gate receipts, merchandise, membership/reversed seating/gen fundraising and sponsorship/corporate). Estimate 1 According to reports today, Ross Lyon’s contract in 2019, based on Freemantle’s on-field performance, is worth 600K. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume Goodwin is receiving something similar. Estimate 2 The cost of paying Goodwin out, should the Club move on him in the next 12 moths, would be somewhere between $1.2 and $1.8 million. This estimate assumes that the pay-out would be the equivalent of the contact's balance (assuming base payment). Discussion The Club’s on-field performance directly effects, or puts at risk, part of the $27.5M in revenue (based on 2018 figures). We can assume that a good year may well increase this revenue while a poor year will almost definitely have a negative consequence. By any measure 2019 has been a poor year and it would be reasonable to anticipate that revenue from club related activities will fall. The question is, by what amount? A five per cent fall in 2019 will mean a loss of $1.377M against the 2018 figure, while a 10 per cent fall will mean $2.755M. And this doesn't factor in opportunity costs . . . that is, revenue anticipated over and above the 2018 result that will also be foregone. The problem the Club has is that this is now a ‘sunk-cost’. That is, the money is already gone and removing Goodwin now will not recover the 2019 financial situation. However . . . and presumably this is the Board’s current focus . . . If the Club doesn’t improve its on-field performance in 2020 by a substantial amount, the financial losses seriously mount. Another year where revenue is likely to be seriously down on 2018 levels makes the financial case for removing the coach pretty strong. It simply becomes a business decision. That is, the cost of keeping the coach versus removing him in order to stem the bleeding. For example, if the club has a poor year again in 2020, the potential losses over 2019/20 seasons compared to the 2018 season could well be in excess of $2.7M. It makes the case for removing the coach at a cost of $1.5M (assuming he goes during the bye in 2020) a no-brainer. Conclusion Few people want harm to come to the Club or Goodwin. However, a year like this one in 2020 is going to be traumatic for one party or the other. And that’s fact number four.
  11. Note to self . . . ban theeself from Demonland.
  12. Note to self . . . remember what shrink advises . . . Don't read Demonland, don't read Demonland, don't read Demonland.
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