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  1. ATV0 . . . 1976 . . . Prahran verses Dandenong.
  2. Bang . . . nailed it. The VFL/AFL have been &^*#ing us for the best part of 50 years. We've been too incompetent, too slow or too poor (pick whatever justification you like) to see what's going on. Kevin Sheedy (who hates us BTW) nailed it 23 years ago when we were debating the merger with the Dorks. . . McAvaney: Kevin, what would you do if you were running Melbourne? Sheedy: Eyeball the members (both MFC and MCC) and get them to put their hand in their pockets. McAvaney: They (the Melbourne board at the time) said they've done that. Sheedy: Well they didn't eyeball them hard enough did they! Does not get more true, simpler or accurate than that.
  3. Well . . . that pretty much describes half the list . . . including both captains.
  4. Out Omac . . . in one of TGR, Hemmingway, Picket Fence, Me or my 90 year old father.
  5. not sure how the stats disprove my assessment actually.
  6. yeah . . . let's get a big, slow, one dimensional big man that runs to the wrong spots. Need one of them desperately.
  7. I was deliberate in my use of the word 'currently' MB.
  8. I'm amazed that many think Hawthug is somehow the measuring stick for what we should do in 2019 for an attack on the flag in 2020. That is the club we towelled up six months ago and consequently went out in straight sets, didn't make the finals in 2017 and went out in straight sets again in 2016. So they haven't won a final in three years . . . the same time they have taken money ball to a whole new level. (And for what it's worth . . . won't win a final in 2019 IMHO.) Anyone who thinks the Dorks currently have it sussed is living in an alternative reality (shoot . . . I realised I'm writing this on Demonland . . . the home of alternative reality).
  9. If fans are looking for a scapegoat, pointing the finger at Maaca is not the answer. From personal experience, the bloke is as straight as a schoolboy at Christmas. If the players are after him, it's because he's delivered a few home truths.
  10. Has anyone taken the time to speak to an official at Tallarook? They might just have a light cold.
  11. Serves us right for signing this mob up to a sponsorship! The marketers talk about 'synergies' between the parties . . . well Jaguar's reliability and Melbourne's game plan are totally synergistic.
  12. I 'spose my point is BAMF, there is absolutely nothing in the data which suggests he's in decline. Yes, he's 32. But he's a sensational athlete and been a superstar. His decline is likely to be gradual rather than sudden would be my guess.
  13. Could you please stop talking sense markc?
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