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  1. Bring the game to Canberra with the Granny played at The Brad Haddin Oval in Queanbeyan. The Dees would s*#t it in.
  2. Brilliant stuff. But way too sensible.
  3. "Healy off, Ellingworth on."
  4. North currently have pick 3 in the draft.
  5. What's this rational, thoughtful response do'in on this forum? Mods?
  6. Could have sworn he plays for Port.
  7. Season hasn't even started and you're time traveling!
  8. We could have had Pickett with our first pick but we traded it to Melbourne. Bottom 4 looks like a possibility. Can we get our pick back from melbourne I was surprised we didn't pick Spargo with our 2nd pick of his draft year. JMac picks up the ball, runs into 3 Demons players to get group tackled. Melbourne's pressure around the ball has been very good. Dom Tyson holds up the play before bombing it into the 50. That makes perfect sense when you have Wayne Carey and Corey McKernan down there. Tyson is fine. He's just not elite at anything I still have absolutely no idea why we got Tyson. Was literally the last type of player we needed as part of the trade. Melbourne just ran a training drill for Bedford's goal. I thought Tom McDonald was good in special comments, insightful. Reactive, flat-footed, poorly skilled, undisciplined and poorly structured. Thats 2 weeks in a row, today against a side that was 30% VFL players. Got taken to the cleaners by Melbourne's zippier players. Was bloody excited going into this season. Yeah, I'm not quite as excited anymore. It was very weak. Brayshaw was the only gun in there, supported by guys like Tom Sparrow, James Jordon and Spargo. On the plus side Bailey Fritzl played his annual Gary Ablett Sr game against us. BUT before I microwave the ol' membership I'm assuming the following didn't play?..Higgins, Goldy Cunners, Taz, JZ, BBB, Larkey, Jy, TT, Polecat? For comparison Melbourne was missing Gawn, Oliver, Jones, May, Salem, Petracca, Viney, Lever, Hibberd, McDonald and Jetta.
  9. Only in Demonland do I trust . . . and only then with a negroni in one hand and a plastic device of one sort or another in the other.
  10. Great place to be DJ. Been pulled over by cops after a bribe yet?
  11. Would love to have seen the Champion Data stats for Footscray this time in 2016.
  12. What? A Dallas Brookes Hall meeting on Grand Final Day?
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