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  1. Hey posters . . . our collective assumptions were not that far off the mark.
  2. Yous lot don't like him because he's spoken a lot of truths about Melbourne over the years.
  3. Jesse has done us all a favour . . . anything that takes a VW Tow Rag off the road is to be commended.
  4. Just my opinion . . . but this is an erroneous compassion. Check how JKH stacks up again Daniel Rioli at the same age? And who would you prefer running around at Melbourne?
  5. Heaps of players have been tremendous at clubs they didn't want to be at initially.
  6. Oh &%*K. Now we definitely shouldn't get him.
  7. Wow . . . complete misreading of the situation.
  8. For all the Jones baggers . . . based on 2019 form, he gets a game in 2020 in front of: ANB Hunt OMac Hannan Spargo Garlett Both Smiths Both Wagners JKH Stretch KK Lockhart. Yes, he's lost a yard, turns it over and lacks game awareness. But it's not like we have Matthews, Buckenara and the Rat in the ressies waiting for a game.
  9. I would have thought 12 flags and 12 wooden spoons compares favourable against 1 flag and 27 wooden spoons.
  10. "this joint" . . . as in the MFC? Nowhere near as bad as Linton Street I would have thought.
  11. Just get all involved to watch a jordon peterson video. Done.
  12. hey DZ . . . your avatar looks like he's pushing out a big . . . . . . . . . .
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