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  1. Some shuffling of assistants. Rawlings is going to coach Casey next season and Plapp moves onto the Melbourne coaching panel. http://m.melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-09-28/rawlings-appointed-casey-demons-coach
  2. They will surely want a player. Need to trade for Lever and as an exciting young talent surely they would expect something of similar ilk back. They need mids and thats what we have, remember they wanted gibbs last year. Why are people assuming this will get done with picks?
  3. Wouldnt a bit of rain help us? They would gain strength through the midfield but we are also tough in here and could easily match them. It's Preuss, Brown and Waite who i think we struggle with the most and rumours of gawn potentially being a late out are still circling. The rain makes its that much harder for the big guys but Hogan seams to do pretty well rain, hail or shine.
  4. Ben Guthrie tweeted saying jetta rolled his ankle and left the track. Hope its just a small tweek and nothing serious
  5. Been using the crownbet app and chromecasting it. Not great quality but it works
  6. With the comments on Watts not apparently showing as higher intensity as some on here wouldlike i think its important to remember he again had to play ruck for 50+ % (dont know exact numbers ) game time last week and was stuffed by the end of it. Add to that a short turn around i think he performed pretty well considering he isnt conditioned to play that much time on the ball.
  7. Got a call to renew and did. Didnt know players were calling so potentially spoke to someone. Had a bit of a laugh with him that i need the boys to win due to making too many bets with a saints mate.
  8. Thanks for the info bin. Thats some terrible service on their part. Made worse for me as its actually my partners phone thats with telstra so if she is out i have no access. Guess its back to the vipbox streams
  9. Signed up as telstra customer so it was free but am having major issues with the login not registering as a "paid" customer when i log in via an ipad or any other device. Anyone else have this problem?
  10. Im a student, mcc and mfc member and it is god dam expensive. Working weekend i only get to 3-ish games a year so it works out to roughly $250 a game... (first time ive ever thought of it like this and i kind of wish i hadnt now)... i dont think its fair to criticise mcc members for their loyalty. As saty mentioned the majority of the mcc are members and as the club continues to rise the likelyhood of increasing that number will rise. Its more important however to reach a broader audience as thisnis where more growth lies
  11. If people are still struggling to find the replays these are the links to each quarter. http://www.afl.com.au/video/2016-02-28/nab-power-v-demons-q1 http://www.afl.com.au/video/2016-02-28/nab-power-v-demons-q2 http://www.afl.com.au/video/2016-02-28/nab-power-v-demons-q3 http://www.afl.com.au/video/2016-02-28/nab-power-v-demons-q4
  12. Hogan is the rising star. He polled 49 votes to win from Carlton's Patrick Cripps, who scored 41 votes.
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