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  1. We need a recognisable sponsor for the back of jumper. When we signed AHG I had never heard of them before. It's been a great move but I feel we need some form sponsorship that is recognisable on a grander scale!
  2. Tom Bugg gets the nod for me. I see him developing as a really hard working defensive forward more than a mid. He takes a strong contested mark and is accurate in front of goal. JKH showed very little on the weekend and I just can't see much of an upside to him after one outing. But then again it was only the first game and I hope I'm proven wrong.
  3. I'm expecting something today to align with our major open training. Also expecting a major shake up!
  4. The inclusion of Lewis will be pretty huge to our midfield. He adds some grunt, class,"leadership", and something that we have been lacking for a seriously long time, a genuine third man option in stoppages. I don't think this will hinder the development of some of our younger players, I think it will give some of them the desire to improve, to play alongside him and will really help figure out who isn't good enough to remain on our list in the future. I really like the way we seem to be going about trade week ever since Roos took over. We have been creative but not risky and rather ruthless, making trades get done on our terms with reluctances to budge. This trade is just another example of the great work of our entire FD.
  5. Big Wagner fan. I'd like to see him really attempt to cement a spot down there over the next couple of seasons. He seems like a hardworking no nonsense kid who just wants to get better. Bit T-mac about him in attitude and I like that. He and Hunt could be very exciting in years to come
  6. Can't see any players being involved in this deal. 3rd or 4th round pick for Lewis sounds about right. I'm calling it, I think this will get done and maybe even early in the week
  7. My exact thoughts, we have a lot of grunt and developing pace but we lack in the highly skilled area. I think Salem is the right type of player to put development and faith in as I can see him changing games in years to come
  8. Exactly, however I would like to see salem play further up the ground and through the midfield. We have some really great half back options and you can even throw in Frosty in that list. But if we have the ability to snap up another potential key position player with this trade then this whole trade period could become interesting with the jesse movement etc. However I'm not interested on restarting with our key positions and putting another 2-3 years into them before they are AFL quality
  9. Wouldn't like it to happen but if a club was to offer a first rounder for Christian I think the club would have to think very hard on it. I love his run and delivery, I guess I do have question marks on his ability to play out a full season and his hunger for the contest. Still, can't see this one happening
  10. I wish. My best source is Max Gawn's old basketball team mate who just keeps telling me what a great guy he is. I tell him I want more and he tells me Maxy hates talking footy when with mates. So sorry, not I.
  11. Has been reliable with his delivery of rumours and have been consistently used by journos
  12. My gut tells me that if a contract isn't signed then a trade will be done this period, we can't be waiting around for him to screw us over in 2-3-4 years time
  13. Unsure, has speculated he may feature on trade radio but thats just speculation. Has some interesting stuff on there.
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