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  1. Maybe we should call Schwabby "Colonel Henry Blake " from now on. Anyone remember the MASH episode with the desk . "Nice desk Henry ,What is it Oak?" "Nope ,it's Oak".
  2. I'll admit I was Naive . I thought he might stay . Ironic that we gave him the 31 2 mill cash in pocket plus another 4 over 6 years . He would be crazy to pass it up . What I haven't liked is the complaints leaked about China ,the administration ,the drinking culture etc. leaking to the media . Velocity sports is a scuzzy agency with a book full of no names . Good luck Tom- you're gonna need it when you wake up in hospital after Beamer flattens you . As far as the China trip goes- The smartest thing we have done off field ever .Only a young cashed up bogan would dispute it . Join Luke Power and every other washed up cast off ,the new kids and the senile coach for the biggest laugh in in sporting history . 2 million for 4 wins in two years is my prediction Scully will probably miss half the games as his knee degenerates
  3. Bugsy Maloney Dana Scully Cant keep up .
  4. Pity we cant tap Sheedy or Scully's phone. Then we could end this thread. Does anyone know anyone low enough to do something like that in the name of news?
  5. Apart from 9/11 ,golden days for me around the Saint dude.

    1. Sir Why You Little

      Sir Why You Little

      Oh yes the Aints have covered themselves in glory dude.

  6. I bet I've met you dude . I've knocked about St Kilda for years myself. Having already experimented with pacifism , I too have dabbled in Nihilism.
  7. "Ricky" Martin , Trenners and Wattsy.- to sign up more Ladies!! Jordy Mac , Jack Grimes ,Spud-for the tough look .
  8. Next to the Malaysian ,just down from the Village Belle. They made a nice White Russian there I believe.
  9. Di Stasios I hope WYL. I wouldn't want you dining at Topos
  10. I got woken up by my then girlfriends housemate in Port Melbourne ,went and watched the TV and just stood in awe of the pictures.The two girls there started crying and I just couldn't stop watching it. Then the phone started ringing and I thought of my sister in NYC . She had 2 friends die there .Sad day for the world . It was about 7.30 on Thursday? morning I think ,when I found out .What time was it here when the first one struck?
  11. The Hindenburgh approaches the landing point -Oh the humanity! Go BOMBERS! Crashing down that is .
  12. I had a relationship like that with a Hungarian girl once . She used me for my body and we had virtually nothing in common .We dragged it out for 3 years and in the end it just made us feel cheap and tawdry to see each other . God I miss those days.
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