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  1. Hopefully we see this in games along with trying to hit a target from a kick out rather than kick long to the boundary.
  2. Is he active in the rehab group? Any sign of May?
  3. it would be a good result to be in the game for most part. I count 12 out who are/very close to our best 22. May Lever Jetta Hibberd Lewis KK Jones AVB Gawn Viney Hannan Melksham
  4. He said Viney, Melksham and May won’t play this week. Would want to get a hit out JLT 2.
  5. Great result to have those guys back in full training with still 3 and half weeks until round 1! Get KK right for the season. Shame about Hannan but if he can get his knee 100% for the back end of the season he'll be cherry ripe come finals. He was playing through the injury in the finals last year so I reckon he can get to another level when fit.
  6. Thanks moon. Who out of the following were in match sim; Viney, Oliver, Jones, Melksham, May?
  7. Has Jack Viney done much with the main group? Hopefully he can play a JLT. I think I heard Melksham joined the main group which is positive. 23 days to go!
  8. Round 1 last year we played Pedersen, Wagner, Garlett, Maynard, Hunt, Vince, Hannan. Im confident we’ll name a much stronger side with May, Tmac, Viney, Brayshaw, Weids and Vanders all currently fit.
  9. Thanks for the update Saty. Do you know how KK is travelling and when he might be phased into the main group? Cheers
  10. I’m keen to hear if KK is doing some decent running in his recovery.
  11. For any locals who can make it I’m interested to know if Petracca and Kolo are in the main group after some minor issues in recent weeks? Have Oliver and Viney joined in? Whose still in the rehab group?
  12. Weids had 24 touches in that game. Not bad for a key forward!
  13. Interesting that Corey Wagner is training with the forwards. They may play him as a high half forward who pushes up the ground and back to goals with his endurance running. Hannan will want to get his body right and play some good footy.
  14. $695. Includes entry to all cricket and footy including finals.
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