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  1. Reckon about row 15, a bit off to the left. Bloody long time ago now though. We used to get mum to drop me and my brother off on the side of the Mulgrave Freeway and we would climb over the fence, until about the third time we got busted by the police and he made us walk all the way up to Police Rd. Apart from the adventure, it was a crap place to watch the footy and I am glad its gone.
  2. can only be 87, watching us miss so many shots from close in, I was directly behind the goals- shattering.
  3. Berlin with watchafl, born 1964!!
  4. was behind the goals at the , um, Police Road end? watching Simon Eishold and a few others failing to kill the game, still have nightmares.
  5. Dropped my Suzuki T 250 on that bloody hill, took ages to get it back upright. Any Demonlanders in Berlin
  6. Hi fellow Dees, mods please excuse if this sounds a bit commercial. Any Dee fans in Germany looking for Little Creatures can get it from me. Couldnt live without it so now import it to Berlin, send a message and I will reply with the website! Prost, Tim
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