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  1. Any chance he appeals they could give him 12 weeks
  2. I know this has nothing to do with his comments but Watson was known by St Kilda supporters as "Minibus" - he was half a coach.
  3. If he requested a trip to Byron, the Club was more than within its rights to say "no stay here and do your rehab properly". If they granted him that time off they are equally guilty. Hope it was a request that was denied. Does anyone know for a fact he was in Byron?
  4. 50 Year Membership fee is $15 - so a huge discount
  5. Why take Harvey as a player. Take him as a part time coach of our small forwards and any other crumbing drills. Saves a place on the list whilst tapping into his knowledge and experience
  6. You all know where sympathy is in the dictionary don't you - right between shite and syphilis !! Moral is - don't go looking for sympathy, just get on and fix it.
  7. McKenzie's disposal was more of the same. Plus he is not quick. Can't have too many journeymen in the same side ie Magner. MacDonald is still a worry I reckon. That said there were positives. Hogan obviously, Viney and Toumpas hasd a taste and certainly don't look out of place. Don't forget North have been training with Geelong for a while so are more advanced and whether we like it or not Richmond are just plain better than us. In judging one game I am more concerned about lack of progress at stoppages. We are so static. Look at the way Swallow and the like hit contests at speed. Hopefully someone in the coaching staff will start drilling that into us but I haven't seen it over the past couple of years.
  8. Whilst it was still hard to watch, our second half of the season was significantly better than the first. Didn't show up in wins but we were far more competitive for longer periods of matches and controlled bigger slabs of quarters without having the firepower up forward to hurt the opposition on the scoreboard. We will be significantly fitter than last season and be far more able to run and spread. The list has obviously been turned over with more ready to go players available straight away. A further 12 months getting used to the game plan. Only downside is I don't think Mitch is going to show up for the best part of half a season and then will take a while to hit his straps. I look forward to the improvement in all the above areas even if it doesn't mean 8 to 10 wins.
  9. People in glass houses shouldn't get undressed with the lights on
  10. What level of "proof" has to be met if we are to be found guilty of anything. Is it "beyond reasonable doubt" or "balance of probabilities" or simply in the opinion of the investigators. I have never seen anything which says what the hurdle is. Or do the AFL just make it up as they go along?
  11. A 13th Flag. Sorry it just had to be said
  12. Bigger bodies after a huge pre season Aggressive culling of the list - even if it went harder than even we thought ie. Magner and Couch as well as the other usual suspects. Drafting of skilled FAST good kicking players - prepared to wait while they develop. Hell I have waited this long New midfield coach recently out of the game
  13. And about 50% of those possessions went straight to the opposition. Not value for money. Without giving too much away, I hope like hell we use those 2 picks very wisely.
  14. With the last game coming up I would take the one week penalty for each and start the new season with nothing hanging over their heads. Probably be accused of tanking but I would seriously do it.
  15. I want him moved on and replaced with someone recently out of the game. I think midfield set ups and structures have moved on a lot since Royal was playing. Sometimes our lack of accountability and apparent poor set up beggars belief. None more than the first game of the season where Brisbane must have handballed out the back of the stoppages to one or sometimes 2 free players and set up attacks so often it was enough to make you vomit. The Richmond game a couple of weeks later was no better. I know we don't have the cattle either but the set up just looks pedestrian and very easily countered or exploited by the opposition.
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