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  1. Hawthorn played possession footy with good ball use by foot. We can't play that game style so it's like comparing apples and oranges. For us to win we have to play on at all costs, quick ball movement and limited turnovers
  2. My youngest got to play halftime little league last week Eagles vs Dees and luckily we drew the red and the blue, he's got a bit of Sam Blease/Clarrie look about him in those colours
  3. Certainly not you old dee, whilst I have a go at you sometimes for your negativity I appreciate your a footy lover with some footy knowledge, just maybe a bit battle weary after years of disappointment following our beloved Demons
  4. Hurn was good in the first quarter, didn't think Mcgovern's game was anything special till Smith went down
  5. not to be underestimated dazzle quicker ball movement inside 50 and quicker players at ground level changes the dynamics and options
  6. Yep can't wait my youngest pulled a gig in halftime of the little league, so once he gets through school unscathed tomorrow will be great
  7. That's the key element and IMO unless he gets the late call up probably why Pruess may be out. Need to be winning the ground balls inside 50, Big Pruess lacks mobility and could be a very dewy night in Perth if tonight is any indication
  8. Doing what Port did, going mobile and ugly inside 50
  9. Any chance Garlett came over earlier and is visiting family in regional WA
  10. List building is a continuing process and our needs specifically with the outside run won't be turned around with one mid season draft pick. Some wheeling and dealing at trade time is going to have to occur. Omac - gone backwards needs to build confidence, may need a move and fresh start Petty - not sure he'll be big enough but has time, lacks speed Keilty - now playing as a forward but after 3 years do we have to make the call Frost - ok but limited, could end up being trade bait Lever - great but need him to get an injury free run May - as above Eastland- shows the athleticism to play multiple roles. As i said it's a look ahead not the now. On what Ive seen he'll have a few chasing him in the draft come November.
  11. Oliver Eastland could be worth a punt but more long term than quick fix Seen a bit to make me think he may develop into decent tall defender
  12. Think Gawn will spend more time floating across the backline which is where they will hurt us. Pruess will do the ruckwork forward of centre
  13. Not a bad one, Casboult looked good down back yesterday
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