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  1. I won't be happy Chaser if we take Pickett over any of Taylor, Weightman, Henry or Bergman
  2. I'll know you have eaten it when I view other threads through the season. And my post isn't just direct towards you
  3. Should have said nothing than, based on that. All you've done is assumed with no idea at all Par for course by so many who just like to see the negative in our players To nice DD, I'm over Deelanders continually potting the club and players
  4. As i said we'll revisit in a year or 2, just like Brissy who only won 5 games in 2018
  5. I would not be taking him in the teens or 2nd round Living in WA I've seen plenty of potential young indigenous forwards like him. Room for improvement and could end up the real deal, but not in the Elijah Taylor or Liam Henry class
  6. Well said BB & DD, I agree and I'm a Goodwin fan. Still learning and IMO he would have learnt more about himself and the list this season than in his previous 2
  7. I'd revisit in a year or 2, they are very well set up moving forward absolutely love their spine and their outside ball users
  8. Cheers for the updates all and cheers Saty for the pics
  9. A few of the usual suspects may need some humble pie over this appointment. I guess he didn't depart in the manner their agendas suggested he did
  10. Fixture is always going to be compromised, unless we go with 17 games H & A. Would the Broadcasters agree to that who knows. If you put in the 3 week rolling bye it extends it a little. My preference if they continue with teams having to play 22 games is to get rid of interstate teams and the big Victorian 6 always having to play each other twice. The fixture should be based totally as they say it should with the groups of 6 as they finished the previous season. That way you know what every team has to face the next season in advance and you don't get a case of top sides always playing 2 games against a poor performing traditional rival over an extended period. The fixture would be Round 1 to 17/18 - Play each team once with a rolling bye or just have one week off for every side at round 9 or 10. You can't play a team a second time until you have played every team once Round 18/19 to 23 - you play each team in your group of six( as determined by the previous season ladder) a second time IMO each team goes in knowing what the season holds for them and they can plan accordingly. The notion of playing the last 5 rounds based on ladder position for the season you're in doesn't allow for teams outside the top 6 to go on a run to make top 4 or a side sitting 13/14th to make a 5 week run to play finals
  11. Not really sure AF, I like Kemp very much especially at pick 8 and don't even mind Stephens. We have a lot of talent but really lack that leadership and have done for a while since Neiter. Viney has shown it on field in the first 2 finals of 2018, but he's just got to focus on getting his body right. I look at Selwood and Hodge as culture changers and absolute leaders, Robertson is that type of leader
  12. Same as last two games against the Eagles when we kicked ourselves out of it. Improve delivery with quick low ball movement and it goes a long way to solving the problem. Some of our deliveries last season would have seen a forward line with Carey, Ablett Snr/Jnr, Dunstall, Milne and Neiter struggling
  13. He was a colt in 2018 but still playing basketball but towards end of year devoted himself to footy. He was in WA side as an underager and showed glimpses. He's pretty good below his knees for a big man, which is always handy Pretty much nailed it, very composed and doesn't panic in congestion almost thrives on it
  14. I like him for his leadership very much a Joel Selwood clone He's not super skilled but absolute competitive beast and very much will grab the game by the throat when it needs to be done. Watch the Vic Country game and watch his 1%ers and attack on the footy at important stages of the game. I think we will do well out of these 2 picks Young and Kemp/Stephens/Robertson
  15. I think Robertson may be the target Take Young at 3 having put it out there you're keen on Young and Jackson. Also mention Kemp with Robertson Freo would love Robertson and Jackson and may gamble on taking Jackson with 7 and us taking Kemp
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