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  1. To anyone involved in Clubs, committees this is a year to show strength, I'm not a n apologist for the club, the FD or the board but this is a time to show strength as a club and grow. Reading demonland over the years through good and bad times tells you a lot about postets, especially those who appear frequently or infrequently in the good and bad times. To anyone I offend in my post I don't apologise whilst you may have the clubs best intentions at heart you have risen with arrogance this season dismissed the 3 year gradual rise and selectively chsosen stats and articles to prove your point. Am I equally guilty possibly but I look at the list, the demographic and the expectations. This season has been a disgrace no other way to describe it and I'm hoping we learn from our complacency. I do not see Mahoney as a problem what I see in this thread and other threads is <Removed pot shots at other posters> The old board and FD would have reacted to the above, thrown staff to the wolves sacked coaches based on discontent. They would also be the first to call talkback or at future club functions complain of the clubs lack of stability Remember before you decide on Mahoney and Bartlett that this club no longer leaks , we have seen significant improvement under PJ and Roos who both endorsed Goody and Mahoney, the season 2019 is a disgrace and seeing how we react will tell you whether these people are worthy of their role. I love this club and want success/contention over a sustained period, it takes time and we are still a year or 2 away from that. Things are never as good as they seem and never as bad as they seem
  2. Congratulations Drunk to you and your family we've all lived Dec's dream through you over the last few years. I t wasn't the AFL outcome I'm sure you hoped for but we'll done to Dec on playing 2 more AFL games than most of us. Best of luck to you and your family should Declan not continue with MFC or Casey
  3. Steve I'm against them receiving a PP but not because of our benefit, my view is further access to young players will do little they need older bigger bodies, C.O.L.A and no limit on FD spending to become anything resembling a football club
  4. He's not that good at the moment lacks a footy brain and benefits greatly from being in a forward set up which is the best in the comp. A couple of more years and with that speed will pose a lot of problems for opposition defences, Eagles are well run and don't generally lose players but with some good young guns needing to be resigned and Kelly or Coniglio wont come cheap so some will be squeezed out. Petrucelle will be cheaper now than he will in a couple more seasons
  5. agreed your last line says it all, but let's not bring logic to Demonland
  6. B. Marchbank Jones Plowman HB. Docherty Weitering Simpson C. Fisher Cripps Cunningham HF. SPP Mcgovern C. Curnow F. Kennedy Mckay Settlefield R. Kruezar, Walsh, E.Curnow I/C Murphy, Newman, Mcreadie, Silvagni, O'Brien, Dow, Is a pretty decent list not to mention players who will come in this season along with Coniglio who pending family circumstances in WA will end up being a blue I believe
  7. Would you passover Rowell or Anderson if available I wouldn't, I think Kent will end up being the best mid but a big risk because the other 2 are going to be good players. If they accept it I'd consider pick #2 or 3 for Ben King and your Langdon trade. Be nice to somehow get into the 2nd round and hope Elijah Taylor slides, he's got so much potential this kid better than Liam Henry IMO
  8. Let's talk football your ins this week based on our injuries and who is likely to be cut at seasons end would be? If you say Pruess you're taking the pi55
  9. Agree Kev, most pkayers at this level have gotten this far because of their competitive nature. I'm not sure about the selections myself but hey going tall with big lumbering big men hasn't worked since Tmac and Weid went down and now Petty out. I think we can ruck solo against the Swans and use a 190cm + chop out. Smaller forward line is something different not that I think it will work but hey why not try it. I don't rate Pruess as anything other than Max's understudy and Hunt has been ordinary for most of the year and I've said on other threads he's trade bait for mine. I'm hoping with this line up we look at running hard and spreading across the ground, which has been missing for most of the year Not sure how we'll go but I shall tune in from the Amalfi Coast in Italy (over for a wedding) whilst hydrating myself with a few reds and Birra Moretti La Bianca's ( which I've become accustomed to), hoping for a win
  10. and you told me they were no good earlier in the year when I said they weren't far away after getting all their KPP's in and now focusing on the mids
  11. It's more of a player group and leadership group issue than anything else. You can't coach effort that's player driven and within the player themselves Jack Watts, Ryan Houlihan, Damien Cupido, Ashley Sampi and numerous other players are proof of that. Just like bottoming out in 2003 instead of 2004, we've done it this year instead of last, Sam Walsh would have been a beauty, the kid is a culture changer in the Selwood and Hodge mode
  12. You're more than a wrist slasher, you're battle weary from MFCSS. Look North the 18 team comp is here to stay, we are safe it's been a kick in the proverbial this year but sometimes a good kick and reality check is needed. Nothing comes without continous evolution and moving with the times. I'm not saying we're top 4 bound in 2020 but we're a far cry from where we were under Schwab/Neeld.
  13. I think our forward structure woes can be fixed a great deal by targeting better mids and more skilled players we have the grunt, we need Tmac, Weid staying fit and another tall option which won't break the bank to have Tmac, Weid, Petty and a F/A Einstein knows we need outside skill and a medium to small crumbling forward Trade in 4 of Langdon for 2nd round pick Casboult free agent takes a good defender away from McDonald Sam Gray out of contract Hugh Greenwood we need mids who can kick goals Have a look at what the Lions want for Lewis Taylor, if somehow we can off load ANB in this trade do it Consider Tomlinson Obviously Brad Hill but don't pay overs Pick 2 gets used on midfield class Anderson but I'm not against trading down for 2 first rounders and somehow taking 2 of Ash/Kemp/Serong 3rd rounder goes on best available outside runner Out JKH sorry we need to be like the Hawks put lines through them and take another Keilty T Smith Maynard Hunt not a popular choice but he's IMO only ever going to be a cameo player, makes poor decisions and lacks composure, I think you may get a late 2nd rounder for him or used in another trade Pruess only if we get the right offer GWS desperate for a ruckman as are the Cats but he only goes for the right price otherwise he remains as Maxy's back up Stretch like JKH make the call ANB trade there's others who are way down the depth charts but have played games and you always need low contract depth
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