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  1. 6.Viney 5.Oliver 4.Tmac 3.Gawn 2.Lockhart 1.Trac Apologies to May and Frost
  2. it's an absolute disgrace "The Architect" of brushing everything under the carpet between 2001 and 2007 Trevor Nesbitt is still CEO. He was told exactly what was going on by Ken Judge
  3. it will come and why wouldn't we bring in a player lacking mobility against a side who loves to create run and carry opportunities from their back half
  4. Really you ask, it ain't you. I like your input, don't always agree with it but it is balanced. Think along the lines of multiple user names
  5. What it highlights is the lack of understanding of how clubs work and outright blind faith placed in articles and what is said in press conferences. Only days ago the regular hand ringers were slating the club for not having a review, to believe that was nonsense. They are many of the same who probably believe the FD didn't review the prelim. Don't expect overnight turnaround gameplan tweeking will have been happening for a while but won't be set in for a while I notice the usual troll is making ridiculous claims again. Won't be long before this thread is derailed
  6. 2 weeks ago against Collingwood and they rolled us at the G in 2017 after we got out to a 6 goal lead from memory, Cam Mcarthy kicked a late one for them
  7. On what I saw last year old yes he has some good footy smarts and can use the ball well. This season barring a few cameo moments he's been disappointing. I'll reserve my judgment on him for a while yet OD
  8. I've tried to be polite, but ffs are you struggling that much now you want to bring points into it try this Oliver went pick 4, you would get two first rounders for Oliver Suns will have Pick 1 Crows may have pick 2 They may wish to trade Pick 1 or 2 for two first Rounders Pick 1 & 2 are a higher picks than what we used for Oliver. Don't bother replying I'm done
  9. Two first rounders could easily be traded for pick 2 so I have actually answered your question. Carlton traded last years Pick 19 from Adelaide for there first round pick this season, which currently is Pick 1. List building and development takes time. Despite what many Deelanders think not everything in the footy department business is black and white. Things are never as good as they seem and are never as bad as they seem
  10. Out: Garlett, Tmac, Wagner In: Lockhart, Smith, ANB B. Hore May Hibberd HB. Jones Frost Lever C. Salem Brayshaw Fritsch HF. Hunt Weid Trac F. Lockhart Smith Hannan R. Gawn, Oliver, Harmes I/C. Viney Baker Spargo ANB One thing Freo can do is run and spread expect Bennell or Stephen Hill to come in after this week. We need to be as mobile as we can
  11. Direct answer is not possible there are so many variables. you would get 2 first round picks for Oliver and possibly Brayshaw. Who knows what you'd get for 2 first rounders depends on who holds top end picks and what their needs are
  12. Despite his poor form Tmac will get you higher than pick 53 Max would get you higher than a pick in the 30s So whilst I'm aware they are not from that bunch, but patience is required. The players mentioned are very much only early in their journey Brayshaw and Oliver would send clubs into a frenzy if you put them up for trade now Weideman would also be heavily sought, see how much better he looked in the second half yesterday when delivery improved and he had a decent run at it
  13. 6. Gawn 5. Harmes 4. Petracca 3. May 2. Oliver 1. Gus
  14. Yes Mel I agree with you there, it's improved in the last month with some selfless acts and once confidence improves you will see a few more moments of brilliance which comes with belief. ND's speech to the playing group was all about that, show courage in difficult times, conduct yourself in the right manner
  15. I coach a team of boys who every year I show Danners speach and I ask them what do you take from that. First year was you're just showing us that because he's Melbourne but they were only 10 years of age at the time. Every year after BF#1 they have taken the true meaning of his speech. He's an inspiration to many and created a legacy for many generations. His speech whilst about his grandson Cooper was very much directed towards our playing group and bouncing back from the disappointment of 2019, when we've faced many hurdles. When you're down, don't play the blame game forget woe is me( many posters on here should take heed of that) in hard times show courage, act accordingly and look for opportunity and you will transcend. I hope they took it on board
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