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  1. Mach don't state opinions as fact firstly
  2. Grenade throwers feeding the sky is falling brigade, just like the Ricky Nixon/Tony Sheehan tweet thread What a surprise
  3. Great job with the photos Liam, love your work
  4. We're probably getting West Coast as good a time as ajy the heat can be an issue in March, but McGovern and Barrass are behind in their pre season with interuptions and they will look to build as the season progresses. Oscar Allen also has had an interupted start. On the negative most of their mids are up and running as is JK. Anyone have any idea about tickets for Round 1 or receive anything from the club
  5. Capuano, Barnes, Keating, McDonald, Lade, Jolly, Cox(exception) Ottens, Renouf Ottens, Jolly, Ottens Pike, Mcevoy, Roughead J, Nankervis & Lycett over 20year priod pretty much support your argument and most of the Runner ups in those years are in a similar boat
  6. So the pessimistic sky is falling brigade, will refrain from thinking the worst and jumping to conclusions in the future based on this Yeah good luck with that, where would Demonland be without its veil of negativity
  7. Think both were really good era's, with both having their strengths and weaknesses. Running into 2 of the best teams in history in Hawks 88 and Bombers 00, made things difficult. 87 was our best chance under Swooper and we were on a roll, but had we got through similar to the 2018 prelim we may have run our race, Robbie Flower and Brian Wilson would have both been out, 10 previous weeks ( including H & A + finals) and a warm day with the Blues having the weeks rest may have been a bridge to far 98 IMO was Dannihers best side with the mix of experience and youth, we were flying early in the finals and the old finals system didn't do us any favours, because I reckon going into finals with our form ourselves and North were the 2 best sides going in. I would have fancied us against them week 1 of the finals but Jeff White's injury didn't help for the Prelim. Danners sides from 2000-06 just lacked key defenders and from 02-06 we paid for poor end of season runs costing us double chances
  8. I have another pub almost identical distance from me now Red😀🍻🍻
  9. Yep, 12 years at #38 was very sorry to leave but as they say happy wife happy life and the boys were tempting fate playing footy on a busy Street
  10. The Paddo, good old pub was 1070m from my front door until I moved house
  11. Georgiadis is a very strong boy with an interupted year, but a competitor. What I take from Taylor's interest in Robertson, Rivers and Georgiadis along with the two first Rounders in LJ and Kossie is a leaning towards competitors who offer some physicality. Long term and when September is something we hopefully see regularly that's very important I agree with Taylor that Robertson is a born leader and will prove recruiters wrong
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