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  1. Not the right time, the people and nation currently have other focuses and priorities
  2. Neiter probably takes Norms position at Full forward
  3. There have been some terrible posts on this site over the years but this goes beyond poor. Even if meant as tongue in cheek it is still a very poor post. I hope for your sake you regret posting it, if not you need serious help
  4. Don't let facts get in the way of a Deelanders opportunity to lay the boots into the club
  5. Conditions totally different but not dissimilar to how Port last season and Bombers in 2018 dismantled them and dominated the ground balls
  6. I know but they've done the research Ireland and Italy in lockdown still spreading
  7. as is being in confined area with infected people as others have said people still in work and schools still open contact sport is not increasing the risk
  8. Probably because the two players are confirmed as negative to Covid19. I'm not unhappy the AFL has gone ahead, gives us some hope and something new to read. I'm also over the sensationalist reporting of this current epidemic. It's what has brought on the panic buying and increased fear. It is something we've never faced before I agree I don't see how banning kids from Community football has made them safer than attending school with 500-1000 kids in close proximity. and I don't see how the players health is under any bigger threat by playing football than the general publics would be by attending packed shopping centres or traveling on public transport on mass. The players playing or not, isn't going to lead us to the scenario which is occurring in Italy or Iran currently
  9. Who tested positive after playing?
  10. Agree except for the narrow Cattery and the compact SCG
  11. As Dr Bruckner said, the contact sport is not the issue. The travel and other exposure to others (not on the ground)who may have the virus where the issue is
  12. Clogged threads up for years under previous Demonland identity Headed off to Facebook for a while and freed us up for a period of time Comes back under another username and history repeats itself
  13. Very nice parts of Dublin you were in Rab, I'm originally from Tallaght, with all my family being from the Crumlin area. Emigrated with my parents when I was 8. Spent a bit of time back there in my late teens early 20s living in Rathmines and Crumlin. Nothing wrong with being a blue nose rivalry is great for sport, just a few head cases take things to far. One of my best mates is a mad Gers fan lives down Point Cook way now
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