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  1. Really looking forward to this game and seeing how this team gels. Looks strong on paper
  2. I’m not often in Newtown but I will try and get there for a game or two during the season. What’s the chicken Parma like?
  3. Can’t get excited about this choice. Hopefully I am wrong and he becomes a long term star of the club.
  4. Green (not matched by GWS) D Stephens Pickett (slides to 28)
  5. I would prefer Green to Jackson. Green could make a difference to our midfield rotations in his 1st year
  6. I would be very happy with Green on our list.
  7. Did you see our forward line last year? We need class to deliver inside 50 and that is why Martin is an important get. Bennell is unlikely to play much next year whilst Martin is entering his prime. We need class from round 1. The linkage as previously mentioned is that they played together and perhaps it could help him change his mind.
  8. Great news. Now to get his body right and get Martin across the line.
  9. Hope this true. I also believe that he will go to a new level in a different environment. Would mean our trade period has addressed most of our run/skill levels concerns. I wonder if North are regretting their pick trade now that we could land both Bennell and Martin?
  10. Perhaps Melbourne getting Martin for free was part of the AFL Suns assistance package. i.e. helping us without the optics of helping us
  11. Bennell would be rookie listed in my scenario above
  12. Murray, Martin and Bennell Draft Young, Stephens/Weightman and a KPF Addresses our needs of speed, skills and X-factor
  13. My dare to dream 1. Nominate Green. GWS matches 2. Split 4 for Freo’s 7 and 10 3. Young with 7 4 Stephens with 8 5 Weightman with 10 Draft Order 1 Rowell 2 Anderson 3 Green 4 Jackson 5 Flanders 6 Kemp 7 Young 8 Stephens 9 Ash 10 Weightman
  14. I would be very excited next year if a fit Bennell was best 22 by round 1. With our enchanted fitness/medical team we are well positioned to make the right call.
  15. Young is looking good at 3 however if the club believe that he will be available at 6 then it would be a good move to swap 3 for 6 and GWS 1st round.
  16. Would 30,000 members pay $100 each to buy a real coach?
  17. Interesting. The permanent replacement for OMac?
  18. The problem is our coaches. Goodwin and co got to go!
  19. Goodwin can not coach. Full stop
  20. Much better ball use and a good finish by Hunt. keep it coming!
  21. Does some really dumb things however also has some elite attributes. I hope he makes our round 1 team.
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