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  1. Much better ball use and a good finish by Hunt. keep it coming!
  2. Does some really dumb things however also has some elite attributes. I hope he makes our round 1 team.
  3. Great move by the MFC. I have often thought we needed a kicking coach and Davey had one of the best kicks in the league
  4. 100% agree. I would want 5, 11 and a 2nd round. 11 and 2nd round for May and KK
  5. Unless we get 2 picks under 10 or equivalent I would rather keep Hogan. Some of the pragmatic options in this thread are under by a long way for a Key position forward entering his prime. We need to have a plan b to get May.
  6. Well done to Joel making his finals debut in a prelim. My tip: Joel will have a blinder and this will be seen as the difference in a close win. Fritta to play in the GF next week.
  7. How about Frosty’s torp that lead to an end to end goal?
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