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  1. Someone said to me recently that MFC is a good example of how the “fish rots from the head” in corporate structures. How could Goodwin have had us where we were 12 months ago and now be in ruins. Board changes at the end of last year have may have caused massive disruption.
  2. _H_

    Gary Pert

    I can appreciate it looks that way, but I haven’t been as disheartened as a member since the Kardinia massacre when they sacked Bailey. I waited years on the waiting list for a reserved seat as a premium member, and I’m seriously thinking of giving it away because there is only so long you can stick with a club that can’t get it’s [censored] together. I neither new of or cared about Pert until Caroline Wilson commented about him coming to us. The way the AFL forced his appointment against the wishes of what was a unified and high functioning football club wasn’t right with me.
  3. _H_

    Gary Pert

    This is an article by Caroline Wilson last year: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/gary-pert-s-resurrection-a-contentious-call-at-melbourne-20180629-p4zojn.html If you don’t believe 1 person can cause trouble in a football club, try remembering how bad it was when Cameron Schwab was around.
  4. _H_

    Gary Pert

    Internally, the club wanted Mahoney as Jackson’s replacement. The AFL did not allow Jackson to have a say in his successor.
  5. _H_

    Gary Pert

    Any thoughts on whether Gary Pert leaving Collingwood was good for them, and him becoming CEO of Melbourne has beeen bad for us?
  6. Last week's loss (with due credos to Hawthorn for turning up), was possibly more the fault of the players for not making the effort. (I wrote earlier that Goodwin's pressers are a bit lacking after losses, but I take it back. If he said what he thought about the game, it would probably be too advanced for most of us anyway, I assume modern public relations in clubs limits what a coach could say to the public anyway.) I agree that his disappointment with the player's post-match regarding their intent and effort is as frustrating for him, as it is for us as supporters. Maybe we should be writing letters to players to ask them if they actually want to play? I couldn't be an AFL footballer no matter how bad I wanted it, but they weren't on. It may not have mattered what the selection committee chose to do last Sunday. Not many picked to play offered much more than poor JFK. I hope after all of this toss, he's not home in tears thinking of necking himself. Poor kid! Cut him a break.
  7. This peron is a paying member, and I think it's great he wrote to the club. I've often wanted to send my membership card back to the club, and loosing every week grows a bit tiring after more than 10 years of it. I don't agree with what he wrote to.Goodwin, but getting clichés in post match press conferences which state the obvious is all members get from Goodwin after we watch this crap. I'm loosing interest in MFC. I'll keep paying for my membership, but I'd rathe watch other clubs games and stop wasting my time showing up to our games. It's garbage at times, and less than 40 minutes of watchable football a game isn't cutting it.
  8. Same hairdresser as Jack Watts maybe?
  9. Not sure about O Mac. Maybe Frost and Hibberd better placed to play there.
  10. Any thoughts on Gawn at stoppages with no third man up? Cam Mooney on SEN yesterday predicting MFC to score heavily from stoppages. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2017/01/24/malthouse-third-man-up-ban-is-great/
  11. Wasn't the last riddle for Josh Kennedy to come to Melbourne in 2014? Barlow is a type of knife and a type of bird. Dockers aren't ocean bound though, they stay at port.
  12. Sorry billy2803, I meant 8500+ members. Mitch Clarks retirement leaves room in the cap to buy players who "come ready to play" as Roo's put's it.
  13. Could anyone hear what question he was asked before he described us as a "cash strapped" club in the presser? Was it about buying free agents? Any trustworthy and well known member wan't to put a hand up to organise taking a hundred bucks from 850+ members and help em out with the salary cap? I can spare a few hundred if it keeps PR at the club beyond 2015 rather than become more despondent about this list.
  14. I support the said award balls and all. Get the administrators to tee it up with a poll or something similar at the end of each round!
  15. This is gold! Thank you so much for posting that!
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