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  1. Thanks LH. Personally I think they’re nuts not to play Pruess tonight! He’s playing v well ATM, WC are planning to work Max over again, which also increases Maxs’ risk of injury, but also, though he’s had little to beat this year, Pruess has been our best KPF this year ! (On the rare occasion we got to see it).
  2. Is it too late to bring Pruess in right now to counter their trick? We’re better with Pruess and Max together anyway.
  3. 6 Oliver 5 Harmes 4 Salem 3 Frost 2 Jones 1 TMac
  4. Lockhart’s going well, but a few very bad disposals by foot and hand cost us.
  5. In: Pruess (only if really ready) out: OMac. Keilty takes OMacs place in defense. If they only have one tall forward, then there are several possibilities
  6. Thank god Preuss has been there.
  7. Hi folks. Can you all get the Essendon game on WatchAFL please? I’m getting beachball and “no content available” ..couldn’t get the Port game until 2/3 way through! In Los Angeles, but doubt that matters. Any helpful info is most appreciated! thanks
  8. The one game Pruess played with Max, he/they were very good together and we beat Collingwood in the practice game. Who bloody well cares if Pruess isn’t fit enough to be our only ruck, as long as he tag teams well with Max? ..which he did and probably can do again! Without Pruess playing now, the chances of Max getting injured are far higher. IMHO Pruess should be in now! ..and he can still be working in his tank.
  9. Geelong need to be given a few more free kicks!!
  10. Weideman being thrashed. When he gets it he handballs into high pressure trouble.
  11. The error message is: “Content not available. Sorry, something went wrong. Please play again. OK” Can anyone advise please? Help, I’m dying here! 🙂
  12. Perhaps the site is overloaded with people trying to watch? Maybe our subscriptions just expired?
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