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  1. I want to see the dees fight like both those teams did
  2. Many turnovers from Salem disposals for quite a few weeks now
  3. I sure hope so! Can’t see this being fully turned around with Goodwin at the helm!
  4. 6 TMac 5 Pruess 4 oliver 3 Frost 2 fritsch 1 Harmes stiff- Tracc. Jones
  5. I’ve been anti Oscar for 3 years (and pro Frost). He’s been weak, slow, lacking weapons and should be at Casey. There’s a small chance he could fill out a bit there, improve and become an okay forward/swing player/utility depth.
  6. Pruess would have kicked that last goal.
  7. Frost and Hore should both remain in our side. IMO Salem and Frost have been our best defenders this year and Hore is coming along very, very nicely. I sure hope this thread title wasn’t to infer that one of THEM should make way for a returning injured player? IMO they’re currently above Wagner, Oscar, Lockhart, Petty, Keilty, Lewis, Stretch, even Fritsch lately and perhaps some I’d rather not mention. Lets hope the FD decides wisely!?!
  8. Thanks LH. Personally I think they’re nuts not to play Pruess tonight! He’s playing v well ATM, WC are planning to work Max over again, which also increases Maxs’ risk of injury, but also, though he’s had little to beat this year, Pruess has been our best KPF this year ! (On the rare occasion we got to see it).
  9. Is it too late to bring Pruess in right now to counter their trick? We’re better with Pruess and Max together anyway.
  10. 6 Oliver 5 Harmes 4 Salem 3 Frost 2 Jones 1 TMac
  11. Lockhart’s going well, but a few very bad disposals by foot and hand cost us.
  12. In: Pruess (only if really ready) out: OMac. Keilty takes OMacs place in defense. If they only have one tall forward, then there are several possibilities
  13. Thank god Preuss has been there.
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