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  1. Agree completely these "experts" base their credibility on hindsight rather than actually being able to predict the future.
  2. No it means I don't care any more. I may donate I may not.
  3. 20 + plus year member, life time supporter and third generation Demon. The club lost its football soul when it sacked Norm Smith and it has never recovered it. Swooper Northey , The Reverend and to a lesser extent Balmy nearly recovered it. Last years finals were fun, but unfortunately, we have slipped back to being an irrelevant football club , not a real football club. We all know it and are in denial, No culture of winning since 1964 , no ruthless true football soul, poor on field leadership and a lack of real passion. Even North and Essendon can recover from last weeks debacle , we cant because no one really cares enough. Sorry but this is the truth and the only clubs that we can compare ourselves with are GWS, GC and Fremantle. Even St. Kilda has more football soul but they are just perennial losers. We have always fallen victim to the Establishment, Private School Image in our leadership and that was the reason Norm Smith got sacked. The cycle can only be broken with an extremely strong leadership group and at the moment we don't have that and I cant see anything on the horizon. Last Year I dared to dream with Jackson and Goodwin and Co, the Pert appointment destroyed that and Goodwin has been thrown to the wolves. More pain ahead, Membership is a donation for hope (Don't hold your breath).
  4. The Statistic that really highlights our problem is shown as follows: We have lacked talent in our forward line this year: Comparing 14 leading scorers from 2018 to 2019 and looking at averages per games played. Team Goals negative 5 per game. 8 players down on last year, 2 up on last year (Hunt and Petracca) Effect of Hogan, Melksham missing is nearly 3.6 goals per game with no effective replacements. Effect of McDonald, Hannan, Neal Bullen and Garlett drop off is 2.7 goals per game. Priority is forward effectiveness for 2020.
  5. What I am saying is that coaches become so invested in a style of play that they can't see the wood from the trees. Pride dominates reasoned judgement and they don't adapt quickly enough. Case in point Buckley, Hardwick and Scott. You need a team around you who can provide strong advice and an alternative game plan and team structure. At this point we don't have this. I suspect Jennings who from a distance appears to be the architect of the strategy is struggling with a plan B. I can like others on this site, and media "experts" only judge what I see and the results that are delivered, that is the ultimate determinant of success of failure?
  6. Mr Goodwin is in denial , as was Buckley, Hardwick and Scott (the Geelong variety) before him. The game plan is seriously flawed and has been for some time. There were glimpses last year being the St.Kilda game and the West Coast Final whereby teams can pick us apart. The competition has worked us out and this has been exacerbated by a poor pre-season and injuries. Basically our forward line is over crowded and chaotic and we turn it over to an opposition with an open forward line who score heavily on the counter. Hence the remarkable disparity between our scoring ratios and our oppositions. Our marks and contested possession inside 50 are deplorable. We zone on opposition kick outs and give them free possession for half the ground. Our inside-mids get in each others space win possession go backwards and turn it over, and then we are beaten on the spread. Max is the only player that can mark forward of centre. (last year we had Hogan and at times T Mac). When we do get a clear set shot our players are mentally under too much pressure or fatigued or in a bad position. Preuss must play and assist Max and rest up forward. Spargo and Garlett cannot play in the same team again (bring in Lockhart and persist with him). Petracca must play in the mid field, replacing Viney or Jones who go forward or too Casey. Fritsch is either a wingman or a forward not Back. These are obvious to everyone except Goodwin who I suspect is struggling because his coaching staff are well below league standard. Lets hope someone at Melbourne can help Goodwin see the light.
  7. Melbourne Football Club injury reports , the nightmare that just keeps on giving.
  8. Which team wins ? Backs Jetta May Hibberd Lockhart Frost Wagner Hbacks Salem Lever Lewis Hore McDonald Hunt Centre Kennedy Harris Van den Berg Kolodashnij Brayshaw Viney Baker Hforwards Hannan Weideman Sparrow Jones McDonald Petty Forwards Joel Smith Keilty Melksham Garlett T Smith Petracca Rucks Preuss Gawn Maynard Harmes Neal Bullen Oliver
  9. From first hand experience (he coached my son for 3 years during his re-hab) he is a quality person who would add to our improving culture. Was outcast by Scott who plays favourites with his team. Is an elite user of the ball, strong overhead and a very accurate set kick. Watch the last 2 minutes of the Geelong game at GMHBA and see who set that play up that broke our collective hearts. Attached are some interesting comparative stats for those that dismiss Menzel and bag Garlett. I am biased because I know him but a lot of Geelong people are shaking their heads in dis-belief.
  10. I was unlucky enough to be at Kardinia Park that day and whatever was the catalyst that drove such a performance still exists. Rather than drive the conspiracy theory bus I suspects its a combination of: 1/ Player dissatisfaction with the Senior Management Team (Schwab & co) 2/ Loss of senior players who had some leadership qualities ( Green, McDonald, Bruce, Rivers, Moloney etc) 3/ This led to an even further erosion of culture and development of our young squad. 4/ Neelds inability to read the situation and his heavy handed approach led to further disenchantment. (no connect with the playing group). 5/ A Board that has been without strong leadership since Jimmy's death and made poor decisions (Tanking fiasco, Schwabs re-appointment, dealing with Dank issues) 6/ A desperate recruiting play to instill old heads into the group which has failed( Byrnes, Rodan, Pederson, Gillies etc) I have been to 3 games since 186 and refuse to keep going as it is not fun. But I am still a 20 year member with a severly disenchanted 12 year old son (11 year member) living in Geelong. I have been in denial about comments from (Wilson, Denham etc). However they are correct and I hope to god that Peter Jackson can rectify this, otherwise it is all over, if ihasn't already happened.
  11. A great article from Martin Flanagan in today's Age concerning Chris Connoley. Have had a bit to do with Chris and he is an unfortunate victim in this whole saga and doesn't deserve the stigma he has been landed with. He is a true Melbourne person who has the best intentions even though his execution may at times be misinterpreted. I think he deserves more support on this forum.
  12. I am clutching at straws, but I have a gut feel about this game based on the selection. It is the first time all players on the Demonland Banner have played together this year.
  13. To further expand the dabate I have listed teams who I see as our contemporaries in terms of development. Richmond is the only team who matches us in terms of lack of experience. Melb vs Nth.htm
  14. The most common KPI or tool used by clubs is games played. I thought I would compare North and us using this stat from Saturdays teams. It proves to me that we are at least one year behind them in our development, especially with key position players.Despite our frustration we are being asked to be patient because of this. Cheers I hope the attachment is ble to be read. Melb vs Nth.htm
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