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  1. I agree with you Dazzle. SOS has done some terrible work in his time at Carlton. He originally drafted a heap of these kids at GWS and when they identified that they were no good he doubled down and traded for them at Carlton. The Stocker trade is looking to be the cherry on top of a long list of bad decisions. If Bolton goes then surely Silvangni goes too.
  2. He cost us sweet [censored] all. The guy he pushed out? off the list? back in 2017? I wont even bother looking to see who it was. It was a spud. The guy who we would have drafted instead of him? With Pick 90? Good one. We had Nathan Jones as the only leadership in the whole team and had a guy who had played in 4 flags who wanted to come to the club. Watts? you bring up Watts? you think he could have played the plus 1 role? He played every [censored] position on the ground and he was a [censored] liability.
  3. Picks 48 and 66 for Lewis, 57 and 68 That's what we gave up for him. Essentially a drop down the order by 9 spots and 2 spots. Basically nothing at all. The crux was a 3 year contract. A lot of posters knew that we would get little value out of his third year. He is suspended for one match when it was unlikely he was going to play seniors anyway.
  4. he was part of the Crows thrashing from last year at the least. he has won a few i think
  5. Well... its gotten to the point that I have better things to do than watch us lose. Its been a good 19 years of watching rain hail or shine but I cant actually be bothered to sit down and be angry any more.
  6. I hope McCartin retires. It seems negligent if someone doesnt ask him to pull the pin. KK one more away from retiring too surely.
  7. There was that time a brick hit him in the head... not sure of any others
  8. He will have to go for that Miles hammed up the impact, but it's still a fist to the head.
  9. Another player who has 'lost the passion for the game' 🤐
  10. He was at the Swans first and then the Saints. Then us.
  11. Jesus. why would you want to imagine that?
  12. All good. I had a fair few bevies and got home to find one of my favorite players had nearly drowned (probably not even close to what actually happened but that's how I read it at the time.) My post was purely emotional.
  13. I was venting. Jesus. Get a grip.
  14. Jesus this club is [censored] thick. Heat training in preseason. (short term benefits only, if at all) Sleep deprivation military camps. (evidence says you should do the complete opposite) Brick in bag smash head exercise while sleep deprived. (Surprisingly not good at all) Drowning excerices leading up to round 7.(New low. Clap. [censored] clap.)
  15. Indeed. I went to a Saints message board the week before our game. The majority of them wanted him dropped but thought he would scrape through because he was playing his old side. I was disappointed when Kent left. We were never going to get what his value was due to all the injuries he had. His best was good but he was never on the park enough to get a decent string of games put together.
  16. To add my 2 cents, I recall someone on here at the time of that draft got to have a chat to Shifter Sheehan who advised that both looked like great young kids. When asked who Melbourne should pick first Shifter said that Salem was clearly the better player and alluded that no club would have picked Freeman over Salem. I think a few people are picking him based on his draft position in 2013. He has been in the system at 2 different clubs for that time but has spent the majority of the time with consistent hamstring injuries. For a player who was basically picked for his elite pace this has buyer beware written all over it.
  17. I would take him if it cost us a 4th rounder and low salary. He comes across as a bit of a [censored].
  18. I wasn't overly vocal about it but I raised concerns. There were a number of other posters who shared the same view. We were always going to be in trouble early. I thought we would have enough depth to get us through the first few rounds, unfortunately we got a fair few injuries which ruined this. There were a large number of us who watched the practice games and knew we were cooked. It isn't just the number of sessions though. There are a number of things that have created this which include: 1. Delayed start to preseason 2. Large turnover post season (10 is a lot for a team who finished 4th) 3. Post season surgery to 12 or more players 4. Injuries to a large number of players leading to round 1 I still think we will turn it around next year. While frustrating, this could be the year we need to have.
  19. I like it. One of the guys from The Cat Empire wrote it.
  20. Most. Sure. Front ended hopefully. The club advised mid last year that we had enough room to go after another player in the trade period. We lost Hogan and got May. Everything else isnt worth analysis. We should have a heap of cash. Just my opinion.
  21. A few of our regular posters were strong on him in his draft year. We had three chances to get him but picked Spargo, Fritsch and Petty.
  22. We should have a heap of cash to play with IMO. Hogan would have freed up a bit.
  23. Oh I realised you were taking the [censored]. It just reminded me how bad Blease was. I was rapt when we picked him up in the draft. How wrong I was. We are a bit slow. But it's not as bad as some think. I'm hoping we pick up a hard running mid or two this year. Port have done extremely well by picking up Rozzee, Duursma, Butters and Drew. All of a sudden they are flush with youth and speed. It can turn around pretty quickly.
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