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  1. Has looked to be on the verge of being a good player for a number of years but never seems to get there.
  2. If we miss out on Anderson with pick 2 and go to the draft with pick 3, I would rather pick up Young or Ash. Both could slot into a HBF in their first year and could push to a wing later on. Serong has had a great year from what I have read but wouldnt compliment what we already have.
  3. Hunt dropped. Cannot say it is undeserved. He has been playing like a guy who is just seeing the season out. Some disgraceful positioning and pressure efforts. I hate to say it, but he could be traded come the end of the year.
  4. BAMF

    Eddie Betts

    Tigers certainly have a number of smalls who are gettable. Baker, Bolton and Butler. Butler will likely be the one to make way.
  5. Depends what you define as a key role. You could say that just about any player in the league with a few years under their belt and a healthy body would have gotten a game with us this year. Tomlinson plays ok in a team surrounded by great players. He is tall and can play both ends of the ground which is handy. I'm just not sure about Ellis. He has buyer beware written all over him. He could plug a gap for a few years, but is that really going to help us long term? Especially considering we would be paying overs in salary. If he wasn't a free agent would we look twice at him?
  6. Because in a year's time they could be playing for Casey on good coin. We could be in the box seat to land a big fish free agent but not quite have enough cash because we have overpaid a depth player because they were 'free'. I agree that we need to be smart. Will these players be getting a game in their second year? I'm not opposed to getting them.
  7. I saw this kid’s name mentioned in an article on the AFL website regarding the 2020 draft. He is tied to us as part of our Dandenong Stingrays NGA. He’s 179cm tall and has kicked a few goals so must be a forward. Recruiters split on quality of 2020 draft, big calls loom Deakyn Smith
  8. I just don't think we have that luxury. We are short on outside mids which extends to the half back flank. They tried Salem in the guts at the start of last year and he was ineffective. At best he broke even. If Salem leaves the HBF it would have to be to take up a position on the wings. Does he have the endurance? His disposal is a weapon on the half back flank. We need another HBF who has pace and good disposal. Lachlan Ash is a youngster who we could potentially look at in the draft but would likely go around pick 5-12.
  9. We lack leadership, experience, depth, accurate disposal, speed and goal kickers. There are so many holes to fill on our list and only so many draft picks to do it with. We need to explore all options. Harley Bennell is one I would explore. 1 year deal.
  10. @Lord Travis We would have taken Billings. (Agree with the rest of your post) https://www.triplem.com.au/story/paul-roos-revisits-the-josh-kelly-trade-37923
  11. Hmm... Would we win or lose? I think we would win. Omac to kick 12 goals and win the Robert DiPierdomenico medal.
  12. To be honest. I think we need the cash and every other commentary is just spin. Saying that we are invested in the community sounds a lot better than 'we're just here for the cash'.
  13. These articles were after the interview I heard. Clearly we need the cash still.
  14. I heard a pregame interview with PJ on triple M a number of years ago where this was discussed. PJ said that we were not interested in playing in China as we thought the travel would be a negative impact on the players recovery and preparation. Now that the club was doing better off the field, the admin would do everything they could to give the players the best opportunity to win a flag and that meant knocking back opportunities like China especially as we already had the NT deal in place. PJ said that the NT deal was needed at the time for us to balance the books and he went into some details about how much the deal was worth financially to the club. Which was a lot. He advised that the Alice Springs game was ok as it's a much shorter trip. Temperature and humidity are usually fine, but the Darwin game was taxing on players and now that we were doing better as a club we would look at stopping the partnership to give the players the best opportunity to win a flag.
  15. I am assuming that he was told he wouldn't be getting another contact and he accepted that. The club and player can always change their mind. Hodge announced he was retiring 2 years ago. (Not saying I want Lewis to go on)
  16. Jeez... its a been a crappy year hasn't it? I cant wait for this season to end so we can get onto the next one. I'm still firmly in the 'Its the injuries' camp but I hope to all god that Goodwin tweaks the gameplan to stop this 'Chaos' [censored]. This bomb it into the forward line at every opportunity is [censored] horrible to watch and I said this last year too when we were actually winning.
  17. Paywall on the age? Is it because you have read to many 'free' articles this month? If you delete your internet history and cookies it will reset the amount of 'free' articles you can read. Or... the easy option is to open the article using incognito mode in chrome. Edit: beat me to the punch Dr Gonzo
  18. I thought the opening post was a clear joke for a minute there. The rule changes are making it so hard for the umpires to keep up with. There are so many rules that can be interpreted a certain way at any given time. Once they started introducing rules where the umpire has to guess what the players intention was is where they really went wrong. Seeing the players pretend to hammer the ball out of their hands while dry humping the ground with an opposition player on top of him is a very difficult thing to explain to someone who is new to the game. Just leave the game alone.
  19. Are you a tall back in the league you play in @stevethemanjordan? You seem to be most passionate when commenting on them
  20. Traded for pick 23 a few years ago. Is playing better now than he was then, but is also a few years older. Our 2nd rounder should get it done. If the club is serious we should be doing everything to try and convince him to come over. Get his brother too as a free agent. Keep gunning for Langdon as well.
  21. I hate Goodwin's media presence. He works so hard at not giving anything away that he seems like a robot.
  22. It's time that we reveal the worst kept secret in the world. TMac is injured and cannot compete. Other teams know this now and just run off him. Preuss, Keilty, T.Smith... anyone would be better right now. I'm glad that Goodwin didn't give up like I did earlier in the year, but it's time. Get the injured players rested. Reset for next year
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