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  1. He is good as a number 1 ruck. Problem is we have an amazing one in his prime already. He has no tank and can't play forward. It was a strange choice for him to want to come to us. We should trade him for a second round pick, use that pick on a young developing ruck and pick up a backup for Max on the rookie list. Or he can ruck at Casey all year unless Max goes down.
  2. To be honest, this season really got to me. I usually watch the Demon game 3 times throughout the week and at least 3 other games of footy per week. My love of the game has finally waivered this year and if we have another terrible year next year I will likely give up following the game. I watched 1 game a week this year. Sometimes it wasn't even our game. The membership isn't going to be automatically renewed for the first time in my adult life.
  3. They looked great didn't they? A great mix of excellent senior players mixed with youth and speed. Hope they win it now that Brisbane are out of it. Things change quickly in football. It was only a few years ago that they cleaned out all assistant coaches and gave Hardwick one more chance.
  4. Me too. It's going to be so sweet when we finally win.
  5. Indeed. We picked Viney for round one and he could barely jog.
  6. Damn it... I wish we were good enough to nearly land Dusty.
  7. Open in incognito mode. Basically... Heading to Demons. 4 year deal. Will play as wing.
  8. 100% on the same page as you. I have no doubt that an interview would not have made a lick of difference in the outcome. I'm not trying to say that we missed out on the best kid in the draft. Scully was clearly the number 1 pick at the time. The debate at the time was if Trengove or Butcher would be pick 2 and I still think that Trenners would have been great if he wasn't injured. But not even interviewing the other candidates? It makes me angry.
  9. I'm unable to find the smoking gun. I was told that it came directly from Martin's mouth during an interview. Basically the interviewer was discussing how he was a potential number 1 draft pick and Martin said that he knew he wasn't going to Melbourne as they didn't interview him. I did find this. https://www.sbs.com.au/news/dustin-martin-s-afl-dalliances-with-sydney "Every club knew his background but I don't think anybody was scared off by anything. There was no questioning his character and whether to draft him." Yet Melbourne were so confident about the skills of Scully and Jack Trengove they didn't interview Martin. The Tigers have copped plenty in recent years about their various draft failures, but the Demons' mistake is arguably worse given they had the first two picks of 2009. There is another article out there which interviews Predergast where be mentions that he thought Dusty was hot and cold in terms of performance in the draft year.
  10. We didn't even interview Dustin Martin.
  11. 2 years? Getting rid of Goodwin will make the Roos years redundant and therefore a waste. It's much more than 2 years. That's why a number of us refuse to believe that Goodwin is the problem.
  12. Indeed. He has had a bad year and comes across as a thick yob. But if you haven't seen Tex play well and can't see his strengths then I question how many non-demon games you watch.
  13. I swear there was a paragraph about him getting positive feedback that has now disappeared from the article
  14. I did almost exactly the same exercise at around round 19 albeit only for the Dees and based on my own best 22 picked in the preseason. Basically the same result. We averaged over a third of our best 22 out in every game this year. Even this does not tell the whole story of our woes. So many of our players were forced back earlier that recommended to cover the losses. Viney couldn't even run in round 1 and IMO should not have got a game until about round 5 TMac played injured all year and had little impact most games he played Hannan played 6 games when it was clear to most that he should have played none. Melksham played 12 games after injury and was rushed in with no fitness base Jetta got injured. Missed a few games and rushed back before a season ending injury
  15. It wasn't really a choice between the two though was it? Scully was never coming back even if we wanted him too.
  16. He isn't a free agent. So a trade would need to be agreed upon or he would have to enter one of the draft. If he was to go then you would have wished he was a free agent as we would have got pick 3 as compo. We lose if he decides to leave and to be honest, I would not blame him for leaving.
  17. I was at the ground today. There was something fundamentaly wrong with Nathan Jones. His body language reeked. He offered no leadership and no one looked to him for it. My mother watches about 1/2 a game every three weeks and it was her second live AFL game ever. She said it was either 1) his last game for the club or 2) he had just been told that he would not be captain effective immediately. The last time (and first ever) she came to a game she said Jack Watts was playing with no confidence and would be traded at year's end. He was.
  18. Just on the bus heading home from the ground. Happy with the effort from most of the boys. Gawny and Fritsch were amazing. Frost never gave up and I owe him an apology for writing him off at the start of the year.
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