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  1. https://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-11-02/trading-firstround-picks-afls-most-misunderstood-rule-explained NOTE: THIS ARTICLE IS FROM LAST YEAR. The confusing thing is working out when the 4 year rolling period beings and ends. I would have thought that we had to use one this year as we haven't used any since 2015. Turns out that we don't and that the 2015 period counts within the four year period. 2015: 2 picks 2016: 0 2017: 0 2018: 0
  2. They don't have those picks anymore. They have pick 6 now.
  3. It doesn't. Plus I can't see any pictures on his insta from the gym
  4. It doesn't seem fair. Not for Freo anyway. I rate him at around pick 15 - 20. So in my opinion we will be getting a steal if we only pay pick 22.
  5. Hmmmm. Interesting. I recall when the process was first introduced that the system took far more into account. Things like: 1. Which pick was used to draft the player 2. Where the player had finished in recent BnF. It sounded to me at the time that they were just making it up as they went along and I doubted there was a formula. I haven't changed my mind.
  6. But he hasn't struggled at GWS? Strange post
  7. The AFL could simply reveal the 'secret' formula they use to determine compensation. Clubs should know what they will receive before deciding if they will match bids. etc. I hate the way the AFL is run.
  8. Richmond taking the [censored] asking for a first rounder for Ellis
  9. Gus has some tricks. I could see him to a flank later in his career. Similar to Lewis. He certainly looks a bit out of place playing on a wing right now though
  10. To start with. I wouldn't play him. Not till he was over his injuries to a sufficient amount to get back to his normal level. This is the issue with him IMO. He is perpetually playing injured. We rarely see him at his best and have only seen snippets over the past 2 years. He played some decent games towards the back end of the year (which many refused to notice btw). I don't think you give him enough credit for his defensive capabilities. I think his best games are when he goes head to head. His defensive work [censored] all over Brayshaw in games where Brayshaw isn't tagging (which isn't often). I agree with you though. He is inside mid or nothing. Just like Jones. Hoping he can get back to his best next season.
  11. Disagree 100%. Very good when he is on the park. Injuries are the only concern.
  12. You realise it doesn't simply work like that right? You must get flabbergasted a lot.
  13. Viney knows how to get the ball just about better than anyone. He doesn't need any advice or to change his approach at all. It's his ability to cover ground, spread from stoppages and truly woeful disposal at times which is the problem. Unfortunately, he has been injured far too often and it won't surprise me to hear post career about how many games he fought through pain. He would be brilliant with a good run but like VDB, I doubt he will ever get it due to the way he plays. But I have to say that I'm [censored] sick of posters asking for him to be traded. Is he the best leader judging by the outside? No, probably not. Is he a leader. Yes. Undeniably. Should a team who lack leadership and have a reputation for being soft trade their captain who would run through brick walls for the club? No. And he certainly doesn't need to change the way he gets the ball.
  14. Yep. Free to a good home token trade.
  15. The pies really don't need him. He wouldn't be a priority signing for them. They have an abundance of similar type players in DeGoey, Stephenson, Mihocek, Thomas, Maine and Hoskin-Elliott.
  16. 100% agree with you on this one. He seems to be frozen by fear of making a mistake and turning it over. He doesn't back himself, overthinks his action and then usually coughs it up. I often wonder if he has been over coached or just mentally afraid of stuffing up and being dropped. Morton ended up being the same after a promising first few years. Injuries certainly have played a big role as he hasn't had a decent run of games to gain some confidence.
  17. He is the player GWS should let go. He is the player a struggling club should get. Should we get him? Yes, and that's why I'm not happy about it.
  18. I think I have to turn it off. Dangerfield is annoying the [censored] out of me and he isn't even doing anything.
  19. This is why I don't post in-depth much. I expect people to use their imagination a little. 1. Trade out Pruess 2. Draft 2 rucks. 1 18year old, 1 mature backup. Doesnt matter what picks. I'm well aware that this won't happen and that we will go with Pruess. I just think he is good enough as a 1 ruck to get more game time at another club. It was a weird choice to come to us imo. It's also not an opinion that I really feel that strong about. Just my quick thoughts.
  20. Hmmmm. You could be right. I thought there was another game but can't think of it off the top of my head. I'm Happy to disagree. He's better than a backup and not good enough to be our number 1. He has currency imo and will be wasted at Casey. I have zero faith that he will improve enough as a forward to be much use there. It's ruck or bust.
  21. And that's the issue. He will be paid very well.
  22. I disagree. He showed in the games where Gawn was absent that he is capable of playing number 1 ruck well. It would be a matter of consistency week to week that is unproven IMO. At 24 years old I don't view him as the young developing ruck. I'm also ok with him playing at Casey as insurance.
  23. He is good as a number 1 ruck. Problem is we have an amazing one in his prime already. He has no tank and can't play forward. It was a strange choice for him to want to come to us. We should trade him for a second round pick, use that pick on a young developing ruck and pick up a backup for Max on the rookie list. Or he can ruck at Casey all year unless Max goes down.
  24. To be honest, this season really got to me. I usually watch the Demon game 3 times throughout the week and at least 3 other games of footy per week. My love of the game has finally waivered this year and if we have another terrible year next year I will likely give up following the game. I watched 1 game a week this year. Sometimes it wasn't even our game. The membership isn't going to be automatically renewed for the first time in my adult life.
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