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  1. we get brock and robbo back next week. We are going to smash the kanga's. They are being heavily overated.
  2. oh sorry. for some reason i thought we were playing them at the G.
  3. how often does miller get benched?
  4. We are playing west coast this week. they have to travel twice in two weeks. after a gutsy effort this week our price will not be as good as $6 plus. i reakon they will offer 3.50 - 4 bucks
  5. im not happy either. im not as dissapointed as i have been over the season so far. but still not happy. Not many players seem to make a lead today and we were kicking in to 1 on 1's all day. and our kicking was terrible at that. have a look at the stats. i bet we had a lot more kicks than the bulldogs. i bet we were almost equal in clerances. but we still lost. no im not happy at all. i dont think i deserve to be shot. i belive this was our year to do well and we are doing really badly. in fact we couldnt be doing much worse. im not accepting average performances any more.
  6. BAMF

    Rest Neita?

    neitz had a poor game true. but so did most of the other forwards. Davey was good. but mostly played in the midfield. as did Sylvia. miller was terrible. bate was below average. dunn did nothing at all.
  7. I do agree with you that buckley is overated. But he still is an awesome player. certainly not a hack. your allowed to your opinion yes. and its my opinion that you dont know what your talking about. Can you please tell me why you think Mark Williams is an idiot? Bigpond. thanks for taking the picture down. it was for the best.
  8. I disagree. i think that neitz is inspirational. we dont have any leaders in the midfield. Miller had a very bad day. when he marked at the 50m mark and then handballed it off i got very angry. im sick of the way he cant kick and im sick of the way he goes missing.
  9. i think its in poor taste personally. just adds to the fact that most muslims are discriminated against and all called terrorist's even though its a very small minority.
  10. http://afl.com.au/Season2007/News/NewsArti...px?newsId=43053
  11. Sorry if this has been reported earlier. Watching ABC news at 7:30 on Friday night. Travis Johnstone has been fined for talking badly to the umpires after the port adeilade match.
  12. im going fairly ordinary. first year ive played. think ive put too much cash in my backline. next year im going with a cheap backline and max out my midfield. is that what i should have done this year?
  13. i dont get it. what is the relevance to 64?
  14. Bigpond your picture is horrible and i think Matty Whelan would be horrified if he thought you were honoring him for that.
  15. Buckley is a hack? yeah that brownlow was a complete fluke. Mark Williams an idiot? do you have any idea what you are talking about? I think Mark Williams would be good for the role. would rather him chosen than buckley or voss. I think that they should take assistant coaching roles at other clubs to get more of an idea about coaching before jumping headlong into a full coaching position.
  16. yeah but that could mean that west coast finishes on top of the ladder and then get the first round pick. imagine what supporters would be saying then.
  17. 25 years old. starting to shut down some of the best midfielders in the comp. Rarely injured Has a good engine gives his all. He is not the best player we have got. but he is handy as depth. at the moment i would definatly like to see him kept on for another year. how many do we have to delist at the end of the year? the ones up for delisting are Holland Bizzell Brown Ward
  18. Thompson is not one of them. he was injured alot when at the dee's and then he decided he wanted to return home. Armstrong is definatly one. Chris Lamb springs to mind.
  19. From the AFL website http://afl.com.au/Season2007/News/NewsArti...px?newsId=41837 MELBOURNE'S horror run of injuries could ease this week, with captain David Neitz "some chance" to return for Saturday's AFL match against Sydney. Neitz suffered a knee injury during the round-two loss to Hawthorn and is listed as a test for this weekend's away match against Sydney. Brent Moloney (groin), Travis Johnstone (hamstring), Daniel Bell (concussion), Paul Wheatley (shoulder), Nathan Brown (calf) and Jared Rivers (hamstring) also are rated as tests for the Swans game. Melbourne Daniel Bell (concussion) - test Nathan Brown (calf) - test Travis Johnstone (hamstring) - test Brent Moloney (groin) - test David Neitz (knee) - test Jared Rivers (hamstring) - test Paul Wheatley (shoulder) - test James Frawley (foot) - 2 weeks Nathan Jones (ankle) - 2-3 weeks Brock McLean (foot) - 2-3 weeks Matthew Whelan (hamstring) - 2-3 weeks Russell Robertson (knee) - 5 weeks Clint Bartram (knee) - 5-7 weeks
  20. Pickett isnt injured, just too unfit.
  21. Mooney was very physical and i was really impressed when PJ went on to him. Got stuck into the niggle straight away. PJ was one of the only players trying today. at one point he was running after about 4 geelong players. the players who were suppose to be playing on them had given up chasing.
  22. Neale Danniher is employed to teach the players to kick tackle and mark. If its not his fault then whos is it? There is something wrong with the way he coaches. All the kids come to our club as 'HUGE POTENTIAL" and somewhere along the line never quite make it.
  23. yeah mooney was great today, his kicking for goal was terrible, but his toughness and aggression really showed us how weak we are. Best move all day was putting PJ on him. I was watching PJ for most the match and he was really putting alot of effort in.
  24. You can see where our weaknesses are when we are talking about playing miller back. We really need a good Chb.
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