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  1. Paywall on the age? Is it because you have read to many 'free' articles this month? If you delete your internet history and cookies it will reset the amount of 'free' articles you can read. Or... the easy option is to open the article using incognito mode in chrome. Edit: beat me to the punch Dr Gonzo
  2. I thought the opening post was a clear joke for a minute there. The rule changes are making it so hard for the umpires to keep up with. There are so many rules that can be interpreted a certain way at any given time. Once they started introducing rules where the umpire has to guess what the players intention was is where they really went wrong. Seeing the players pretend to hammer the ball out of their hands while dry humping the ground with an opposition player on top of him is a very difficult thing to explain to someone who is new to the game. Just leave the game alone.
  3. Are you a tall back in the league you play in @stevethemanjordan? You seem to be most passionate when commenting on them
  4. Traded for pick 23 a few years ago. Is playing better now than he was then, but is also a few years older. Our 2nd rounder should get it done. If the club is serious we should be doing everything to try and convince him to come over. Get his brother too as a free agent. Keep gunning for Langdon as well.
  5. I hate Goodwin's media presence. He works so hard at not giving anything away that he seems like a robot.
  6. It's time that we reveal the worst kept secret in the world. TMac is injured and cannot compete. Other teams know this now and just run off him. Preuss, Keilty, T.Smith... anyone would be better right now. I'm glad that Goodwin didn't give up like I did earlier in the year, but it's time. Get the injured players rested. Reset for next year
  7. I agree with you Dazzle. SOS has done some terrible work in his time at Carlton. He originally drafted a heap of these kids at GWS and when they identified that they were no good he doubled down and traded for them at Carlton. The Stocker trade is looking to be the cherry on top of a long list of bad decisions. If Bolton goes then surely Silvangni goes too.
  8. He cost us sweet [censored] all. The guy he pushed out? off the list? back in 2017? I wont even bother looking to see who it was. It was a spud. The guy who we would have drafted instead of him? With Pick 90? Good one. We had Nathan Jones as the only leadership in the whole team and had a guy who had played in 4 flags who wanted to come to the club. Watts? you bring up Watts? you think he could have played the plus 1 role? He played every [censored] position on the ground and he was a [censored] liability.
  9. Picks 48 and 66 for Lewis, 57 and 68 That's what we gave up for him. Essentially a drop down the order by 9 spots and 2 spots. Basically nothing at all. The crux was a 3 year contract. A lot of posters knew that we would get little value out of his third year. He is suspended for one match when it was unlikely he was going to play seniors anyway.
  10. he was part of the Crows thrashing from last year at the least. he has won a few i think
  11. Well... its gotten to the point that I have better things to do than watch us lose. Its been a good 19 years of watching rain hail or shine but I cant actually be bothered to sit down and be angry any more.
  12. I hope McCartin retires. It seems negligent if someone doesnt ask him to pull the pin. KK one more away from retiring too surely.
  13. There was that time a brick hit him in the head... not sure of any others
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