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  1. Not much to the article. Once again our track reporters do a better job of reporting. Very possible that the reporters got the scoop by reading Demonland.
  2. I was very disappointed to learn that this was a closed session and we didn't have any reports. Thank you so much. (And thankyou to all our regular track watches too, these reports get me through the offseason)
  3. Everyone should look at these pictures to have a look at the definition on CP5. You do not get that way without being in incredible shape combined with a low body fat percentage. He is in ripping shape.
  4. Difficult. They are very good at getting deals done with their better players. Maynard and Moore perhaps? Cant realistically see either leaving but would give it a crack. Elliott would have been nice. At least we drove his price up.
  5. I'm interested to hear your opinion on Hannan. Personally I find that he either goes missing or simply isn't involved in the play often enough. Many posters on here have a high opinion of him but I am yet to see him consistently deliver across more than a few games in a row. I paid close attention to him when in attendance at the MCG in one game in 2018 to see what I was missing. He worked incredibly hard to try and work his opponent over but never seemed to get the better of him too often. The times that he did get free he was either in the wrong position, was ignored by the ball carrier (which was pretty frustrating when I could see how hard he had worked to get clear) or he got on the end of it and made something good happen. I still just don't know. I feel like he is still overrated on here. Thoughts?
  6. Yes. You are 100% correct. I'm probably bitching because its been so slow on the news front recently and my need for a fix hasn't been met.
  7. We've spent more time talking about this than warranted already. But I wonder what the club thinks... They surely know that we have Demonland reporters at training. (I always appreciate yours BTW) Do they just hold off telling us until they know exactly what the problem is.. knowing that we are aware that they aren't training? Or is it just a lack of staff in the media dept during the off season? (I'm not expecting a reply to this question)
  8. I worked in a shitty sales position for Sky television when I was on a working holiday visa in London 10 years ago. At times they would get some of us to work for Chelsea and Manchester United to [censored] there Sky channels. Which was actually pretty good as the targets were reasonable, commisions were good and both clubs gave us plenty of extras. Plus I could talk sports to strangers all day It was during the preseason and both clubs were excellent at relaying info to us sales staff to discuss with the fans. The info was on their websites and socials pretty quickly. Even if it was just "Lampard left the track early for scans" The fans are rabbid and pay a small fortune just to attend games. They get info.
  9. It's 2020. We have speculated for a few days on May and I had to find out about Smith through a training report on here. It's not just us. All clubs are massively behind most big international Sports when reporting to the fans. It's not a big deal, but I certainly wouldn't be congratulating them.
  10. It's one of the small games within a game that I am really looking forward to this year. Without a doubt his opponent this year will be aware of what he can do and find new ways of attempting to shut him out. I still remember Howe coping this when he played forward at times. His opponents figured out to simply make body contact during his run at the ball (illegally but too soft to call) preventing him from making a decent jump. Howe was a one trick pony and had no answer. Fritsch isn't a one trick pony. He is a natural forward. Lacks a bit of speed but has worked on his endurance. It will be great to see the battle each week. What will they do to stop him and how will he overcome their tactics? It's a great thing. Fritsch deserves the attention because he is that talented. But can he take it to the next level?
  11. We knew the third year was a gift when we got him for peanuts. As it turned out it was great as we lacked fit bodies and leadership.
  12. Bagdad Bob advised it post 55 that it was Preuss
  13. I had to really think about this. I'm not really the biggest stats guy, more of an eyeball assessment. It's difficult to say 'He needs to get 3 more effective kicks'. I've been vocal in the past about how Champion Data does the best job possible of applying ranking points to a game that is impossible to rank accurately. But in this context there is no other observable metric than can be applied correctly. Salem averaged 90 Supercoach points this year in total. He was on track for 95 before a severe drop off in the last few rounds. An increase of 5% on top of 95 is 99.75. I agree with you on most points here. So it must be the 'Great on paper' part you disagree with me on. TMac - Agree. Melksham - Agree. Petracca - Agree, but he will hopefully be playing a lot more midfield this year. Fritsch - Agree. Really looking forward to seeing him play forward all year. I think it could be amazing. Weideman - is still only potential at this stage. Hopefully he is injury free and has the year we expected he was going to have last year. Petty - Promising but very raw. I was excited about what he showed forward last year, but he is gaining hype among supporters which isn't realised yet. Jackson, Smith are pure hope at this stage and on paper do not register. So really, we have one tall forward with runs on the board, some promosing second talls, some really good mid size players. No small. As I said, I hope by the end of the year we can say otherwise bit right now? Thats not great.
  14. It's a message board devoted to one thing. You can't get upset when people talk about parts of that one thing that you don't like.Let people talk about what they want. You can still have your say without getting bogged down in the stuff you don't like. Back on topic: Finals is a pass for me. There are other things besides making finals or making top 4 that we can analyse as part of being successful. I would like to see some players make that next step. Brayshaw and Petracca are my main two that I have high hopes for. Salem to find that extra 5% and added consistency. Harmes could actually keep improving. I think most people think he has improved enough but there isn't any reason why he couldn't jump up to A grade talent. Viney to stay injury free and remind a few on here about how he can actually play. Fingers crossed. I'm also looking forward to seeing what Fritsch, Weid and Petty provide up front. On paper our forward line is not great. I would love to say the opposite by the end of the year.
  15. Sigh... These sanctimonious 'typical Demonland' statements you come out with are getting really tiresome. It's the off season. It's a thread discussing the upcoming season. Give it a rest.
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