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  1. Will need to see some more photos but May looks skinnier in the face.
  2. Nice. Big group? I.e was it an official training session or just some of the boys?
  3. Hmm... I was going to say that I never rated Aish and that he was more of a Toumpas style too. Then I looked up height and weight from draft years. Aish has put on 1kg since being drafted. I then looked up Bernie Vince as this is who Stephens reminded me of but he is much taller and has much more size. I think you have just turned me off taking him.
  4. Depends who we end up taking I guess. The only ones we have been linked to in a big way in the media are Jackson and Weigtman. Taylor confirmed our interest in Jackson when asked directly and all he really said was that he was one we were looking at and that we had done a lot of work on him. The link to Young is only because phantom draft experts have him around our pick and the fans on here are frothing over his highlights (admittedly, me included). I feel that we have an opportunity to pick up really good players at 3 & 8. But I don't think they are the superstars like in previous years. I don't think there is a Clayton Oliver level player at pick 3 this year which is a shame. Maybe Kemp?
  5. Toumpas had great skills but average speed and endurance coming off hip injuries. Stephens doesn't have these deficiencies but isn't as smooth as Toumpas. In my mind they are completely different type of players. However, I understand the concern.
  6. What's up with KK? Is it still the concussion? Or another injury? A bit worrying for the boy if it's still concussion related. I'm worried for his health.
  7. https://afl.draftcentral.com.au/tag/dylan-stephens/ Norwood/South Australia | Balanced Midfielder 08/01/2001 | 182cm | 70kg Stephens is another lightly built midfielder who despite being just 70kg has forced his way into the SANFL League side for Norwood already in season 2019. Given the Redlegs’ tendancy to restrict kids from being exposed at the top level – see Luke Valente last year – it is a credit to Stephens – and teammate Taheny, to already earn their stripes. He has held his own too, admitedly playing a very outside game, but with many bigger bodies at the Redlegs, Stephens has terrific skills and moves well in transition, able to win the ball in midfield, take off and kick perfectly inside 50. He still has to add bulk to his frame, but he showed when taking on his peers he is capable of playing an inside role as well. Expect him to be the prime mover for South Australia at the Under 18 Championships and raise his stocks with a big couple of months. He was one of the my choices in the poll. Highlights are great. Looks very outside though. I wonder if we are still placing a high priority on players who can win a contest which will mean we overlook him? Seems to me he is the number 1 pick from SA? Wouldn't be surprised to see the Crows pick him up at pick 4. Couple of paywall articles if you have a login https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.adelaidenow.com.au/sport/afl/the-eyecatching-run-of-dylan-stephens-is-his-no-1-asset-but-its-josh-kellys-allround-game-that-he-wants-to-emulate/news-story/b19e0a5590ef00bb838686020a4e1a98 https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/afl/more-news/norwood-youngster-dylan-stephens-has-spoken-to-all-but-one-afl-side-ahead-of-the-2019-draft/news-story/a34acc488c1596a27a976e5490ba6817
  8. Frost bleeds for the jumper? FMD you are serious aren't you? You're perception is [censored] rooted.
  9. I just watched the VIC Country Vs WA game as I thought it would be a good one to watch as I knew it was a close finish. I was wrong. Weightman had a quiet game. WA pressure meant that VC sucked in the first half which was annoying as all the players I wanted to watch were all playing for VC. Weightman Highlights: Q1. A great tackle at the start of the match. This was nearly the only highlight for VC in the first half. WA dominated with pressure and VC never really got going. Q2. Was involved in a few passages which are barely worth a mention. It was a bad first half to be a small forward as the ball didn't come down that way often. Q3. A great quarter. Looked lively, kicked a goal and was ferocious with some of his tackles. Q4. Was not involved in anything worth talking about. Virtually unsighted Summary: Earlier in the thread I said that his highlights from the Stingrays didn't show any small forward talent. I was wrong. This boy can play the small forward role, just not the way I thought he would. He is lively, always on the move, positions himself well and has amazing pressure to lock it in the forward 50. He isn't the mercurial goal sneak that I expected but he does have talent. I will need to watch the other VC games as this one didn't show much. I have no idea why I am bothering to spend so much time researching a kid I don't think we should take, but here I am... I have even created a video of the highlights mentioned above for you guys to watch. I realised early on that there wouldn't be any sound but didn't realise that it would have that watermark in the middle of the screen until it was finished. Just so you know the programme I used was [censored] and I would not recommend it to anyone. Started to crash once the file got too big which was concerning for a 3min video.
  10. All I recall was that as soon as we traded to pick 8 there were journalists linking us with Weightman straightaway. It wasn't that we were after a small forward, It was implied that we traded to pick 8 especially to pick this particular player.
  11. Yep. I don't want my small forwards to be flying for marks. I want them staying on the ground waiting for the crumbs. I don't recall Jetta ever flying for marks though.
  12. Like RustyNails, I've downloaded the NAB League App to watch this kid.The highlights are from his Dandenong Stingrays games only. He doesn't look like the small forward you would spend pick 8 on. He looks like a really solid player and if we still had pick 21 or 26 i'm sure we would be hoping he was still there. I really expected from media reports and trade radio that he was a cunning goal sneak like Davey, Barlett or Milne. That isn't what the highlights showed at all unfortunately. He looks like a medium half forward who just happens to be short. I really want to see the highlights from his Vic Country games as I know this is where he kicked 8 in two games and this could change my mind.
  13. They lost actually. Straight down the other end for a goal. But you are not wrong. I downloaded the NAB League App and they have an excellent highlights section on most players which shows individual game involvements. Young isn't afraid of a contested posession. He positions himself well for the receive handball. That freak kick inside wasn't a one off, he regularly looks to make long passes into space. He consistently makes the right decision.Of course there are times where he stuffs it up, but they are few and far between. He is the captain of the Stingrays. I couldn't be more impressed by the highlights I watched. The other I went looking for was Weigtman and I was really not impressed at all.
  14. I noticed that Pick 4 has been a bit of a dud. The average is most likely influenced by us picking Morton and Toumpas at pick 4 and completely [censored] the average up.
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