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  1. We sold our games to Darwin or Alice for WC the last few years haven't we?
  2. The club really has a lot to answer for. What a terrible performance. 'To hell and back'... what a joke. What a pitiful performance. Once again we are all talk. Lets talk about the game plan. Back in 2018 when we were actually winning games I posted on here that I hated our game plan. Fwd press no matter what. Bomb it into our forward line as quick as you can and try to lock it in. The quick transition out means that the opposition get the easiest of goals. It's terrible to watch. Simply terrible. My heart is in my mouth the whole game. When I brought it up on here, a regular poster said that this isnt what our game plan is and nearly a direct quote... "Do you think Goody is telling them to bomb it to the opposition?" A few weeks later Goody confirms that our game plan is 'Chaos ball'. I've given Goody time, because he keeps saying that we need to improve 'the connection with our forwards' but he isnt delivering on these words. I find his media talk quite confusing and hard to listen to. I assumed this was just his persona to the media, but maybe this is just his communication style and the players arent getting it. 3 years in and we continue to bomb it in. It's simply not good enough. I cannot see how we had Paul Roos defensive first/limit fumbles game plan and then have transitioned into this rubbish. We used to talk on here about 'Coach Killers' when a player would put in a terrible performance. Well... right now, Goody is a 'Player Killer'. No one enjoys being beaten like this. The players heads go down so quickly because they have to try and sprint back to stop the quick transition. They are physically and mentally spent by quarter time. They are clearly not enjoying playing the game.
  3. Its not my system. Its Champion datas. Its also now supercoach points. Not joking. 5 points. Only players that get injured in the first 10 minutes finish with that score.
  4. Spargo has 5 ranking points. 5.
  5. Tomlinson has taken to the game plan quickly. Bomb it in.
  6. Darling just treated OMac like a complete dud.
  7. Simply too slow for our gameplay. We know it's going to come in quick with the way we play. I've never been a fan, but I'm sure another team (or a different game plan) would suit him much better.
  8. Honestly... Ive hated Goody's game plan since he implemented it. Can look amazing when it clicks. Dominating the game but bombing into the forward lines followed by the easiest transition for opposition goal is terrible to watch. So frustrating. Remember when we had Paul Roos who was defence first and focused on reducing fumbles. Wtf happened to that? How did we 'transition' to this chaos ball rubbish?
  9. Thought we might struggle a bit. You can't name Bedford and Pickett as debutantes and keep ANB in without a worry.
  10. If Goody mentions 'connection with our fowards' I think I'm going to spew up. Into his third year now and its still 'chaos ball' (a term I really hated and even moreso when Goody confirmed that's what the game plan was)
  11. Pretty much my reaction too. I thought it was going to be another one of 'those' games that seem to happen to our AFLW girls. Was so happy when Mithen put it through
  12. Oops. Late to the party. I was Johnny_Utah last year. Just joined the Robbie Flower league! Still heaps of spots left
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