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  1. Dogs were looking to take him at pick 15 - hence, we took our man at 12 https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-12-05/inside-the-drafts-first-round-twists-turns-bluffs-and-the-big-calls
  2. Must be <insert 'expert' here> complaining that he struggles to get through 20 minutes of analysis. Although surprising really given it would probably remove an extra ad break or two. I wonder what the TV execs think of this
  3. Liked the process of bringing in a solid method first and then look at performance after. Makes sense of course.
  4. Can run all day, neat skills and good footy brain that understands how to implement a game plan and adapt where required. We have many players that have some of these qualities, but sadly lacking in others...
  5. Looking at the Higgins goal that won them the game. Dumont managed to push Harmes aside, find a ground ball get while Spargo falls over, gets tackled by Salem who pins his free arm. Meanwhile 4 of our players immediately surround Dumont leaving space outside for Wood and then Higgins to receive the handball over the top after Dumont somehow frees his arm. Higgins evades Jones and Hibberd while Frosty is haunched over presumably with cramp and snaps on his left. So frustrating we didn't kill that ball and then got sucked into the contest yet again. I could review individual contests as much as I'd like and it's probably not a good idea to focus on small moments like that, but gee it's indicative of how we play without footy brains and make the little mistakes that cost big
  6. In that case 'great taggers game' is it for me A captains job is far more than that
  7. We seemed to find new ways to turn it over coming out of defensive 50 in the last for a while there. Amazing Glad the year is over
  8. As with any organisation or group with a collection of people, there will always be different characters. This includes people with different ambition and attitudes. Those that are driven and won't stop at anything to reach their lofty goals and those that are more lazy and aim for the low hanging fruit. Group activities tends to work better the more driven people there are. Particularly with a strong core that lead the way and know what they are doing. They can drag along the less motivated and give them tasks that work to their strengths and contribute to the group effort. When things are slowing down the leaders whip everyone into shape. Apply these principles to a football team and you get the gist.
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