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  1. Interesting reading about Brisbane and their strategy https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-07-16/science-and-luck-how-the-lions-list-has-come-together Brisbane's rise up the ladder has been borne from a mix of factors: a coach and football manager setting the plan and driving it; a development program that is well resourced and run; a productive Academy; a playing group that is young, close and committed and a recruiting team that has followed a clear strategy. Aside from a 'productive Academy' one could argue that we had also put in place a similar plan. The problem being now that it seems our 'plan' is based on a game style that has serious shortcomings. Brisbane appears to have focused on speed, agility and versatility. It remains to be seen how their game style plays out in the long term and whether it stands up in the heat of finals.
  2. Forgetting stats for a second He seems to be a reactive player (rather than pro-active) and consistently trails behind his opponent, meaning that when he does need to 'go' he's not able to impact the contest. Is it his tank? Or just the way he naturally has played the game? Mind you, this is a problem that many of our players seem to have...
  3. Having seen the video of Gaff kicking for goal with the Brayshaw sledge, I wonder if it would be possible for our players to spend a session each week at the 'G goal kicking with 'applied pressure'. Perhaps even a competition of sorts with some kind of punishment and reward. Otherwise anyone can slot shots at training at the local oval with no consequences...then come gametime the perceived pressure means everything goes to water
  4. Is everyone on the same page at the club? I'm questioning whether there is clarity in gameplan, sync with player development, recruitment and training strategies to properly implement and learn the plan to win.
  5. I had internet connectivity issues for the last 15 minutes Came back on just before they kicked ahead by a goal Can't believe the finish and how we almost managed to screw it up first with Harmes taking a fraction too long to kick when any score would have won and then TMac dropped mark, lucky the ball fell nicely and he did follow up well. But hit the post hahaha, probably the worst winning play ever A win is a win but big worries remain
  6. We're overthinking it I reckon. Not working so well due to lack of IQ
  7. Only 4 free kicks for the quarter. Loving that actually (except for 3-1 against)
  8. Technique is one thing, performing under pressure is another. Mostly between the ears I think, amazing how the basics drop away when you have doubts filling your mind. They need to practice set shots at training with some real consequences. Tracc has to eat tuna salad for a week should get results
  9. 1%ers stat today Tmac 19 Frost 8 Gawn 4 Oliver 3 6 players on 2 10 players on 1 Weideman and ANB on 0
  10. @scarlett I think you said in the gameday thread "The jogging after they waltz through our setup hurts from certain players, it wouldnt make any difference to that play, but they could effect another contest" I thought it was a great point and in particular the underlined. Of course it's not possible for players to be sprinting the whole time, but they fail to see more than what's in front of them or at most 1 play ahead. It's often what happens two or three plays later that is just as important but by the time our boys realise what's happening it's too late. So they're caught behind that critical 5-10 metres or too slow to react or position for a ground ball get from a spilled marking contest. Sounds like we just had so many brain fades today. I seriously question the footy IQ (or IQ in general) of our team. We only know one way and can't adapt when confronted by failure. The perceived pressure rises and confidence drops
  11. MMM suggesting Harmes could have had a set shot from 40 but played on from 60???
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