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  1. He didn't come to us fit, got injured... I haven't heard any reports to suggest that the work they are putting into him is to change his role, it sounds like they just want him fit to play out the season! ... don't think that does anything to ease the fears you have though Old Dee. Still could be a pup at the end of the day if it fails, but I'm happy to give the new conditioning team a bit of leeway.
  2. Guess the main thing with Gus is that he did the 3km time trial on Friday, there could be an issue since then, but prior to today he's been in most of the sessions according to the other training watchers.
  3. TBH, I am just glad we are targeting some RFA and UFAs. It seems to be an area that as a club we haven't exploited, and other than the cap space to get these players to the club, it costs very little else to secure these players. A trade period that could potentially land Tomlinson, Langdon and Elliott does make the list stronger, but identifies the club still as a destination club, rather than one subjected to having our best players poached.
  4. Actually nup, ... and no one is slighting you here, but it's still just training. Regardless of whether he completes it and does it at full speed. Call it 'form' or 100% trust in his body after an injury, but the notion of playing injured still likely has an element of mental preparedness attached to it. Hannan doesn't look quite right playing, Jetta didn't look quite right last week either. Jack Viney really only looks right since the bye if you ask me.
  5. Just quietly DeeSpencer said CHB, not CHF. Might have misread that đŸ˜‰
  6. Posted on a different thread about this same Data fromt he AFL site.... interesting that the move to half back has seen Nathan Jones actually become the most effective kick (using this same stat) in the team for those players who have kicked more than 100 times this season. That's ahead of Salem and Fritsch who we all know have good skills. I know that Viney and Clarry both play inside mid and they typically throw the ball onto their boot and that impacts this stat somewhat, but they need to work on executing kicks better under pressure, and often they seem to have more time than they realise...
  7. https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-07-16/stats-files-where-has-it-all-gone-wrong-for-the-demons This article is interesting... depends how much you put an emphasis on stats though. "As an interesting aside, Melbourne's expected hit rate with its field kicks (excluding kick-ins and shots at goal) of 51.5 per cent is the fourth-hardest in the AFL, so it's attempting to play a bold style." Shows also that our midfield group only Harmes and Brayshaw are slightly better than 'expected' given the kick and the expected chance of success of a kick hitting a target. Oliver not great, but Viney has been horrid (-11%). Our best performers in the team (for those with a minimum of 100 kicks) are Jones, Salem and Fritsch in that order Without knowing our stats in this area from last year.... are our players being asked to execute a level of difficulty in the game plan that they are not capable of? Our contested ball and clearance stats haven't really changed since last year, just our ability to execute kicking, especially when connecting i50. Also our players also seem to have taken the 'we'll all eventually get our lick of the icecream' concept too far in my opinion when inside 50, and instead of taking responsibility for the shot at goal, they are trying to give the ball to another player, and without the skill to execute it results in a horrid fail.
  8. The teams in China get the advantage of having their bye immediately in the week afterwards. I wish the NT game for us had the same scheduling.... Instead we have the Queens Birthday game immediately after playing in Darwin in the heat.
  9. I don't particularly have a problem with us being involved with the NT, my issue is more that the fixture that the AFL provides to us ensures that it's only WA or SA clubs that we play there. that means that we don't get a 'Home ground' advantage (or crowd backing) Perhaps if we got the NSW or QLD teams in Darwin it might be more advantageous from a footy perspective. Don't we also have our academy zone up in the NT?
  10. That’s bull. Clubs should not be able to pull a player out for ‘general soreness’ to create a mismatch. People can say Goodwin has had the wool pulled over his eyes, bollocks! WCE should get fined the same as a club staying to pull a player in from outside the emergency listed players. Surprised we didn’t play Pruess, but that’s not the point!
  11. Hey Binman, I couldn't easily tell from the replay, but did he get pushed as he kicked/shinned it? or did the contact happen after it hit his boot?
  12. Omac played on Roughhead didn't he? other than Roughy kicking that goal from outside 50 he was poor enough on the day to force Clarkson's hand and drop him to the VFL. Omac deserved to be dropped earlier in the year, since coming back in his game has improved. OMac is likely to lose his spot to May when he is given a chance to return to the AFL. But that's more due to Frost's form has been stronger than OMac. Not sure there is a like for like replacement for Hibberd in the VFL, Hore and Wagner are the most similar and they are already in the side.
  13. I think the people calling for OMac head are just missing having the chance to bag out Jack Watts! OMac won't be dropped, he has not been bad in the last two weeks, West Coast have 3 key targets in Kennedy and Darling and Oscar Allen. We also lose Hibberd from the back line. Smith in for Keilty, ANB for Milkshake , and maybe Baker/Sparrow if Lewis doesn't get up, or bring in Pruess if we want to change our structure up a bit, and allow Gawn to float back into defence as required.
  14. I read somewhere, and can't remember where I saw it that lower scores are in part to do with the new 666 rule, but also that teams accuracy is significantly lower i.e more points are being scored than goals. Not sure how easy it would be to pull stats down to correlate that. I'm generally in favour of the new rules, the only one that I one attached 50m penalties where another one can be issued for being 'close'. Penalty is too harsh, needs working or throwing out.
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