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  1. boydie

    Jack Martin

    Nick Stevens, wanted to go to Collingwood ended up at Carlton.
  2. I wonder if we can do a deal with the Storm, Cameron Smith would be handy in the forward line.
  3. Assume he's like his brother which would be an inside, tough, accumulator. Doesn't exactly address our lack of run on the outside or someone who can use the ball. Either way, guess it's depth and a younger upgrade on Maynard.
  4. Was having a laugh, but sure take it as an attack.
  5. Ok boys get it out of the centre as quick as possible, crash a pack and get a handball away to your running team mate, then run inside 50 and kick to your team mate who is standing on his own. The next bit and I cant stress this enough, drop an uncontested mark.... the opposition will think they've got it, then BANG soccer the ball but not through the goals, straight into the post. Game.
  6. Had 6-6-6 not come in that would have been a loss. I guess that's something.
  7. Had to Google who that pick was 4, totally forgot about Morabito. Another player with a similar story, Alex Johnson. 2011 - 20 2012 - 25 2013 - 0 2014 - 0 2015 - 0 2016 - 0 2017 - 0 2018 - 2
  8. Sorry, Patton is not suited for the modern game. GWS play better with the more mobile forwards of Cameron and Himmelberg. We don't need another slow, one dimensional footballer that's had three knee reco's.
  9. 34-year old man interviewed, did he have a fake ID or something? Looks at least 48!
  10. Tom Mac, mark and goal, another 5 please!
  11. I haven't noticed.
  12. If I'm honest, I think this is pretty uncreative compared to the previous years. It looks like a blend of our home and clash guernsey with the light blue blending into navy blue with the names added onto the back.
  13. So Petty is in your best current team and also next years best team, yet in the Casey game day thread he might be one of 13 players delisted with how he played. Makes sense.
  14. I suspect the wording around Preuss playing in the VFL was a kind way of saying he'll be starting the season there. Doesn't make sense to be moved to the VFL side to be able to play more minutes in the ruck when/if he played round 1 75% of the game he'd be in the forward line.
  15. I think if they had to exist they've got it right, there's one sponsor which is quite small on the left side. I actually just noticed this today while watching some streams. But it could worse, the A-League and NRL jerseys are littered in sponsorship so I'm glad the AFL ones aren't as bad.
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