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  1. Would it at all be possible for MM to play a mentoring role to the Melbourne coaching group, led by Viney next year? MM has stated that you can't be out of footy for too long with the game changing at such a rate. An announcement of such a strategy at the end of the season will be massive for the club. The momentum will continue to gather strength and the coaching group would be exposed to Mick for a period of time in the lead up to him assuming the head coaching position.
  2. To be honest BB, it would not concern me if Ross Lyon came to MFC. I agree with you on most of your points outlined above, "composed but menacing" was a good one. The 'fit' I was reffering to has been based on my own perceptions of the two. Apart from watching the Saints and Dogs play footy and watching the two coaches perform in front of the media, I cannot offer much more. The Dogs brand of footy was a faster flowing type as opposed to the Saints defensive type. I believe the MFC playing group would transition to a coach who's based most of his structures around supporting this brand quicker to what they would with a Lyon type game plan. I realise this statement may draw some acid from other people regarding that it's what we're missing (defensive intent as TV keeps saying) but it's my opinion.
  3. Performance wise? I don't think so... At the pointy end the gap is significantly smaller - that's pretty obvious Regardless, I respect your opinion. Either coach would add true value to this current rabble.
  4. 60 seconds or 60 minutes... Does it matter? Still 2nd place BB. Rocket took the Dogs to three PF's during his tenure so the gap between the two really isn't that great... All I was saying is that personally I consider Eade to be a better fit for Melbourne.
  5. It just went to prove how dysfunctional our forward line is. Not refreshing.
  6. If Ross Lyon was to apply for the job and present the same game plan etc to the 'panel' then he wouldn't be real serious would he? It might have got three GF appearances but ultimately resulted in three 2nd places. I still think Eade is a better fit for Melbourne but Ross Lyon would be a very good candidate also.
  7. If you go by the old adage that actions speak louder than words, then JT is the man on what he's been able to show in a couple of years. People who argue that he is too young should look at examples like our old coach Rowdy Daniher. "Neale begun his AFL career in 1979, quickly establishing himself as one of the best rising talents in the business. Neale went on to play 66 games in a row, become the youngest Captain in Essendon history at twenty years of age and win the Essendon Best & Fairest" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neale_Daniher Out of all the Melbourne players seen front the media, JT has been most believable.. Fluency and articulation comes with age and experience. The way he dealt with issues such as the sling tackle with such honesty and integrity was very impressive in my opinion. Give the man the responsibilty and watch him grow. He wants it more than any other player in that team and I reckon it shows.
  8. A good response by Sylvia today. He's shown what he's capable of and reminded the doubters of his potency. Has Viney gotten throught to him or was it this article? Disappointed Flash had another shocker.
  9. You can't beat Brett Heady's nick name.. "Jobby".
  10. A "good frame" is usually spoken in reference to a women with a hot body. "he's well built or stocky bugger" would've been better. I cringed.
  11. That's so bad it made me laugh.
  12. I understand the two year offer was extended after the interest shown from Melbourne.
  13. A very good mate of mine is a Carlton supporter. He said to me not long ago that he thinks Mick Malthouse is a dick head but if he came to be coach of the Blues, he'd be a champion. I have a similar frame of mind.
  14. I hope he plays well too because he's bloody lucky to be getting a run on current form. Go Dee's.
  15. Clarko and those two players are primed for another few years at the top and flags are likely. The Hawks have shown this year how much depth they have during the times that they were stretched with injury. Clarkson has got his three year contract he wanted - case closed. I'm not convinced an experienced senior coach is the answer either. I wish there was Scott triplets..
  16. I post on my iPad most of the time. An app would make it heaps easier. I'd cough up for it, absolutely.
  17. McQueen


    Melbourne Victory, Melbourne Heart, Melbourne United... Oh dear, it will be confusing..
  18. Cheers for the post BM. I got [censored]-on pretty bad Saturday night after the game by a room full of WCE supporters and they brought up the subject of comparisons. Sure wish I had these figures at the ready. IMO, Jack will blow Hurley and Natanui out the park for many years to come. Just love it when he practises blind turns on game day..
  19. Sorry but I think you're clutching at straws... The Dee's issues run much deeper than that.
  20. I doubt you were ever on board with a rubbish thread like this one, mate.
  21. Fev has proven to be toxic to two AFL clubs now and let's be honest, he never really set the stage on fire at the Lions before it all started to fall apart again. Melbourne does not the media coverage/circus that would surround Fevola if he returned to AFL ranks. He might be able to kick a goal but when it's all said and done, he's an absolute dead-sh*t that would add no long term value to the club. As other posters have commented, we have to move forward with the potential shown from our draftee's, not a bloody has-been like Fev. Get real.
  22. Aaron Davey has to re-learn how to get his own ball and not rely on other team mates making him look good. He seriously needs to pull his finger and lead from the front. Saying that he should be demoted along with Brad Green.
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