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  1. Would you like milk and sugar with that cup of concrete?
  2. Well in my defence, after the round 22 win I was in Club 92 (eagles premium lounge) hanging [censored] on Trevor Nisbett. And the preliminary? I’d bailed from the ground at halftime. Next time without fail. 🍻
  3. Docherty who hasn't kicked a pill in anger for two years? Boak > Oliver? Pfft.
  4. I'll be passing thru Melbs on the way back from Brisneyland and was looking forward to watching a few of our boys run around in this.. Alas, I will at least see more of them in the practice match at Arden st earlier in the day.
  5. Walls and walls of whiteboards and post it notes isn’t going to soothe the crowd. 😆
  6. I was being a little facetious but it is probably up for debate. They need to 'confirm' the severity of the injury before 'advising' of the potential length? Ugh. Who really cares.
  7. It's nut up or shut up time now. I wouldn't expect another failed year to save the board and CEO regardless of this plan. It does make me a little warm and gooey though. Hope it comes to fruition. Go Dee's.
  8. Why happened to TBC? The world has gone mad.
  9. Yarra park was pitched as a public area as well so if we’re really serious about having our ‘own’ training ground then why did we even bother with that? Get rid of the Victory and expand. Claim Goschs area as our training facility and build accordingly.
  10. I see where you’re coming from but my issue is that if you only have one coach, you’re effectively only getting one opinion on this show irregardless of the debate they contrive. But saying that, even on 360 the coaches seemed to align their views more often than not and it was all pretty meh. Maybe recently retired players will provide greater value insights to us after all as opposed to the antiquated views of the likes of Roos. Can only wait and see now.
  11. What’s your point rjay? When did Healy coach? When did Brown coach? Dunstall? Sheehan? etc. I think Riewoldt is the pick of the (small) bunch.
  12. I’ve got nothing else to say on the matter hardtack. I’m standing by my original comments. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  13. And if you are in fact a magistrate as your username suggests but take your information from the urban dictionary off the internet then Lord help us.
  14. Each to their own mate. My comment could’ve been worded differently but it’s only semantics and doesn’t change my opinion. As I’ve said several times, I was happy we got the win - any win for the MFC is a great outcome. But as you’ve said, VFL and suburban footy can have shocking displays of skill and execution which is often affected by weather conditions and opposition pressure etc and we can all happily ‘can’ it until the cows come home! It’s obvious now though that because I called a female match unwatchable and awful that posters here have thought it okay to pile on eventually allude I’m a closet racist and a homophobe. Sport is open to criticism from anyone who watches it closely enough to give it and to me it doesn’t matter if it’s male or female contests. I accept that the standard will get better but until then I’m happy to call it as I see it.
  15. I don’t have a problem with what I said at all. I was happy the girls won. Seriously.
  16. Plonker is a bit harsh but whatever. I'm sure it’s going to improve and really hope it does at a faster rate than what we’re seeing now. It was awful watching.
  17. Join me in getting bashed by the PC brigade mate. They’re frothing for it - opinions don’t mean jack.
  18. I’m happy for the women to get the win but I had to switch it off at half time. If you insert the letter ‘U’ into AFLW you know what you get.
  19. Not bad Nashie. Give you a bed at my place and a dozen bush chooks and call yourself a wesstrayan.
  20. I’m not the one making up stories here, Lord Irony.
  21. He and Hardie have a show where they rabbit on over rubbish calls all the time.. you don’t live in WA so you’re not exposed to it but as usual you’ll cherry pick an internet article here and there to pack your pipe. Hardie called only three days ago that we wouldn’t sign Bennell, Hagdorn has made some ridiculous calls over the years. He’s won an award? In today’s journalism standards how is that even worthy of acknowledgement from an anonymous forum poster? LOL. Keep it going big fella.
  22. Excuse me if it’s been mentioned before but was KK sighted at the camp AT ALL?
  23. One can appreciate things by themselves you know.
  24. It’s quite the Indictment on Perth weekend talk back stations when I found myself listening to those two muppets.
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