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  1. Asked Max and May how they were tracking. “we’re back” ”we’re both back”
  2. Hannan looks close. Might be a sneaky chance for some time against the Hawks. Weird running style that makes you think he’s still got something uncomfortable going on. I had a chat to him. He’s aiming to play a half of VFL in a fortnight.
  3. Chandler and HB set shots deep in the pocket before HB went off early.
  4. Small group of about 15 doing repeat 100’s. May seemingly running freely as is Max and Vanders. Bradtke here as well so might not be In the scratchy.
  5. Weidemans confidence will skyrocket when he starts to clunk those high balls.
  6. I’ll be in town and attending. Anyone else going along?
  7. The ball was well gone and Crouch’s intent was to go the man. He propped himself to launch upwards so in reality he had better momentum than an in-flight Oliver. The evidence is there for all to see. Should cop a week - no questions asked.
  8. Petracca was a beast. The way he flew for that grab was so commanding. The fend offs, the side steps, the grunt horsepower he blast from packs with. OMG He’s going have some year.
  9. Won’t accept an excuse like that. He’s missed hem all day!
  10. First qtr pressure and tackling was impressive but it definitely dropped off. Having a mare.
  11. I’m feeling really comfortable in the knowledge we have Mitch Brown on the list. It’s early days I know but his football smarts are equal to if not more than Weidemans and Tmac combined.
  12. So many ‘bit’ players in the first half. A better ‘team’ input in the second half will be welcome.
  13. Trac showing the Mongrel. ❤️💙
  14. Is Jordan going to get a trot? Wagner also suited up.
  15. You are my favourite poster purely because of the obscure content you put out.
  16. Clearly a win would be preferable but above all else I just want to see Vandenberg back amongst it and to get through unscathed. I just loved watching the brute this bloke put out on the park and can’t wait to see it again. It’s been a while!
  17. Last time we played a VFL side against the Bombers was round 2 in 2013 and we got spanked by 148 points. We’re improving.
  18. Footy is just around the corner Kiddies!!!! Yeeewww....
  19. Just got a notification from the app but no data?? Anyone else?
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