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  1. Well done by Smith. Geez I’m looking forward to seeing Archer cop some chin music soon.
  2. Has been one of our more consistent. Doesn’t deserve the criticism like most of his teammates.
  3. I’ll remain on the dedicated Demon membership payment plan. They can stick the Grand Final guarantee up their arze however because we’re years off.
  4. Brad Scott and Alan richardson would be welcome. It would be nice seeing an MFC coach get animated in the coaches box for once.
  5. Get that other ex NRL playing K Hunt while we’re at it. Everything should be on the table, or mirror, or whatever.
  6. I hope Burgess has started his research and influencing of programs earlier than his contract start date in November. The gap between Misson leaving and the other staff members supposed to be departing will bee too great - approximately 8 weeks or more prior to Burgess’s arrival. What happens...? Do they keep going on Misson’s questionable methods? That’s unacceptable and will be akin to business gross misconduct by Mahoney and Pert if allowed to happen.
  7. I’m glad you didn’t task me with shot-gunning a tin after every mention of “incredibly” or “frustrated” or “trust.”
  8. I better get a bucket on hand so I don’t ruin the floor rug.
  9. Goodwins post match starting soon. Sadomasochism and self flagellum devotees unite for the preliminary final of pressers 🔴🔵💥
  10. I followed the missus to the shower with ten minutes left in the final. Feel better too.
  11. The complete apathy I have for this club is near equivalent to that of the Neeld years. I’m feeling so lost and low right now. Even with all of the injuries we have, there is something stinking so badly at this club.
  12. I don’t even want to watch a player or coach post match interview. Just all of you [censored] off to bed please.
  13. On a positive note, we have scored the last 5 behinds.
  14. Aussies collapsing- 4/71. Unsure what to watch right now...
  16. Well pointed out by Rooey. Arrogance is debilitating... would love Oliver to have the vision and accuracy of fritta.
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