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  1. Maggots maintaining their pathetic performances in the Port v Suns game. AFL needs to address this as a matter of urgency. Woeful.
  2. Umpires - absolutely [censored] deplorable.
  3. Holy shitballs my head is about to explode. WCE supporters THE worst in the competition. Umps can go and eat a bag.
  4. Win or lose, I will probably get ejected from this stadium for abusing these muppet eagle farrkkkss
  5. The mascot was the only one to kick a goal in the run out. Great omen.
  6. The greater percentage of west coast morons I’ve spoken to this week are expecting the eagles to drop this game. WCESS is rife over here in the west.
  7. Converting F50 entries so much more. We get this happening we’re back on track.
  8. Got myself into a corporate box next Friday night with all the fruit. Whatever happens, I’ll end up inebriated.
  9. Gawn was massive in those final moments.
  10. Extraordinary finish. Gee whiz we played like excretion.
  11. Watching this rubbish is robbing me of the will to live. McQueen out.
  12. 35 inside 50’s for 3 goals. That’s fuggin hilarious.
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