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  1. I very much doubt Cochrane will play funny buggers with the AFL after being given the most generous of handouts. The whole thing has probably been orchestrated this way.
  2. If we were in Carltons position we’d all be frothing about this situation. The fact of the matter is that this is all the AFL’s doing. They gave Gold Coast too many concessions, too many draft picks that effectively made them not GAF about accepting something in the 2nd round offered from Carlton. Less concessions would have forced the Suns to work with Carlton but they opted to make Martins exit a drawn out and probably painful process for him and everyone involved.
  3. Goodwin’s trip would’ve been meticulously planned with Mahoney like any decent performance development plan is in any serious organisation. This is about Goodwin’s personal growth to make him a better coach, leader, mentor, etc. People who scoff at this and label it a junket are quite frankly, imbeciles.
  4. People around here in general just need to lighten the [censored] up. I enjoy reading about the club and the players in general. There’s some great insights to be found from some really great contributors - many who have remained but sadly many who have gotten sick of trawling through the rubbish content a lot of people continue to throw up on here and have sadly left the boards completely or rarely post anymore. Acknowledging wit and humour can sometimes be difficult to grasp online in words that fail to adequately convey the sarcasm intended. The stupidity however should be easy for most people to see and interpret and I appreciate the mods aren’t full time to monitor and manage it. I hope everyone has a great weekend.
  5. That’s my point mate. Missing any reference to ‘successful’.
  6. Same old line is trotted our every time with all our sponsors... I’m tired of it. “To be aligned with a club with such a rich history and to continue to grow the Jaguar brand on a national scale is fantastic,”
  7. Anyways...... I’ve read a few posters that tend to think Bennell will have a long road back to fitness and may not even get on the park until mid season next year if at all..Mahoney said as much in an interview that he’s starting from a very low base which is a fair comment. However, it doesn’t take many kms for Noongar boys to get back to fitness so I think Harley will be ready much earlier if his calves are sorted.
  8. My Eagles supporting mates are hoping like hell that he returns to full fitness and kills it at Melbourne.
  9. Don’t let your cape get caught on the way out.
  10. Comes across as a very amiable bloke which must be a refreshing change for the players and staff compared to Misson’s deadpan presentation.
  11. It would stretch Carlton just as much as us you’d think. I think it’s a load horseshit.
  12. Where did the $1.5M come from? Has it actually been reported?
  13. Have we convinced Martin yet? I’m not a huge fan but I can see him being a staple if he comes on board. Martin Bennell Tomlinson Langdon All these guys are quite simply a massive injection of the outside speed and class that we have craved for so long! Why split any picks if you bag 4 players like this? Tell the other clubs to stick it and get some very good kids. I hope we’re backing ourselves to convince Martin to join us.
  14. Perth is a fishbowl with only two teams - that’s for sure, but even in Melbourne Bennell will always be of particular interest to the frothing media given his checkered history.
  15. With all the noise from Journo’s a few days ago I would’ve expected confirmation by now. Gossage, Ralph, Stevens and the other less well-known tweeters had it all but over the line, a matter of formality. Where there’s smoke these blokes just assume there’s fire.
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