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  1. He’s probably still of more value IN the forward line right now.
  2. If Hibberd threw Dusty to the ground and gave a couple of sly elbows we’d all be cheering. It sucks losing. Carry on.
  3. That’s what I thought too. Bombers fans were ultra pist about the pathetic umpiring decisions that most definitely snuffed out any chance they had of winning. Unfortunately Pendles copped it. Wouldn’t have mattered which Pies player won the medal they all would’ve been canned and booed.
  4. His 21 other teammates disappeared as well.
  5. No one of note but seriously I thought Tim Smith offered more tonight.
  6. I was a big believer after last years finals series. Thought Sam had the nous, skill and hardness to make a real handy player. All I see now is an underperforming key position player, someone who isn’t developing in an environment that should allow it. But, he’s not on his lonesome this year is he? Would hate to see us let him go to the Pies or elsewhere and blossom late as big men often do but I’m also reluctant to bide my time with a guy who essentially should by now be smashing packs and dragging in strong marks. That is his job after all.
  7. “We’ll review this incredibly strongly as a club. We’re hurting as a club. The coach the players and obviously the supporters. We’ll continue to work incredibly hard to rectify the areas of our game such as forward connection and defensive running. Blah blah.”
  8. We looked likely in the first quarter. After that - abysmal.
  9. Haha. nah mate but I reckon the Salmon run on the west coast will get a smacking this season
  10. If Neal Bullen had have done it to Dusty it would’ve been labelled a dog act and reported.
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