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  1. Some good movement from Brayshaw too that qtr.
  2. You don’t do irony very well do you.
  3. Oh right. So based on this flawless logic Reidwoldt will kick six again today.
  4. Lynch and Reiwoldt won’t get much of it today. Not a day for big key forward by the sound of it and May was pretty good spoiling against the Cats. Our expertise of bombing aimlessly into F50 might actually pay off today. Hoping Kozzie gets on the end of a few.
  5. I watched the other games and our brand of footy is not going to take us very far this year. It’s as simple as that.
  6. I think I’ll wash the boat today.
  7. I don’t know who’s got the nicer hair style. Dylan Shiel or Daisy Pearce.
  8. They should implement a starting 6/6/6 at centre bounces. That’ll help increase scoring.
  9. Saints are looking very bloody good. These Kings twins are going to be scary in a few years. Just so natural.
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