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  1. I’ve said that in another thread. Completely agree.
  2. Also around the 3 month mark. It sucks because I haven’t been able to bench the usual 140kg limit for a while now. 😎
  3. I’ve currently got the same injury. Been very difficult to get over but I am however twice his age. Still a jet too.
  4. Yes and no... my point was probably more around the surgery he had and the hope we all got from it - including Bennell. Whether it becomes apparent that it’s been a total failure remains to be seen... and if a hiccup was expected as you suggest. I desperately want him to play for us but there might be another Marlion Pickett in the wings somewhere we can rookie but I wouldn’t mind if we gave him the year either given we’re currently pretty healthy.
  5. Club will unfortunately have to make a tough call here I think... The fairy tale we all hoped would come to fruition is just that - a fairy tale. Must be devastating for him to get his hopes up over that surgery.
  6. CGAF to be honest. Probably end up at the strippers instead for those games.
  7. Cracker of a round this. About a dozen of us are coming over for a boys weekend to catch the following games: Hawks v Dees Friday night. Tigers v swans sat early Dogs v Blues sat night Pies v Eagles Sunday. 👊🏻👊🏻🍻🍻🔴🔵
  8. And got royally screwed by the biased dog umpires.
  9. Gee whiz Sparrow looks like a young Todd Viney.
  10. Did some research and it’s quite complicated by the sounds of it. Not ‘technically’ a concussion from a brain injury but all the similarities in symptoms.
  11. I can’t believe we bought the ‘neck-related’ concussion story. I mean seriously, how does that even make sense? Regardless, I hope he recovers.
  12. I’ll be happy to see this released after we win the flag.
  13. I’m looking forward to seeing him without the yips in front of goal. Fix the ball drop too.
  14. Any player who sports a hair bun. And if you’re reading this and have one, it includes you.
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