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  1. Discount the over-priced merchandise in an effort to provide some sort of cash flow at that level. I can imagine the Demonshop is doing much trade right now. I paid $40 for a [censored] cap. That's right. a cap.
  2. My mates in our messenger group: “How funny was that“ “Who is that Gumby in the back line” “There he is” no guesses Who they’re referring to.
  3. Eagles have loose men everywhere.
  4. 32c and little breeze. The ground here gets hot anyway but with reduced quarters and normal interchange cap we shouldn’t be under any great duress. I think today we just need to be the more physical side. I tip that Kennedy won’t make it through the game if May punished him every time the footy comes in.
  5. Newman's pressure and tackling were excellent in that last quarter. A lot of kudos for the comeback should be awarded to her.
  6. Looks like I’m gonna have to break into Optus.
  7. I think we’ve got the cattle to challenge particularly with the wingers now and May and Lever down back. A fit list, a game style that when it works should produce winning margins and a team that (on the small sample) is one of real last quarter stamina.
  8. True, but one of the funnier ones on here to be fair.
  9. By God I’m pumped for Sunday fortnight. After watching the Eagles yesterday I’m confident we’re in with a very real chance of doing them over here in Perf. That was a great insight into the club. The boys look united, hungry and most of all happy. Some pretty good ingredients right there. 🔴🔵💥👊🏻
  10. I can clearly remember Cyril getting applauded for his similar hit on Oliver a few years ago. That not lenient enough for you?
  11. It’s on at 10am in Johannesburg if you get more than expected.
  12. 4pm in Perf, bruh. All good.
  13. The girls have gone harder.
  14. Ted Whittens legends match has more grunt than this rubbish.
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