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  1. In his early days at MFC, Darren Bennett took a mark just inside the centre square at VFL Park. Man on the mark was inside the square. Bennett went back and lined up with a drop punt. I remember remarking to my Dad "This [censored] thinks he can kick a goal." It sailed through mid post high, drop punt, not a torp. He won me over very quickly. If you look at old footage of VFL Park you will see the distance between the edge of the centre square and the 50M line, and can quickly work out what a monster of a kick it was.
  2. We were sitting behind the goals at the Punt Road end. Wiz was dragged late in the first half after not getting near it, and really only came back on because Ben Beams broke his collar bone. It was as spectacular a 50 minutes of football I have ever seen, and that includes Gary Ablett Snr!! My best mate was with me, a Collingwood supporter, and in the end even he was yelling to kick it to Farmer!! He missed a relatively simple shot for his 10th.
  3. Hi all, my son and I find ourselves in Melbourne for a week from Sunday and I was hoping that there might be an open training session for us to go and have a look at? Are the boys training this week or are they still on a break? Any info would be much appreciated.
  4. I have done 2 trips to the USA in the past 14 months, primarily to watch NBA basketball. The food in the stadiums is rubbish. The best food we had were the Mexican hot dogs sold illegally outside the Staples Center after each game. $5 for one with the lot, we loved them.
  5. In 2000 I took my mate to Telstra Dome when Melbourne played Freo. Farmer was amazing, my mate who wasn't a huge footy fan, still talks about that day!
  6. I have a bit of a connection with James Harmes. Played against his Dad many years ago, and James grew up playing with my nephews. They are all still good mates. I have been rapt to see his improvement from a fringe player to a key part of the Demons set up.
  7. Get on the bandwagon boys and girls!!
  8. When LeCras kicked his goal, I walked over the road and hit golf balls. Walked back in to see Kent seal it. Couldn't believe it, tears in my eyes, got ready to sing the song and of course, Foxtel showed nothing after the game.
  9. Spargo playing maybe his 15th game. I think he has had a great first season, and while he wasn't brilliant today, he wasn't disgraced. Think you're being a little harsh.
  10. In Ken Piesse's The Complete Guide to Australian Football, Flower's player summary quotes Brent Crosswell "...beat Flower and you could just about retire from League Football because anything else smacked of anti-climax." Wayne Schimmelbusch in the same publication said: "I paid more attention to Robert Flower than any other opponent." Enough said
  11. If Taylor gets his way he'll get life. What a [censored].
  12. I took my son on a trip to the USA in January and on the flight home, we sat next to Brad Wing, Aussie punter for the Giants. Was a terrific bloke, left a huge impression on my son, very friendly.
  13. I have said for years that if there is a dud brother or relative floating around, they will surely end up on our list.
  14. I'm sure Pharc Narkle spent quite a bit of his career playing for the Demons.
  15. Do you reckon a post like this has ever been seen on a Collingwood supporter's website. Wish I was in Tuscany!
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