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  1. Good to see a rational balanced view. In fairness I think you’re right and I did lead off with my view on Tomlinson and he followed me in. Definitely said Harley done deal and was confident team would work on some areas identified and would be playing finals again in 2020.
  2. Spoke with a senior player at the races yesterday - said it’s a done deal - Harley on his way to dees. Fair to say this player was more excited about Harley than he was Tomlinson - indicated a few of the senior leaders thought the 4 years and $ excessive.
  3. B - Improved where we had needs - now need to nail two draft picks.
  4. 5 years - the club is seriously losing it's you know what..... Could be a serious list clogger in the last 3 years of this contract....
  5. I've heard a number of times Taylor rates Cody Weightman as 3rd best player - however, others don't and that's why we could look to split pick.
  6. AFL app stats saying Viney out for the game. If it’s concussion again our medicos should all pack up and head off now
  7. Goodwin creating the dumbest team in AFL - just dumb
  8. Is his wife getting $100k for yoga lessons too?
  9. Trade him to the Gold Coast at end of year - let Jonesy top up Super
  10. Coaching group need to spend the bye having a review. - skills deplorable / poor decision making - no forward line connectivity - players not developing / not fit enough - game style (frenetic / pointless) ball movement exposed every week - no improvement over 12 months to the above - keep making wrong selection calls - Spargo
  11. Poor decision maker and undisciplined - not for me.
  12. I'm not sure it's just yips - I don't think Jason Taylor put enough emphasis on kicking skills :- the follow have come to the club with flawed kicking skills / techniques and haven't improved :- Trac, Hunt, ANB, Stretch, Sparrow, Lockhart, Spargo, Maynard. Oliver and Brayshaw have good technique but are torching their F50 entries with poor vision / decision making.
  13. It’s just another area of our game that the coaching team aren’t getting cut through and improving individuals. Trac has had a shocking ball drop since he arrived - never been altered
  14. Out : McCartney, Rooke, Chaplin In : Hird, Yze and J Lewis (backline coach after playing farewell game vs hawks next week)
  15. Brayshaw's positioning to allow reiwold to kick that to dusty to goal was horrendous.... Tiges getting right on top now - games on there terms - would like to see Goody make some changes - needs to manufacture some goals.
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