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  1. Based on a few games I have partially seen , a good start is essential, either kickaway or stop the opposition. the short quarters just make up catch up near impossible. at least no 4 crowd free leading to goals A win would mean foxtel playing this game all year in the best of 2020 if we dont get to rnd 2
  2. Just a thought as there will be no crowds there will be no membership tents to buy memberships and pickup scarfs. why doesnt Melb donate the scarfs to salvos etc to give to the homeless. No need for the club to waste postage sending to members. (All clubs do the same? Even the interstate clubs) similarly the beanies if they arrive for the mnd game should be given to homeless . Id be happy to donate the $25 to mnd foundation
  3. Jackson improving around the ground
  4. If lockhart had a free against why not hawks
  5. Maxxy was doing laps at ht , being rested for Jackson
  6. Will the mnd beanies be available for QB?
  7. So when we play Hawks , make sure we have the mids 30 meters in front of Frost when he does the chaos kick our
  8. Are we pick 3 now after gc reportedly given a PP,
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