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  1. As one pedant to another, Cambridge, Oxford and Merriam dictionaries were onto it before you. Can't be ...ed doing the eymological research; you're on your own for the date.
  2. Congatulations on the layers of meaning in the bolded phrase. Pig allusion, Ru Paul possibilities and RN dragged through the muck
  3. Also - showed some mongrel. Another 3 words neither uttered nor ushered in his time at MFC.
  4. You are correct. It's there now - https://www.sen.com.au/programs/sen-afternoons/.
  5. Should be available as a podcast from SEN or iTunes in a couple of days. Currently the Mitch Hahn interview from 19 March seems to be latest available.
  6. The philosopher had no 'K'. Possibly compensated for by drafting KK. The euthanasia advocate on the other hand ……… Yes, I am just filling in time in the long wait for our next pick.
  7. For giggles. This from a post on webleedpurple - note the date: Posted 10/09/17 #16 So we didn't get Hogan this time? Well, it wasn't for the lack of trying by Brad Lloyd and his team.
  8. No way is that a pizza shape - they're either circular or rectangular.
  9. 288 pages later, nothing happened. Could have been written by Samuel Beckett. Who would want to go to Freo and sing that song anyway? Happy to have him stay.
  10. Now this is just weird. https://game-leaks.com/afl-trade-period-2018-trades-rumours-news/ Includes such gems as: (Dylan Shiel )The dramatic presents to make the midfield gun one of many highest paid gamers in soccer headlines the trade news just some days out from the beginning of free company. and The Herald Solar reported on Monday, ... Russian cyberattack on the trade period????
  11. Short answer - no. Long answer would be more boring than my last contribution.
  12. At the risk of adding a boring factual component - the tax position is probably better than that due to sportsperson averaging, basically a provision that recognises the relatively short high earning period and allows spreading income over time. This is not advice, boring disclaimer, boring disclaimer that normally runs for 17 pages more. Much more interesting - how do we use the 2 first round draft picks the deal would take?
  13. Team selected by Casey shows BF on the wing and football dept said he and Bull would fly back to play on Sunday so I'm guessing he's eligible.
  14. nearly half an hour but got there - Ponsford Stand
  15. Try this truncated version; the other was prefilled. http://www.mcg.org.au/getting-around/find-my-seat If that doesn't work I suggest a decent glass of red is a better use of your time..
  16. http://www.mcg.org.au/getting-around/find-my-seat?bay=Q55&row=BB&seat=22 type your actual seat details in and it actually gives a reasonable idea of the view from your seat FWIW.
  17. Success! Only a few minutes in the Q
  18. Ditto message on AFL site and social media.
  19. Naah. 68 year old wearing footy scarf totally approves.
  20. rapt - feeling great rapture or delight. Wrapped - covered with. But let's face it, footy fan sites are exempt from grammar, spelling and sometimes commonsense and that is part of their attraction,
  21. Try this -> https://7plus.com.au/live-tv .
  22. Provoked me to log in for the first time in years. Well done. Tulip went when it was his turn and often when it wasn't, backed into pack marks and was downright courageous. If it wasn't for his smarts he would have been steamrolled every match. I admire JW kicking skills and decision making apart from when the decision is 'don't think I'll go for that' which is too often.
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