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  1. another one, although not footy. I always thought Alan Donald the cricketer looks like the guy who played Drake from Aliens (Mark Rolston)
  2. Personally, I always think Fritta and Brayshaw look alike...
  3. Jay Lockhart is the final p[lace on our 2019 list... 23 years old. Assume he will be # 41 ?
  4. If true, this is seriously [censored] up. need a public shaming campaign to make the afl how shitty an policy that is. All the Best Majak
  5. Me too, then I realised I was getting the masthead confused with the Demonland interviews banner...
  6. if you click on his name on the afl draft tracker page you can watch a video of him.
  7. B: C.Salem, S.May, N.Jetta HB: J.Lever, O.Macodnald, M.Hibberd 😄 N.Jones, J.Viney, A.Brayshaw HF: J.Melksham, T.Macdonald, C.Patracca F: A.vandenBERG, S.Weiderman, M.Hannan Foll: M.Gawn, j.Harmes, C.Oliver IC: B.Fritsch, A.neal-bullen, C.Spargo, S.Frost Emergency. K.Kolodjashnij, J.Hunt, Stretch, Lewis
  8. I'll give it a shot... 1. Melbourne 2. Richmond 3. West Coast 4. Essendoin 5. Collingwood 6. Adelaide 7. Port Adelaide 8. Sydney ---------------------------- 9. GWS 10. Geelong 11. Brisbane 12. Hawthorn 13. Fremantle 14. Bulldogs 15 North Melbourne 16. St.Kilda 17. Gold Coast 18. Carlton
  9. we will need to fill a couple of spots with free agents or something... will be interested to see just how we fill our list up.
  10. Neale and pick 30 to brissy for 6 19 and 55 so we ask 6 and 19 + ?
  11. Yes, 1 year extension Only Kelity remains unsigned as far as I know
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