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  1. Jay Lockhart is the final p[lace on our 2019 list... 23 years old. Assume he will be # 41 ?
  2. If true, this is seriously [censored] up. need a public shaming campaign to make the afl how shitty an policy that is. All the Best Majak
  3. Me too, then I realised I was getting the masthead confused with the Demonland interviews banner...
  4. if you click on his name on the afl draft tracker page you can watch a video of him.
  5. B: C.Salem, S.May, N.Jetta HB: J.Lever, O.Macodnald, M.Hibberd 😄 N.Jones, J.Viney, A.Brayshaw HF: J.Melksham, T.Macdonald, C.Patracca F: A.vandenBERG, S.Weiderman, M.Hannan Foll: M.Gawn, j.Harmes, C.Oliver IC: B.Fritsch, A.neal-bullen, C.Spargo, S.Frost Emergency. K.Kolodjashnij, J.Hunt, Stretch, Lewis
  6. I'll give it a shot... 1. Melbourne 2. Richmond 3. West Coast 4. Essendoin 5. Collingwood 6. Adelaide 7. Port Adelaide 8. Sydney ---------------------------- 9. GWS 10. Geelong 11. Brisbane 12. Hawthorn 13. Fremantle 14. Bulldogs 15 North Melbourne 16. St.Kilda 17. Gold Coast 18. Carlton
  7. we will need to fill a couple of spots with free agents or something... will be interested to see just how we fill our list up.
  8. Neale and pick 30 to brissy for 6 19 and 55 so we ask 6 and 19 + ?
  9. Yes, 1 year extension Only Kelity remains unsigned as far as I know
  10. Personally, I would like to see him play on the half forward flank...
  11. what? 2 players jump for the ball in the ruck contest. if a third goes up. blow the whistle free kick. that is the change I am suggesting, and the one I have heard everywhere all year. you don't agree? it is not about blocking the ruckman. it is about 3rd man up. it would be easy for the up to call an illegal shepherd or equivalent if someone is blocking he path of the ruckman obviously trying to jump for the ruck. and if it is such a mystery, how do you block a ruck if you don't even know who it is???
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