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  1. Not every game but definately a down hill skier. Yet to see him perform when we are off. Was always an 'Ok' tease VFL player and has been shown he is nowhere near it now at senior level on mutliple occasions. Doesn't handle any amount of pressure, times his leads poorly most of the time. He had many mates performing poorly under pressure last night but even when under zero pressure in the clear (and we were still in the game....just) he still managed to miss a few easy targets. Team killers. Just doesn't have enough basics down or any weapons at this early stage that would indicate he is going to become what is required for a KPF at this level. Too many ghost moments in the heat of matches, doesn't crash packs and rarely takes a one grab mark. Averaging 0.4 goals a game and about 1 mark inside 50 per game before last night. We could get that return from a T Smith plus a few tackles inside 50 on top every match (once he's AFL match fit and finds a bit more touch/form) for the next 2 years for peanuts as a comparison. Yet we're paiying 650k for same output and zero pressure inside 50 and now he wants more!!?? Just play Pruess (Keilty this week if Pruess still injured a MAYBE for T Smith to see what he might have?) & T- Mac up forward (only because we have no other options at Casey) until T-Mac finds his Mojo (If he does!), with Jeffy at their feet Trade at year's end (with plenty of bait....even T-Mac, ANB, Hunt & Gus???) for a genuine ready made KPF. Cameron is the obvious target out of contract at year's end.
  2. Goody's living in Disneyland. Statistically our worst team performance for the year. We also nearly cracked the turnover ton reaching what must be some kind of record with 97! 6 players accumulated nearly 50% of those alone, racking up 46 turnovers between them, they were.... Viney, Melk, Gus, Frosty, Hibb and T-Mac Two players racked up over 20% of our turnovers between them @ 10 a piece in Viney & Melk. We got lucky tonight with theTiges missing many getable set shots as well. The scoreboard flattered our performance and the Tigers weren't even hitting anywhere near their straps IMO. Could it get any worse? If we don't address the core problems and keep the blinkers on....hell yes! P.S. Our team DE% hit rock bottom for this season @ 58.64%. That's 14.3% below the approx usual AFL average of 73%! That's the sort of disposal numbers one might expect from a half decent VFL level team (if they were forced to come into the AFL and play). Forward pressure? 3 tackles inside 50. 2 from Garlett, 1 from Bull Smith. That was it
  3. The cupboard is completely bare at Casey is why. Review of what is happening at Casey and trade table needed ASAP as well as the entire list
  4. Maxy and Hore can hold their head up. Frosty ok in patches. Other times he joined in as part of the comedy capers. Garlett ok in first half. Nowhere to be seen in second. Bull Smith competed when it was in his area but no good at ground level and zero pressure once his opponent was out and away. Viney tried hard but too slow and takes too long to decide/dispose and is running in concrete like the rest (outside of Frost). As for the rest...cue cricket sound...
  5. Hunt does a great impersonation of a headless chook though. Very entertaining!
  6. Given where we came from at the end of last year that is the worst opening 6 rounds i think I've ever witnessed. Never seen so many core players so badly out of form, so unfit and so lacking in confidence. Murdering the ball by hand/foot and making so many poor decisions. First half was a slog and hung in there but after half time they beat themselves with more of the previous 5 weeks (outside of one blip against an equally sluggish Swans on a smaller oval easier to defend) of rubbish football. We are officially the worst football team (in terms of unforced turnovers and horrid disposal) in the AFL right now. Goody has achieved this in a matter of 7 matches albeit with some degree of unfortunate luck from injuries and surgery etc. Huge dose of the reality cucumber tonight at every level of the FD and club now. If Goody didn't think things had gone completely off the rails prior to tonight then he sure does now. As someone said in the game day thread... Back to the draft and drawing board. Time to re-set and renovate starting with T-mac, the Weid and Fritschkreig off to Casey. Other than a select few, zero confidence from way too many. Can Goody swallow his pride and finally realise he needs to review his game style and coaching methods? At the moment we are the worst in the AFL, outside of playing a sluggish ordinary team on a smaller ground.
  7. Pls move Misson on. Too many fellas that should be able to burst free from congestion or opponent just have nothing at all and so easily caught. This early in the season we should have come bursting out of the blocks running on top of the ground yet apart from Frosty we've shown nothing in this area!
  8. Again 3 MFC players all fumbling fornth3 ball...Bobs out...Tigers taken it down.....GOAL
  9. No one at CHF or higher to take the relief contested mark!! Playing Weid is like playing a man down. T-mac experiment over until he gets some resemblence of his 2018 form back. Running at about 40% of that output/quality right now. Time to bring Keilty in
  10. Other than Maxy ....No one is capable.of hitting a short medium target by foot coming out of defence. ZERO control of the game through perpetual motion followed by turnover after turnover around mid field... Chase chase chase trying to get it back...Rinse...repeat!
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