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  1. With a bit of a reminder they might reconsider that view OD? ... ..."For all the grandeur that was 'Marvellous Melbourne' in the 1880s, the city was nicknamed 'Smellbourne', and for good reason. The building of Yan Yean Reservoir in the 1850s had ensured the availability of fresh water, but there was still no sewerage system. An appalling stench wafted from the many cesspits and open drains. 'Nightsoil' (as human waste was politely referred to) polluted the streets and ran into the Yarra. Nightsoil collectors frequently dumped their loads on public roads. Ignorance and neglect of the hygienic disposal of human waste had devastating results at this time when hundreds died in a savage outbreak of typhoid.
  2. Yes i was very surprised when the news first broke OD. I figured we had been approached by someone from local council or sports minister (et al) within the state govt, asking if we wanted to put a submission in to an up coming community type development. As soon as i saw we were the ones leading the discussion/proposal i completely switched off.
  3. R.I.P. CBD or inner CBD options. What a waste of time and resources that was.
  4. Last season is done. You are only as good as your last season. ie., this one, and so far we've been shizen up forward (prior to Freo) barring the odd game. If you can name me a forward, other than Jeffy, who's regularly hitting the scoreboard (consistently) i'm only too happy to reconsider.
  5. I have no doubt he'll end up with some time in the middle P-Man. I just believe he is a better forward (instinctive around goals and at goals). We are already witnessing and reaping the benefits. Happy to agree to disagree re mostly forward vs mostly mid as to ideal role.
  6. I hope not. Need all the goal scoring options we can muster. No doubt he'll play some time through there at some point on occasions. Tracc is starting to fire in there and will (is) slowly taking over chunk's role anyway. Locky is a tad small to play there permanently IMO and his speed/finish more damaging up near the big sticks. Let him settle into this role and cut his teeth on it. Gives the opp one more headache to worry about and will hopefully feed off the spilled marks of Weid & Tommy (and hopefully a genuine KPF recruit) in the next few years.
  7. He also worked hard the other way and intercepted in some plays down back. Not just the talent. Bloke is willing to work his [censored] off. Great signs!
  8. I totally agree, it's either a pat on the head or he needed to send him into next week. Half measure that cost us at least 7 points and on top of that Walters got up and played on.
  9. Is this one of the nails towards the end of Richo if they don't make the eight?
  10. From what i witnessed... Freo's clearances were somewhat flattered in the first half by a dominant Fyfe and to a lessor degree Mundy. After half time Harmes played a fabulous lock down role on Fyfe, limiting his influence and allowing the likes of Clarry, Viney & Salem to work the ball away from congestion a little more effectively with Gawn also getting on top providing a big assist.
  11. Player / Team Stats Form Guide To Rnd 14, 2019 vs Season 2018
  12. Player / Team Stats - Weighted Composite Score Rnd 14, 2019 - Demons vs Dockers (MCG) # Hit outs to advantage not accounted for
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