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  1. MFM we are in dire need of quality / class ball users and finishers with a bit of run. Especially near the arc and coming inside 50. We don't have Casey and i would fear the likelihood of a rolls royce like Bennell being played in to form at that level anyway. In other words if he is to be played, scratch match or AFL, there's only one level of footy he should be being played into form at. He finished in our top 10 players statistically with only 50% game time in his only match and Goody & the FD don't think he's up to it vs some who obviously came in even more under done like AVB who played a shocker. As LH highlighted in an earlier post, the FD's reasoning for not including him is totally inconsistent and differs depending on who's being asked / interviewed. We have heard at least 3 different versions of why he isn't being played now. Either the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing inside the FD and it is still amature hour down there OR they know exactly what they're doing and will prove me wrong over the next 4 to 5 weeks. The W/L ratio will tell the tale.
  2. Absolutely ridiculous statement Ox. What are you thinking? The Tigers are much better keepings off outfit vs the Cats, especially when gifted the defensive half of the ground like we did last week and Rnd 6 vs the Tigers in 2019. Uncle will be pleased. We are in for a mild lashing me thinks (expecting roughly 4 goals or more)
  3. I dont mind room temp over there OD and i have a bit of a sweet tooth so that might explain the discrepancies!
  4. There are so many in England. Sounds like another beauty you've found Rab. I did a tour of England in 2016 and the most enjoyable part for me was tasting as many lagers as i could in record time. It was a great distraction and getaway from all the usual tourist nonsense after a big day of walking tours, too many cathedrals etc. Couple of my favs in London, the Black Friar (near St. Pauls) and the Lamb & Flag (covent gardens), one of the many supposed "Dickens" frequented pubs but for mine that place has some character. A number of lovely brews flowing as well. One of my goals in life is to spend about 3 to 5 years touring the U.K. just going from pub to pub, soaking up the character and scoffing down the local fare with as many fine ales as possible. I doubt i'll remember much after about 2pm but i wont have too many cares either, regardless of how bad/good or otherwise things are going back here.
  5. It is that bad? Ok i thought it was one of their favs over there?
  6. I won''t say no to a good drop of micro or a single malt / top notch blend Rab. You have my vote. The odd english ale at the correct temp during the really dark days of winter wouldn't hurt either. Maybe ye old speckled hen?
  7. Up there with some of the worst selection decisions in AFL history. Goody, FD, it's time to pack your bags...
  8. Haven't seen it anywhere yet EO but if we open our own bar i reckon it's a shoe in!
  9. As long as there's plenty of english ale, stone & wood and the demon brew on tap I'll be there fellas! There should be a membership with an 'open bar' option available linked to the new bar !
  10. I would argue that's a good thing playing from CHF WW. He can run his opponent ragged, away from the hot zones and / or double back on occasions into the hot zones. I know many of those meters might be delivery / long kicking etc but a decent chunk is also probably the run and carry. Also play higher when the team needs to offer the contested or leading link man between HB and CHF. With Hannan back we don't need Tommo on the wing and Hannan offers a potentially more dangerous option on the opposite wing to Langdon. Those two will at least pose a speed of transition challange to the opp. Probably a neutral outcome but frees up Tommo to go forward or back into the "General" role. Too powerful / tall and rangy to waste on a wing imv. Im not saying this will work but it might work. Alternatively as the general at CHB using the same roaming / meters gained strengths. That was me putting up the No-Mac option for May moving forward. Probably not this week given the twin KFs for the Tiges but pick the right group of 3 matches against somewhat lessor forward lines and i don't see why we can't trial that as a one off experiment. This issue is not three matches old WW. This was there for the entire 2019 season other than one match where T-Mac happened to fire (then injured just as quickly). Another reason to try and find another genuine KF solution to our forward scoring / conversion % woes imv.
  11. Yes dont mind that either. He looks lost out on the wings imo. Fairly mobile for a big man. Clunks the odd mark. Play Tonmy deep and groom Tommo into a permanent CHF role. Failing that... maybe CHB.
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