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  1. Damn it. As the youngens would say .... "My bad!" Never again Mr O.
  2. Yes, Cripps is a cracker as well DD. And you brought up that game by Dusty yesterday. Wow. I would say one of the great games at the G ever seen. Ripping stuff. I have always said you can build a premiership team around the likes of a Clarry, Big M and Harmes. As you say though, there is a long ways to go from here if any of those three (Clarry, Tracc & Gus) are going to go close to the top line A graders mentioned. Clarry is close. Real close. But needs some strong guidance and flaw fixes in the coming years, especially with kicking. Also an injection of power to drive out and away from tacklers and contests. Tracc i've seen glimpses of something bordering on A grade this season but the good stuff peters out as quickly as it appears! Tank/bulk issue vs endurance/extra speed issue maybe? Can only hope Burgess gets hold of both and turns them into insane burst / power beasts similar to Dusty / Danger. And if we can add a bit of Bont/Cripps evasive agility & elite ball use to that mix...watch out! Gus is the one that concerns me the most. Ball use/decision making is so hit and miss and often seems happy to just cruise through a game and gather possessions. Needs to add some line breaking run and finish IMV. Viney also needs some serious improvement on his agility, evasive smarts and skill / finish. Battering ram most of the time just doesn't cut it against quality mid fields now.that they know his game so well. His career might also be shortened if he keeps playing in the same manner.
  3. It is obvious, with some players, that just making the big time and playing AFL is enough to fill the belly. They are on good coin win, lose or draw. Care factor!?? Then there are players like the Bont, Dusty, Danger etc who want to push themselves to greater heights even when they are already there or hovering. Much of this comes down to personal pride and internal drive DD. Which is why "assessment of character/nature" is a hugely understated requirement in the trade selection process by 'some' clubs. Others understand that it can often be the ultimate difference between an ok/good potential talent and a great one.
  4. That indictment should also be aimed at the recruiting side Praha. I know Goody has a big say as to who comes and goes, but whoever is advising/assisting with selections has missed the boat over the last seven seasons or so, even during the Roos era. This is far from a "it's all on Goodwin" perfect storm. We were pedestrian slow during the Neeld era under the two junior captains. Trengove being one himself, even prior to his cronic injury issue. Often a major topic of conversations on D'land for seasons including the Roos era. Did we go out and recruit to fix that in any way? Might have been the odd exception but from my view we continued to 'prefer' targetting more plodding inside contested beasts vs class/outside run and finish. We are now so far behind the rest of the comp with AFL (average) standards in ball movement (barring GC & Sydney), it will take seasons of trade table work to rectify IMV to a level that will see us anywhere near the top six. There is no doubt a 2020 bounce is on the cards. It couldn't be as bad as this season if we tried. 8 to 12 wins isn't out of the question IF we fix our forward line woes somehow during the off season. But we are miles away from being a serious / consistent finals contender given the state of the present list re: lack of outside run/carry/class and finish.
  5. Don't wish that upon us DD! Terrible captain material. And knowing the MFC we would probably end up getting suckered in to taking him and his mate, old concrete boots Jenkins, on massive coin. They'll then get mostly injured with concussion or foot issues after playing about 20 games between them, retire shortly after, then sue the club for damages claiming negligence.
  6. Has to be cultural IMV. Have a reasonable year....relax & get happy....have a [censored] year. Have a few good wins (not this year) .... relax & get happy... lose the next 3 games. Win the next game against a bottom dweller with half its team injured...relax & get happy ...lose the next 5. 2018.....win 6 on the trot....relax & get happy (including taking eye off the ball ....eg; Max spying on Collingwood training sesh) .... lose the next 3 including the QB just after the Max spying sesh and against the lowly Saints by 2 points, which probably cost us a double chance and a shot at the big one.
  7. Fair enough Chook. Only one more week of misery to go!
  8. Like many before it, the season was written off many moons ago i'm afraid Macca. The old saying "there's always next year" has been a mantra of MFC members/supporters for well over half a century. It's something i'm very familiar with but thanks for the reminder!
  9. I wasn't comparing them to anyone on this site or anyone else Macca. Just flagging the accuracy of the intial statement you made. Given that you have re-framed the context after your initial post then my response is also likely to be different to that originally made or i might not have posted at all. Cheers
  10. Pretty sure that won't pay the costs of running this site GYM
  11. Sorry Macca but that is not entirely historically accurate.
  12. Agreed would make a fab game day analyst in the box. Not only insightful but bloody quick on his feet!
  13. Ditto Pit. Let's hope so...preferably in my lifetime!
  14. Give the Big P some time Bing. Might not make the step up but 14 games is hardly enough time. I'm not that optimistic either but he is 2 meters or so and a massive WIP. Hore has one very ordinary game from 12, most of them top 10 performances and our best defender for the year after weeks out with a collarbone in his first season and you want to highlight his first game back? Fake news Bing. Not sure if you've been watching his other matches.... Given you are highlighting his stats... Barring another week like Friday, he is likely to finish in our top 10 for the year and the No.1 defender for the season on averages.... No.1 Intercept player ahead of our big name recruits Lever and May. 2nd in rebound 50s only bettered by Salem with four seasons plus and buiding. 5th in 1%ers. 7th for contested marks....only bettered by Lever down back with seasons of experience behind him. 9th in meters gained. 13th in effective disposals for the season (averaging 11.83) . Only just bettered by fellow defenders Fritschkrieg (12.14 - part of the season in defence), Lewis (12) & Hibb (12) with many seasons experience and premierships under their belt (Louis). If he has a weakness it is his turnover count ranked 7th (lower is worse) but he still has Salem (6th) and Hibb (2nd) ahead of him, again with seasons more experience behind them. The weighted score above accounts for and punishes turnovers. A rare jewel in a horrible season. Early days, but Marty is going to be a star if this season is anything to go by IMV.
  15. Count me in Beetle. Amazing what can happen when all 22 have a decent crack week after week and never throw the towel in. Big difference though....they have players who can run and spread on the burst. They have an extremely hard work ethic especially with players constantly looking to hit up on the lead. They have marking forwards. Their conversion is first class. And they have the Bont!
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