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  1. Cheers Bob not sure i make it better but glad we have the forum to vent and share some diff views & info. Some of it is very informative and at times also entertaining! ✌🏼
  2. Of course Bob. I'm only going on vision seen and draft reports from others considered experts and who, if you believe their background write ups, have supposedly seen the players they are rating live. Much of what i say is tongue in cheek from the armchair and i'm fully aware that my knowledge base / experience is at amature level. Sometimes i even lead (or finish) the odd post stating that fact. But i also don't feel it necessary (and it would be pretty bloody boring) if i mentioned that every time. I figure most regulars would know it by now anyway and won't be taking anything i put up as anything other than just another bog ordinary opinion and/or have put me on 'ignore' already. Tbh who the hell (at a meaningful AFL level) is going to take any notice of what i say anyway. It's certainly not going to have any impact on draft outcomes nor people's own views (draft preferences) on here.
  3. Where's Oli ...gonna love seeing this contested stuff
  4. All of which could have been expressed in one classic line... "opinions are like $%@% everybody has one"
  5. Moon you do realise those that are against him being selected will completely ignore what you just posted and keep up the barage that he is no good on the inside, too skinny etc etc.
  6. Not many players have an immediate impact when they first step up to a senior level of footy. Kicked 6 in one match at reserve level... Doesn't find much ball? ..quality small forward don't need to find alot of it and tend not to a la Jeffy, Cyril etc to make a quality impact. How often have we heard the phrase "give me 15 quality touches vs 30 that are mostly rubbish or result in mostly turnovers anyday". You can't compare him to anyone at AFL level at this point (statistically) ...he hasn't played. Rediculous comparison. What attributes does he have well let me name a few... > Has a great leap ...equal 9th in the running jump at combine. Can take an awesome specky and also alows him to keep the ball alive in the air at times (eg; tapping a high bouncing ball or one off a pack to advantage) or defend from behind if needed. > Doesn't lose his feet easily > Fierce tackler > Great follow up second efforts including repeat tackles > knows where the goals are (sixth sense off one or two steps) and clever at reading / waiting off the ball and crumbing. > Bides his time just outside the main scrum sweating on the spillage or loose ball without getting sucked into the contest. If he already has all this at his tender age....imagine how much further upside there is with a few pre-seasons and experience at the highest level.
  7. He still gets to follow his media career as desired DF. This is a part time role that will occur mostly in the off season allowing him to pursue his other role during season proper. Nonetheless this is vg news in terms of the calibre of (ex) player offering his services, knowledge base and especially his cred to a playing group much in need of a serious injection of kicking skills. Hopefully he can fix some of the stuff above the head as well, which probably accounted for a pretty high percentage of some of the faults that were on display in 2019.
  8. Young at 3 Stephens at 8 If for some reason we miss then it's Kemp and barring those two Kozzie. If we split the pick we more than likely miss all three. Just get the best available unless a fairy tale pick swap/scenario presents on the night. Would need to be 10 and an early 20ish to have any chance of landing a dynamic double in say Stephens/Kemp (likely to be 7ish to 11ish) + Kozzie (20ish).
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