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  1. Might spoon it if Goody doesn't swallow his pride during the 4 day break and review/revamp the zone/press part of the game style plus recognize the need for speed off HB & placing our best ball users with a bit of pace out wide. If he does we can salvage something but finals are a bridge too far IMO as confidence is completely shot with most players. The situation is that bad many have moved into survival 'flight' mode disposal decisions ie; "Here you have it! Nah i dont want it, you have it back!". My amature look at it... It's time to go man on man for good chunks of a match and see who really wants it. Zone off only if we get our noses in front by a decent winning margin. The Ruck / engine room is the only aspect of our game that's showing any resemblance to 2018. Everywhere else is almost flat lining and on life support. Start with the engine room. But no major change. Just a decent oil change. A bit of burst speed / agility inside. Who? Can Tracc bring a little in place of Viney? If not who? Bit of Melk? But a massive 10 turnovers against the Tiges on Weds eve. Needs more time? Other issue.is.he doesnt defend / tackle. The forward line will only start to click once Pruess is back (98%+ fit) and Jeffy / Lockhart are at his feet with a bit of Jones in the pocket also IMO. Very small bursts in a mid field relief role only. The remainder on the bench (eg; approx 20% to 30% to keep him fresh). Who plays CHF? I have no idea but maybe T-Smith for a block of 3 to 4 matches In the hope he can eventually play out 3 to 4 quarters. If that fails maybe Keilty for a similar block. Weids is so far off AFL right now he needs a solid stint at Casey before his next recall once he finds his mojo. Hunt returns to HB for a decent block and see if he can get back to somewhere near 2017 form. We need more line breaking run and pace there. Forward craft / IQ poor at this point. Lockhart to stay and play deep sharing the role with chunk off the bench building up his tank and experience for a decent block. Some pace and good disposal needed off both wings via Salem, Fritschkreig, Melk and Harmes. Drill disposal skills for the remainder of the year. Whoever can't get reasonably close to AFL disposal levels (for their role played vs other AFL peers playing a similar role) is moved on at year's end. Hoping for a turnaround in skills, speed of ball movement, lime.breaking run, effective transistion off HB connecting with our forwards and manic defending / attack on the footy and ball carrier. Preparing for the worst.
  2. Not at all. Apparently using the extended time off to audition for a place on the next "Biggest Loser"
  3. Prefer Jeremy Cameron... Has the edge over Patton where it counts playing as a key forward (career averages)... > Marks inside 50 (elite) > Marks on a lead (elite) > Score involvements (6.4 per game!) > Goals (2.6 per game... elite). Finished 7th for average goals scored per game 2018 (just behind T-Mac) and presently leading the Coleman. Free agent. No brainer. Stats: Courtesy of AFL Stats Pro https://m.afl.com.au/stats/stats-pro#/Compare?playerIds=CD_I291821,CD_I293845&comparisonTab=h2h
  4. Again....this all points to falling behind the eight ball vs other clubs, even stock ordinary ones like the Saints. Pert needs to instigate a full review of the FD at all levels including a possible assistant to help out Goody, sports science / high performance standards, the present state of the list and our trade/draft performance ASAP!! Bottom of the ladder from a Prelim appearance 6 months earlier is unacceptable and inexcusable and smells of amaturish/eyes off the ball standards creeping in post the Roos era.
  5. Strength & Conditioning. Off the line speed also missing. Just my op but from what ive witnessed this season, the FD hasn't gotten our boys (the ones who had a full pre-season) to a level that enables them to compete with the best. We are getting matched with intensity around the ball (vs last season) by more teams, burst speed away from congestion (and direct opponent) and endurance running by most opponents in most quarters, the Swans an exception. The above issues masked somewhat on a smaller ground.
  6. Eradicated diseases in the last 40 years Smallpox. Rinderpest. Poliomyelitis (polio) Dracunculiasis. Yaws. Malaria. Hookworm. Lymphatic filariasis. Those we haven't eradicated.... - NSC - MFCSS ...........
  7. Bloody hell guys....toughen the hell up! We need every miserable hell for saken poor sod we can get cheering and screaming for our lot (ok so some are bound to be screaming in fright at our deplorable skills, i get that!). Even new borns will do. Probably make more noise than most supporters, can go all day with no let up, and no encouraging required!
  8. Isn't that the ideal replacement for Jack? ☺ Maynard's skills inside aren't that bad. He will probably run as well through there as chunk would at this point...possibly better. Similar bombing also lol
  9. It's a split second decision. If he didn't take him on half of D'land would be up in arms accusing him of squibbing it. Would take a goer in the team any day over someone who blinks. Hardly poor football. Just part of the game.
  10. Melk was a turnover king on Weds night probbably as a result of more time in the middle. Would rather he plays HF pushing high (wide) and/or off the wing where he theoretically has more time / space to execute. One of our best kicks coming i50 also so wouldn't hurt. Maynard's the obvious direct replacement as an insider but are we better off bringing in someone with a bit more outside speed and run going to HF if Tracc is playing as the insider? Not sure there's anyone like that (in any decent form) at Casey
  11. All good points Nash. Unfortunately the mob mentality takes over at times. The AFL may have brought this upon themselves to a degree with their 'Nanny State' response to the Ablett "Boogate" a fair last week. Bit of protest booing in there as well?
  12. I doubt it. Contract talks are an ongoing aspect for all AFL players now and handled by player agents/managers allowing the players to focus on playing while their agents manage. Have to say the body language generally from the playing group isn't great. No "togetherness" at all apparent before the Anzac game during the ceremony. We played like it was every man for himself and they were all on notice. Haven't seen anyone fly the flag and push back for a comrade all year. Pure speculation and probably wrong but something just doesn't feel right lately. Is it just the rub off from such a poor start or is there really something more happening down at the Demon' s lair!?
  13. They were supposedly booing the umpiring generally as well as the Pendles flop after some contact while bending to get a ground ball with a few minutes to go. I wouldn't have been happy either. If you watch the last minute the ball goes deep to the hot zone. Pie player (whose name escapes me) gathers the pill but is immediately tackled by one arm. Gets chicken winged to the ground and then illegally disposes the ball throwing it away with one hand. Free kick to the Bombers....ignored by 4 umps or all blind sided??? That same ball is then in dispute...another Pie player flops onto it and feels some contact from behind. Goes to ground...push in the back? ...called straight away. Time clock ticks down...point. 12 seconds to go....game over. The top 4 Vic clubs ( inlcuding Essendrug when they play us) dont get to the top by accident...
  14. Has some footy smarts and shows some dynamic manic movement. Love the attack and instinctive way he takes the game on. Getting caught is part of the game, no problems with that as long as the awareness evolves over time and it becomes the exception. Give him at least 2 to 3 game blocks until he looks like he's ready to take on more. We need more of these types but taller, if theyre out there, to add some marking / intercept / spoiling ability, and manic gut running with some initial burst speed. The marking side critical since losing Hogan, Howe and Lever (till he returns).
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