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  1. Don't lose heart BBO. If we just keep bombing it in often enough, for long enough it will surely turn around at some point. Our forward line looks potent on paper and will turn things around over the next 8 weeks mark my words. Just need a bit of time to sort themselves and organise things! And then there's that zonal defence. Working a treat and no sign of wavering. Goody's got this!
  2. That's either a very small spud or a peanut Pates
  3. I was done with it early 2019 layzie. You are more rusted on than me then...oh wait
  4. Recycling is probably more the order of the day from here RBM
  5. CB we are only a few hours into the lock down and your already feeling a tad NQR i see! (Ss*)
  6. Kozzie & Jack appear to be the only highlights worth keeping an eye on
  7. I don't think that was ever in doubt DOF. Won't even get one viewing in as i didn't renew my Kayo from last season. Just paid a final visit to Dan's to stock up on some imbibing fluid. Time to hunker down.
  8. Thought we went overs pre-season and would peter out too early (Rnd 16 - 20ish). You don't think a shortened season won't benefit us? If we get there that is....might take 34 weeks plus.
  9. Hopefully not as excited as this pentacostal SW
  10. I want some reassurance that Demonland wont shut down if it catches the virus! Mods!?
  11. The feed on the MFC website wont go fullscreen..... yet the NMFC site (that's taking our feed) can 🙄
  12. The 'paddock' part of the name seems quite befitting then 55?
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