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  1. Haven't watched it. I assume it's complete clap trap probably pushed on to us by a youngster or two within the club.....somewhere. Maybe one Mr Baggins of Bag End influenced the production crew into this uninspiring title. How about Scully and Mulder? Looking at the headline.... we are supposedly Demons yes? But are we? So assuming we still are, then why would we want to come back from Hell? Surely that's our nirvana and we would much rather remain. But then we might not be Demons anymore. Does this mean we can no longer handle Hell and instead prefer to bask and back slap simple things like minor improvements on the track or the the odd win here and there in the season proper as nice Melbournians? The truth is out there somewhere but i suspect it probably aint in this vid.
  2. The turnover/clanger missed goal factor also gives the opposition coaching panel and its team a bit of an out in the sense that if they know a player isn't very damaging with ball in hand then his direct opponent can be given a bit more licence. Thereby offering more time, space & freedom to play forward of the ball or away from a stoppage as an additional outlet / spread player. Off the leash if you like. Allocate a very good player as the match up also and all of a sudden a player like ANB has a big task on his hands not only trying to counter that disrespect / positioning factor (space/time) but also the improved finishing opportunities now given to an already highly talented opponent. Double whammy. As good a run with / tackle athlete as ANB might be, and he is elite in this regard, that will end up being a major component of his role in most matches ie; running his butt off all day trying to keep opponent's output/impact to as little as possible. Too stuffed to finish off his own good work or that of others in a chain much of the time and often handing it straight back or just selling a player into trouble instead of finishing off the good work at the end of a chain himself (major fatigue factor>finishing/decision making eroded>confidence down of both individual & team). If his skills aren't that clean to begin with then we are talking major issues with ball in hand. Whether the regular chain busting or goal inaccuracy is coming from say an ANB, Gus, Harmes or Billy Blogs is irrelevant, the spin off effect right through the team can be a potential morale and momentum killer. The key is to minimise the weak side of a player like ANB imho. His running and pressure factor side is not an issue. We all know he is at the top of the game here. And this is what separates an ok/good coach from a very good to elite one imo. The latter see these weaknesses in players and, where possible, allows them to work on it big time. Maybe focussing a little less time/effort on the exisiting strengths to do so if necessary. Ensuring that they don't let up until improvements are made and the balance of elite running plus AFL average to good (or better) decision making and disposal is added to a player's arsenal. Turning him from fringe/borderline to AFL standard, quality or even top end in some cases. Of course even after all that the player might have his/her own limitations and might not improve much at all. But assuming a quality coach, support staff, facilities and a number of pre-seasons he/she will at least be given every opportunity to do so.
  3. Even a top VFL club would probaly have performed as well or better if there was a relegation model in place. Coming from a very long way back were we and some of those skeletons probably resurfaced a little at times this season imv (mentally). Hopefully we can exorcise a few more of those skellies in 2020. Going to be a very interesting and a telling one for this club.
  4. Sometimes change is good, sometimes it's completely useless, unecessary and done for the sake of doing or to follow the heard. Co-Captain nonsense falls into the latter. The old Captain / VC model was working fine. Max walks the walk and talks the talk. The easiest selection (Max) and decision (scrapping the Co-Captain rubbish) Goody will probably ever have to make.
  5. The Weapon was also present at the Cattery at the start of the 2007 season SW. Any sightings of Charters in the NT lately?
  6. Good find by both! Anyone know the whereabouts of Yencks? Got his man in the end....11 years later
  7. I know there's plenty of misses with the draft but you have to wonder how the hell someone selects a Cale Morton over pretty much anyone, especially up against a Danger type.
  8. May end up becoming a fight between Petty and Weid for the 3rd tall (depth posi or when needed) as the season progresses me thinks. That's not to say those latter two won't be given an early decent stab at the 2nd KF posi, as opposed to Brown, but they would want to perform solidly early on as Brown will come straight over the top and might be hard to budge afterwards. While i'm not in anyway suggesting Brown will be the panacea to our 2nd tall forward needs, i think he is nonetheless a very handy pick up and will certainly put the pressure on the other two which has to be a good thing plus extra depth also handy. A bit like DS i'm still a tad worried about our outside line breaking capability on the non-Langdon wing but less so if Bennell gets up and running by about the half way mark. If he doesn't we might regret not picking up someone like a Taylor or Stephens in the draft. Overall though i don't mind the move here on the part of Goody, Lamb & Co. Nothing's a gtee in footy as we know however, and there's 17 other clubs all looking to improve, all tweaking their line ups as well. Only time will tell if it will work out as a good move or not but on the surface i'm giving it a tentative thumbs up.
  9. As i have said for the last 49 years.... Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Finals appearance with at least one win feels like about par given 17 18 & 19. Anything less a bogey. Anything more a birdie etc. 2021/22 premiership window should be well open (subject to injuries and 2020 coaching /player efforts/performance).
  10. There is only one person that should ever post a 'best 22' on D'land ever. Whatwhat you are clearly in breach of D'land code, Section 5, sub section 3.1 I expect your apology letter to be on my desk in the morning, which i will duly CC to Werridee pronto!
  11. Deorre's draft ratings... https://www.espn.com.au/afl/story/_/id/28184505/afl-draft-every-club-draft-haul-rated
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