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  1. Someone has made a nasty bed of nails for themselves...but will they lay on it ?
  2. Mark Neeld (Melbourne) Result: Lost to Brisbane by 41 points The good: The Demons won more than 50 per cent of their possessions in contested situations. If Neeld wanted his players to be stronger in the contest, they will get plenty of opportunities playing like that. James Magner looks a find in the midfield and the forward press worked for long stretches in the first half. The bad: Melbourne were absolutely slaughtered at the clearances all day by the Lions. Neeld had already declared he wanted his side to be dominant at the stoppages but they failed miserably in that regard. When they did get the ball forward, it was in such a haphazard fashion and into such a congested attacking 50 that talls Mitch Clark, Jeremy Howe and Stefan Martin were rendered ineffective. Rating: 4/10 Its a work in progress but Neeld really needs to get into the mid field stuff and sort it out quickly he mentioned when he was interviewed yesterday on the couch that he was really concerned by the clearance work as he was the mid field coach at Collingwood don't be surprised if he has a much more say in this area after the weekend result .
  3. I am with you Harcourt the media are becoming a real circus very un professional what was thomas thinking when he jumped on that word coach from Beamer ,what a bozzo seriously such a comment really borders on the ridiculous . Then he retracts his comment on Mark Neeld with regards to the indigenous situation i would like the afl to step in and force Thomas to reveal his source it came from someone i believe associated with the club or is in the circle, some one that thomas holds some crediblity to or he would not had stuck his neck out like that it was a slur on Neelds character, (hence his comment of i am hurt) and the mfc, this should not be tolerated at all and the afl should step in if they want to be seen as being pro active on these hot topics . Its getting to the stage that not a week goes by without the MFC coping it in the neck soft target we are .
  4. I will stick my neck out here and say that such an emotional build up to the game that went on all week would definelty take its toll on any human being and to tire after half time and drop away like that was in my opinion definetly related to the build up in the week . Grief is a very real and strong emotion that takes time and affects people in different ways , 22 players some of them would have been affected in a negative way no matter how professional one might think he is nobody really knows how they would respond until put in the situation
  5. I don't think Neeld took on the job because of the senior players, but more so, he saw the potential in the up and coming younger brigade. Remember, he did have a chance to go to another club. Hope what he sees in our list comes to fruitition .
  6. Return to glory i know where you are coming from but reading between the lines what i picked up from a few of his comments that Neeld put a lot of faith in his players first up and he was extremelly dissapointed spilling over to anger . he made a comment on the couch that if he had his way again he would do it differently he blames Craig Neil for not getting to him before the conference and brief him on what not to say bit of tongue and cheek but may be some underlying truth he will get better .
  7. DONT EXPECT this bunch of afl players to suddenly become elite afl players even malthouse and mathews would take several years to sort out this mess, give the guy and the football department a far go s---t i cannot believe the feeding frenzy from the media and the supporters . I found Mark Neelds honesty re freshing and he genuinely wants this footy club to be the best in the the afl , but dont expect the players and the coaches to make such a big improvement overnight that we think that finals are a chance for this year even Neeld said he was not suprised by the result he is realistic so is the football department , but what i like about Neeld is his strong conviction he is a very driven man he knows what he wants very focused and will not be side railed or distracted from developing a team that will become disciplined and consistant in their endevour to become an elite football club but it takes time
  8. Article in Monday's Herald Sun says Matthews does not rate Mitch Clark as a power forward and that we are paying him way too much as a key forward that is not a proven performer in this position. Leigh Matthews, Mick Malthouse and a few others like to kick us around when it comes to the big recruits for Melbourne more so than any other club gee we are a soft target. Maybe we deserve it?
  9. My appologise Harcourt it was Mark Fine but i think i got the Adrian Fletcher bit right
  10. As Con the fruitier would say is give Neeld " A COUPLE OF YEARS BEAUTIFUL !!! "
  11. Actually i would go as far as saying after listening to the broadcast that the lions assistance coach was bordering on showing disrespect for the new coaching team and the ability for the melbourne players to carry out a gameplan that will test the beat the opposition , what's new .
  12. A few call back listeners on SEN Radio that barracked for other teams would like to express their respect for the late JIMMY STYNES by buying a melbourne membership that could then be passed on to a young person thats part of the reach foundation , We will see what affect this will have on our membership tally.
  13. Listening on SEN tonight with Viney they where interviewing Brisbane lions assistance coach Adrian Fletcher. They where saying that because quite a few teams have new coaches that there would be new game plans to go with it . They asked Adrian what he thought of Melbournes new gameplan his reply was . Its become obvious that the Melbourne players have been instructed to kick it long into their forward line at all costs . This is where Mitch Clark is a crucial part of that game plan , but he said that it was a predictable game plan and that the other teams will employ a flood in front of their forwards to counteract it . Then it would be up to the Melbourne players to keep it in their forward and hopefully kick goals but he said it would be interesting to see how Melbourne go with this tactic from the opposition .
  14. I have found the article and these are not my words written by Sam Landsberger Saturday 17/3 page 40 under Footy Shorts Heading THREAT TO DEMONS MELBOURNE coach Mark Neeld has put his players on notice, declaring if they underperform they could face the sack from VFL affiliate Casey scorpions. Casey coach Brett Lovett said he had been given the power from Neeld to drop AFL-listed players to the VFL reserves. Most AFL clubs force affiliates to field most of their primary-listed players in the senior VFL side to enhance development, often limiting the team's chances. But in a boost to Casey , Lovett will yield nearly full control at his selection table. "(Neeld) said to the Melbourne guys if they're not performing or their attitude is not good , they won't be playing VFL level, " Lovett said . Lovett confirmed rookies James Magner and Tom Couch were both in contention to win promotion before Round 1 with a place on the senoir list available . Make of it as you will but i think its a season of make or break for some of our players , as Neeld knows what he wants in his AFL players to go with his style and game plan .
  15. Monoccular i found the article in saturdays herald sun 17/3 i cannot find it online but will try to get a copy of it and post the full artical for you when i have a chance I believe by the end of this season Neeld will have it summed up who to delist, who to trade and what to trade for and who to get with our picks very different side come 2012
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