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  1. We need to give young players a chance to get games under their belt. This season is finished. We cannot make the finals so let’s at least give guys like Weids, Petty, Baker and Petty as much game time as possible. I know Hibbo and Lever can play. They’ll still be good players if they have another week or two off to fully recover.
  2. I loved the chorus of boos for umpire 23 when he came off the ground after paying holding the ball against Hore when he was so clearly tripped. The umpiring buffoonery this season has mad it impossible not to get abusive. These unprofessional displays of adjudication are costing teams goals and wins. It’s not ok.
  3. My fiancé calls him “that guy you always applaud and then abuse in the space of 5 seconds”. So true. His face palming moments are getting lower I think. He does more good than bad now. I certainly didn’t think that in 2019 Frost would be our most consistent defensive performer. Yes a lot of that has to do with injuries, but credit to him for getting better and better. Also guys I need to apologies because our shocking win loss ratio is my fault. Been slack getting the lucky charm along to matches. His first attendance of the year yesterday and boom. We win.
  4. I wonder if Hore would be a good forward. We are blessed with defensive options now. If we could swing one of them forward ala TMac (but in less terrible form) it would really help balance our list.
  5. And as someone who wasn’t born here but is as feral as any third generation Aussie and who looks just like one, I also find his comments offensive. The AFL needs to look at why fans are so irritate and try and fix it.
  6. No risking players unnecessarily please. No change for mine.
  7. Well credit to Rawlings. This was the least dysfunctional our forwardline has looked all year.
  8. It’s like he played at GC his whole career and has never had a win....
  9. Regardless, you do not hit a player in the head. We had the free. In our forward 50. Disgusting leadership. Jones should be embarrassed by that.
  10. The AFL should spend less time regulating fan behavior and more time regulating umpiring standards. The umpiring this season has been a joke.
  11. Having a fit list is pretty much key to winning premierships. Statistically the less players in your list you use during the season the better you place.
  12. Foot. Fecking. Soreness. Might as well tell us he’s out for 4-6 weeks. Just amputate. This season. I’m done.
  13. Why the [censored] did they rush him? I just can’t with this club’s injury management.
  14. I hope we don’t spare any money finding a new elite conditioning coach or whatever the hell is the title. A very very important role, I would look at teams who have had good success with injury management and throw a bag of cash at whoever manages them. Injuries ruined our 2017 and 2019 seasons. Let us not have 2020 be a repeat.
  15. Would trade Petracca over Gus. Would get us more in a trade too.
  16. Well done to the club for being proactive. All I want is to not waste them last 10 rounds. And they haven’t. Thrilled Rawlings is back. Wasted in the VFL he is an excellent line coach and can only help our horrible forwardline’s form.
  17. I get to save money buying finals tickets and spend it on alcohol and cheese instead (but will most likely just put it towards the million wedding related bills).
  18. Correct. The club made no excuses for Gawn in round 1 after he was hospitalized with an infection just days before the game. In fact nobody knew about it until after the game when some journo wrote it up.
  19. We would be stupid not to “list manage” the season out. We would be stupider to declare publicly that we will be doing so. Learn from your mistakes kids! No club goes from prelims to bottom 4 and doesn’t have an internal review take place. Just because we don’t leak information anymore doesn’t mean we don’t do anything behind closed doors. I would be shocked if we retain more than 20% of our assistant coaches heading into next year.
  20. The lack of respect for a champion of this club who stuck around when we were an abomination on and off the field when he could have left, is frankly heartbreaking. I know fans who jumped ship while he stayed and carried a pathetic group of players on his back . Jones not only deserves another year, he also deserves to call time on his career the way he chooses to. He has bloody earnt that much, and frankly him playing 22 games in 2020 is not going to be the reason we don’t win a flag.
  21. If we don’t use the rest of this year to get ourselves cherry ripe for 2020 and find out what we need to know about out of contract players, we are surely just wasting our time chasing a pipe dream. Let’s make the most of the second half of the year by giving players who need exposure all the games (is JHK any good? Do we keep Stretch? Which rookie gets an extension? Can Salem play wing now that Lever and May are back? If KK is fit can he play wing?). And for the love of god please send McDonald to some sort of healing retreat. I can’t see him slowly and painful hobbling around any more.
  22. Got 10 clearances. Ten! Insane. Ruck rule changes have really helped him.
  23. He had what 7-8 clearances? He is dominating around the ground.
  24. I hope we pick a slow inside mid with suspect kicking. It’s the missing piece of our puzzle.
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