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  1. How Salem didn’t get a free for tunneling is beyond me. Actually it’s not, because the 3 umpires last night were incompetent and cowards.
  2. The standard of umpiring this year has been pathetic. Not just in our games, but in every game I watch. Which is why I barely watch any games other than our own.
  3. Two of the biggest D grade ruckmen going around. Vardy got destroyed by Gawn, and his behavior towards him was seriously pathetic. Shows the lack of character from that entire club. But this is a great example of why Gawn needs Preuss. Opposition teams continually batter and bruise him and eventually he will break. My fiancé, who isn’t really that much of an avid footy fan, said to me that poor umpiring is really making him lose the little interest he has in footy. A player gets suspended for an act that earnt him a free kick. I mean try and explain that?! That decision cost us the game. It cost us a goal and lost us a player who was doing a great job shutting down that fat turd McGovern
  4. Goodbye 2019. You’ve been a horrible waste of time and money. See you in 2020.
  5. Frost. A nightmare footballer. Don’t care what anyone says. He is a shocking footballer who makes costly mistakes. Lever cannot come back quickly enough.
  6. Honestly the AFL has become a joke. Who wants to watch games destroyed by bad rules and terrible umpiring?
  8. Our goal kicking is atrocious and it will cost us this game and by extension finals.
  9. Defensive shambles. All because we can’t use the [censored] ball!!!!!!!!!
  10. I hope one day he ducks and someone actually really hurts him. Cheat!
  11. If we can just convert around 10374739 inside 50s into like 3 goals, that would be awesome.
  12. Too many players at the contest. Not enough guarding the space.
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