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  1. Glorious hair. Hope he doesn’t lose a bet and is forced to shave it off.
  2. I’m just excited they’re going to be working on our appalling skills.
  3. That's very true. I think I was in year 10. Fast forward 394 years later, and we are still no good.
  4. Hold up, your daughter is a teenager? Christ I feel old.
  5. For what it’s worth, I’ve seen on someone’s Instagram that he’s been training with Harmes and Gawn in the off season, so fingers crossed he comes back in ripping shape. If he doesn’t, they’ll rip him a new one.
  6. Assuming as a delisted player he can pick his destination. Hannath was never on a list and went to the rookie (?) draft. Bennell doesn’t need to go into any draft I assume we can pick him up in March as we did with Lockhart and I assume the order of picks is as per the draft so we have pick 2. Thus only GC can trump us, thus if we want him, he’s ours. Please correct if I’m wrong.
  7. Exciting news. Literally nothing to lose and everything to gain. He would be wise to become best buddies with Jetta ASAP if he wants to be led the right way and understand what it takes to come back from the outer (given Jetta was delisted).
  8. How we allow the AFL to do this to us every year is beyond me. A disgraceful permanent feature of our draw.
  9. From a quick glance this draw sucks horribly from both a financial and team recovery point of view. Screwed again. [censored] Geelong in Geelong AGAIN! I thought Pert was meant to be good at this stuff.
  10. If we wanted a mature forward who couldn't get on the park, we would have kept Smith.
  11. It's official then. Just out of curiosity, and because the AFL changes rules more than people change underwear.... do we need to wait until the pre-season draft (is that even a thing now?) to pick him up, or can we sign him up anytime?
  12. The upside to a 5 year deal for a relatively young player with plenty of development left, is that his 4th and 5th season will see him being paid well under his worth, leaving us cap room for other players. It is a good move.
  13. Epic lols. I can’t wait to see the rest of the draw. We are going to be screwed big time this season. Guess I’ll need to get Fox Footy again.
  14. For once we lucked out. It happens so rarely.
  15. I assume you mean Melksham? And if so I really don’t know how you can compare the two. Melksham was given drugs as part of a systematic club- wide cheating programs. He didn’t go out and take drugs on his own accord.
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