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  1. Pretty certain Dalgleish is the umpire who has been banned from umpiring the western derby for his obvious bias towards WCE. Watch him umpire our game again this week and not pay a single ruck infringement against Gawn. Such is his incompetence.
  2. This. Our atrocious performance this season is going to force our hand to make important but hard changes and turn over more players and coaches than we would have had we had an average season. You learn a lot from a season like this, and for me the biggest learning (other than injuries are a killer... duh!) is that we need to find some quality ball users and small forwards. We lack defensive pressure forward of the Centre and we also lack quality kicks and leg speed. I hope with an early pick we go all out to recruit a good kid and then work hard to trade in the sort of players we are missing. I also hope the club gets a good solid group of experienced coaches around Goodwin.
  3. No argument that the man knows what winning looks like. But he won’t be around when/if we ever win a flag and I just don’t see his contribution being valid to the side. That his numbers were higher than his teammates is a poor reflection of them, rather than a highlight for him. The midfield performance was rubbish, despite the tap out and clearance differential.
  4. My apologies. 194 was the cursed number. Sorry Freak 😂
  5. Salem was good. His kicking sticks out like a tropical island in a sea of [censored].
  6. Lewis in for winning culture? More like Lewis in for showing teammates how to not chase or tackle and somehow get away with it.
  7. I want to know what’s wrong with him and how fixable it is. How do you go from 3rd in the Brownlow to this? As inexplicable as going from 4th to 16th....
  8. My favorite ever argument on Demonland was when Freak told us that any players who stand exactly 174cm tall are no good. My god I’ve been around here for far too long... and still bloody jaded by this team!
  9. In the words of the great man “it’s ruck craft big boy”
  10. Umpiring was horrendous. Literally ruin a tight contest. Embarrassing stuff.
  11. We genuinely have no skills. Defensively we are appalling. They had a man down for most of the game and we dominated hit outs and yet here we are, week after week, with the same issues. As for the coaching, Dunkley untagged for 3 quarters. Lewis in the middle despite his refusal to tackle. 3 players all going for the same aerial ball time and time again and nobody staying down. Loose and accountable all over the ground. I am beyond exhausted from this season. Yes we have had a shocking run of injuries, but our skills and game plan continues to disappoint. Need to make some serious changes in the off season so we don’t miss this window. From a neutral perspective it was quite an enjoyable game. But as a Melbourne supporter I shake my head at the lack of skills and smarts.
  12. They missed about 10 goals in the third. Lucky not to win by more. They are not great, but they smashed us on two way running.
  13. Yep and Petracca and ANB. These jokers are AFL players who can’t hit the side of a barn. And it’s the same story every single week.
  14. Brayshaw needs to be dropped. Enough is enough. He has been horrendous. Another predictable result from a team that has lost all sense of purpose and has no skills and no desire.
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