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  1. That's wonderful to hear. The world is in a bad state. To lose our footy club on top of everything else we've already lost and will lose, would be devastating.
  2. Yeah I tend to agree, while I LOVE my club and want it to survive more than anything, people are fighting for their livelihood. To ask us for money right now would just be plain rude.
  3. 10 days ago I got married and it was the best day of my life. Today my husband and I were making decisions on if, and how, we can keep our business going and our employees (and ourselves) in work. It has been a truly awful few days and sadly I think things are going to get much worse before they get better. To have lost the escapism of footy on top of it all is just a final kick in the guts. I hope everyone here is doing the right thing, distancing as much as possible, staying safe, looking after themselves and their families. When this week is over and there is no footy on, do something for yourself. Go sit under a tree. Read. Drink. Have a bath. Do anything that for a minute makes you remember what it’s like to live in a normal world. This too shall pass and hopefully the world comes out of this having learnt a lot and made some serious changes to way we all live. At least our environment is finally benefiting for all of us sitting indoors for a bit. This is mother nature’s holiday.
  4. I want to be angry and annoyed about this game, but in the grand scheme of things it’s so insignificant. I have nothing left in the tank to allocate the MFC right now. In many ways I’m happy this season is on hold.
  5. Who’s job is it to select and then coach the players so they are ready to play, if not the coaches? I am unsure what the job of the coach actually is if not to ensure the players come to play
  6. Goodwin is the only person who’s job is safer due to Corona Virus.
  7. How are we this bad at kicking???
  8. Wow Tomlinson is a shocking kick
  9. Langdon has also been wonderful. The rest to the tip.
  10. Goodwin is the only person who’s job is safer because of Covid 19
  11. Sheed has had no opponent all day either.
  12. Who the [censored] is on Ryan? Is he invisible??
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