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  1. It’s gonna be wet so perhaps that’s why?
  2. At least it’s a Saturday. Can do early dinner. Shower and movie by 6pm. Have some popcorn and shut up until the game is done.
  3. It’s 6:05pm. Great for people with young kids. Gives you 5 minutes to have dinner.
  4. Idiots. Should be sacked and thrown in jail. Caused another massive outbreak leading to more restrictions. Pathetic humans.
  5. Are security guards low in immunity or low in IQ? I’m seeing a strong correlation between these people and the second wave of Covid in Victoria. The mind boggles.
  6. Didn’t get anything either. Did get a call asking me to donate to the fund raising or buy that special jumper. My husband said “tell em to win a game instead of asking for money”... he’s not wrong.
  7. I mean if there’s one thing our forwardline is missing is undersized players. Why the [censored] no Weid? And how are some of these guys being named ahead of Jones and Jetta? Another puzzling team selection week.
  8. And let's not forget, he coached under Roos for 2 years, which means he was part of putting this list together. There are literally no excuses.
  9. We had a defensive plan already. Roos nailed it, despite having a terrible backline compared to now. Goodwin wanted to add attack, which was the right decision. But somehow we ended up being crap at both. It's a real talent to ruin everything.
  10. I don't care what he says to the media. It's all [censored] anyway. He speaks coach like most of them, and has been media trained to within an inch of his life. I care about the results, and the results are not good. I care about how many players have plateaued or gone backwards in the last 3 years versus how many have improved. Our list is at an age where it should see natural improvement due to age and experience rising. Sadly I am seeing reduced impact from a lot of players we expected to turn out to be great players. Now you could say some of them are just not that good, but it's impossible that all of Oliver, Brayshaw, Salem, Gawn, Hunt, McDonald etc etc have all just suddenly become mediocre players. Petracca seems to be the only one showing any improvement this year. Lets see how long that lasts. The game plan is flawed, and yet has not changed in two years, despite it being easy to coach against and despite the game moving away from it completely. We were a wonderful contested team under Roos. We have lost that and instead run around like headless chicken, with no purpose, low skills, poor defensive pressure and horrendous mid-forward connnection. Last year I was willing to be patient has we had a horrid injury run, and it crippled us. This season so far our list is fit and healthy. The competition as a whole is all facing the same challenges. To finish bottom 4 would be inexcusable with a full fit list
  11. I wish we were up for winning sometimes.
  12. I can only assume the things they want him to work on are defensive intent. Which I would be fine with, except half of our team gets a game regularly despite being horrible at two way running and defending.
  13. From what I've heard from someone well connected at Collingwood, is that Clarkson can definitely be persuaded to move. He feels unchallenged at Hawthorn and is ripe for the picking. We of course won't do anything about it, and have stupidly locked ourselves in with Goodwin for no apparent reason.
  14. Rubbish. People who join the military do so knowing the sacrifices up front. No AFL player has ever signed up to a season expecting to leave behind their families for weeks on end. It is a ridiculous notion to suggest they are soft. It is such a hard decision and for players with young children, newborns, babies on the way, perhaps ill parents, or no other family support around their partners to help with small kids, it is very much a lose-lose. I feel for everyone in this situation, and I wouldn't begrudge any player who chose their family in what is already a compromised season. This is a job for players, and very few people would put their job ahead of their family.
  15. And yet Goodwin has not a shred of pressure on him. Well done to our brilliant board for giving him a long term contract as if he was a hot commodity in danger of going elsewhere. Idiots.
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