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  1. Question: if we took him and he refused to play, would it be breach of contract and we wouldn’t have to pay the money; and would the amount still be counted in the salary cap after the first year?
  2. Don’t we have pick 2? GCS have a mid round compo pick not pick 3?
  3. Mate, we shouldn’t have beaten Gold Coast when we did. If we hadn’t, it would be an interesting ladder for the prized position of dead bloody last...
  4. I agree, would be good to see it succeed after all the $ thrown at it. nit sure why the AFL didn’t just make Southport the AFL team (like Port Adelaide).
  5. I have sat silent on this, but I’d be delighted to keep Jesse. Weed has a long way to go before he is or can be considered a consistent threat at AFL level. Even with all three (Tom Mac) in the team, I think their individual flexibility (Jesse midfield, TMac wing, Weed Ruck) means that it can work well. And with lever coming back, out backline improves. Maureen it would be great to have May, but it would be great to have a lot of players....
  6. I am ok playing WC in a prelim (If we are lucky enough to get to prelim). A road trip with the group we have holds no fears. In some ways I would almost prefer that to ours at G (aside from not being able to see it live).
  7. Congrats Bernie. 100 games which played a part in the turn around a football club. All the best.
  8. Would love to target Sheil. But we have no picks to offer.....
  9. 774 had him 2nd best on ground.....
  10. Keep looking at the ladder and worried about how we win three of the run home (if 13 wins required to get in)..... geelong next week huge.... WC, Swans, GWS, Adelaide, Geelong all hard games (not sure anyone could be confident in any of those results going our way. Suns game would hopefully be ok. So which two games can we wil of the ones above?
  11. I know we have been playing badly. But do we want West Coast and Collingwood to win (hurting chances of top 4 - I know dreaming) or do we want The other results to bolster our chances of top 8?
  12. In round 19 we play the crows....
  13. Assuming we can win next three, my view of it is that we are a chance to lose the last three games of the year and Geelong down there.....so need to win two of the remaining games.....just to get to 13 Absolute must to win the next three.....
  14. Painful. Just painful. best for Melbourne tonight was Daisy....
  15. I won't be surprised if Hogan leaves. Why would I be? I am a melbourne member and am used to these sorts of things. I will however be extremely sad. I am excited by the likes of him, trac, Brayshaw, Viney and others forming the nucleus of a side for a long time. my odds of him leaving, 65%.... (hope I am wrong).
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