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  1. Thanks IWAP. Have joined your league as Van Diemen. I can't make Thursday March 8th for the draft, will be o/s from Feb 26th to Mar 11. I'll have my pre-draft rankings all setup and ready to go though.
  2. Thanks DL7. I just joined the Neeld league - Van Deiman
  3. Could Dan Nicholson fill this role? Quick, strong fitness base so could run defenders around all day, he's hard at it so we know he'll run people down and do the defensive things required of a crumbling forward these days. Question is does he have any goal sense and what's his set shot like? Could be something to trial in pre-season perhaps.
  4. Is Jake Fitzpatrick contracted for 2012? I'd imagine he would fall into consideration when looking at delistings both this year and next. Personally I'd give Maric another year on the senior list and delist Fitzpatrick if he's currently out of contract. Having said that I would re-draft Fitz as a rookie giving him the chance to get his body right and develop further... can't see him playing much senior footy (if any) in 2012 unless he improves dramatically.
  5. This dude's name springs up this time every year on Demonland. Agree with brocky we don't need another mid-sized forward we already have plenty that offer far more than McKinley ever will see Howe, Petterd, Sylvia, Green.
  6. I heard Mick Malthouse mention on SEN that the important thing for Neeld in the first few years is that he controls as much as possible, until he has everyone working to his vision and they have earnt his trust. I expect that to be the case so let's not overstate the impact Royal will or won't have on the overall game plan and performance of our mids. I think the appointment of Greaves as an assistant says more than the shift of Royal to midfield coach. I read it as Royal has a couple of years left on a contract, has been around the block and can share a few things with Greaves who will eventually take over from Royal once his contract expires. How often is a midfield assistant coach appointed? That to me says that Neeld might not have full faith in Royal and it's more of a case that we'll use him where we can rather than pay out a contract. That's my interpretation of it all anyway.
  7. That date works for me, count me in. I played in a game a couple of years back but am posting under a new forum name these days(previously known as Fuzz).
  8. The Herald Sun journos just go back and forth with this rumour mongering and hearsay on 'so and so who is in the know told me so' BS! At the end of the season all will be revealed and either a bunch of people 'in the know' are talking crap trying to unsettle our season and efforts to keep Tom or our number 31 isn't being totally honest with us. Regardless of the end result their are good times ahead for the MFC with or without Tom.
  9. Looking forward to seeing the indigenous five (Davey, Jurrah, Wonna, Jetta, Benell) all out there together tomorrow. Correct me if I'm wrong but this would be the first time all 5 have been in the senior side together, yeah? Could make for some really exciting footy. Reason for edit: Just realised there was a thread for this already... exciting nonetheless.
  10. The trivia heads amongst us might enjoy this: Footy Trivia Challenge is the perfect time waster for the commutes to and from work and the quarter breaks at the footy, packed with over 1,000 questions and on-screen puzzles that will test even the most serious football fans knowledge! You can read more, check out screenshots and download here: http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/footy-trivia-challenge/id435460822?mt=8#
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