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  1. How about coach Norm Smith or Barassi?
  2. Stretch and Kent were both best 22 for a while this year stretch especially could take a step next year
  3. Now there is a chance of Melbourne Collingwood GF
  4. I think the way to umpire in WA is to undercall both sides which is what the umpires did on Sunday then you don’t get sucked in to home town frees. Sure they missed some to them and to us as well. The call against VDB was a bad call but understandable depending on the angle it may have been seen from. I thought the umpires did a good job on the weekend and probably will do so in a final series.
  5. Overall the frees were 22 to 15 some bad ones but overall the game was let go I still remember 22 to 1 against us in the first half in WA several years ago now that's creative umpiring
  6. Ai thought the umpiring was reasonable last night they got a few calls in the last quarter but with the wind and tide going in Adelaides direction and a feral crowd they held up pretty well . Stevic is one of the most even handed refs and I'd be happy to see him out there for us more often Last night the game was let go with lots of iffy calls ignored . Of course Gusses new mate Razor would be welcome too
  7. I think Petty was a mistake we didn’t respect the opposition enough and paid the price . Frost would seem to be a better option at this time. Still we need to be playing well 5 or 6 weeks out from the finals . The last two years the winner has come home strong . Max was great to watch today
  8. By home ground advantage I mean playing an interstate team in Victoria or Geelong playing at Kardinia Park two Victorian teams at the G or Etihad is 50 50 . Tassie games for north or Hawthorn are often WA teams which is a huge advantage. NT games 50 50 if we play SA or WA teams.
  9. Sitting fourth without having any games with a home ground advantage all year not too bad
  10. Why not have a big Essendon Melbourne game with alternating home games some other time in the year but always at the G and have the big freeze then and keep the QB game as an alternating home game with Collingwood.
  11. One R Flower had a similar body type and played a similar type of game
  12. I don’t think that there is such a thing as a group of GWS supporters you don't need a plural
  13. Oops still it’s always good to bring up Tillbrook
  14. Carl Ditterich Brian Wilson Brent Croswell Peter Moore Vin Cattogio Phil Carmen Kelvin Templeton J Tillbrook
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