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  1. Posts like this... "jumped ship" (your words)... gee man this is the kinda gaslighting that needs to be eradicated for lack of good purpose & intent. 'There is a lot of improvement to go and we have huge upside'. Yet, 'aren't you the "fan" who jumped ship post match. If I could afford a membership I would. But just don't bother nailing someone who is feeling disappointment and grief... it seems the Australian way to kick another when they are down or disagree with your temperament. Shroud your comments of veiled optimism in your own thoughts. Don't bother kicking someone else to the curb. I'll be sure to watch out for your 'contributions' in the future. To see what metal you have. ITMT, F*k you. I know where my heart beats.
  2. I am guttered. We all are. Yet the clarity and leadership expressed by SG after the loss restores some faith. You either 'win or you learn'. As I lick my own wounds I'm reminded that there is a system in place, that we have come to pass as a team looked upon as deadbeats. If there be any comments about the positives of 'learning' and how what we are doing is a 'process' and a 'system' bring your constructive thoughts pls. I need to hear from fellow dee fans how our culture (in recent years) has evolved.
  3. My auntie was a fanatical Essendon supporter who manipulated me at a young age to barrack for the Dons. It was only until my teens I would wear the red & the blue (in local footy) that I understood the MFC's real meaning. Good luck the MFC I really do have better things to do than to waste time and energy believing in the MFC. That''s not to say there has been no good work undertaken, or 'our' year was wasted, other than to say... there are better things in life to consider and to what degree the capitulation's effect and meaning has is anyone's guess. There are many players who have to explain themselves... what on earth do people who earn such big dollars have to explain their performance after today? Well done to the efforts (of all behind the scenes) & players to get us here in this AFL system. Yet for every favourable moment, adding another membership or fan, there is another who walks away from the justifiable expectation that there is a performance to be had but which is sadly let down. No more interest here.
  4. Boo hoo - I use to draw like that as a kid
  5. Yawn. There is always one in the crowd.
  6. Well done Trac. You can ‘move’ people / supporters who are off the ground - to emotion - as you will do on field. Are you lot seriously claiming he’s an annoyance just because he has the heart and wisdom to share his elation? Get real. We’re humans and not robots. This kid is responding to his feelings and wanting to share and be inclusive. If you think that’s strange or not warranted go and do some couch time. Trac - go and annoy the hell out of all of em. You’re the RDB of this era wrapped up as a renaissance man. Bromance lives - it doesn’t mean a lack of strength or something worthy of ridicule. It’s simply a male human being enjoying his mates.
  7. No intention or ref meant. Regain hard = regain (respect) by earnestly earnt hard work
  8. Okay. Forget the (media) hysteria. I just watched a segment on that show The Footy Show (F*k I've actually worked as a camera operator on the show, sadly. But it paid a bill). However, where does it stop in aligning what Buggy did (in one incident) to this great cause to stamp out the punch? yet use Buggy as an example? Of course no one wants to have the 'punch' as a part of the modern / developing game. But give it a rest by using peeps and draining every ounce of blood out of those who made a mistake (just to wheel a barrow). POQ So... what if anything (other than train hard) does Buggy need or should do in his six weeks to respond? I suggest... a) Get a crew cut! (clean up the mop top). I know it sounds corny. But a short hair cut invokes an image of seriousness at the same time sincere drive (Goody and the military). Blah b) Spend some dedicated hours (aside from training protocols) with the coaches. On all lines. Plus in the coaches box match day. And so he can take up greater understandings of the game. And what real team (fighting for each other) really means - to another level. Which is not to say Buggy is not remorseful for his actions or incapable of understanding the meaning of consequence(s). Any ideas? Or am I deluded by wine and this cold weather?
  9. Don't get me wrong. i have no tollorence for thuggery. But why oh why do incidents become so puritanical that cause and (then effect) become so isolated? This is not to excuse Bugg from his actions. Yet in the footage it is obvious he had some batting or other from the swans player before he struck out. When are we going to learn, just b/c the law now recognizes that provocation in a murder trial does nothing to excuse the actions of a perpetrator that there are other extenuating circumstances. Im sick and tired of incidents being scrutinized by media who hold no account for their own making. As said, I hold no tollorence for Buggs actions. I wonder though how much profit is garnered from the ensuring 'debate' and what really caused Bugg to lash out. thoughts?
  10. Not a footy topic but relevant in our times! I fully respect Martin Flanagan for his great writing about our club. However, today he's entered into the world of politics and rising an article about "Paris attacks: Why I'm with Waleed Aly, not Andrew Bolt." Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/comment/the-grey-area-is-safe-against-extremists-if-we-stand-united-20151119-gl31wp.html#ixzz3s5CcAnUP Follow us: @theage on Twitter | theageAustralia on Facebook mflanagan@theage.com.au I fully respect both Martin and Waleed. But I wanted to post a reply to Martin expressing my view at the email The Age posted as a means to reply. I'm getting back a Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists: Find it strange The Age post an avenue to respond to the journalist but when following that avenue I get a null / failed to deliver response. It's important that we (mere peoples) are able to respond to the Powers That Be! With out too much questioning, why is Martin Flanagan weighing in on political topics such as supporting a public declaration for Waleed, against Bolt (a rival newspaper). Not that there is a Bolt supporter here. Strange
  11. Just a note to anyone experiencing issues in signing up for a membership - the club acknowledge issues involving the ticketmaster website (and the Online sign up process). As dees189227 suggest, best to call the club direct. (Sometime later) and will have to wait for a return call from the club as they announce... their having some issues in membership sign up. Alas can't wait to join the 'paid' demon faithful. Go Dees
  12. Think it's a technical error between the MFC server & ticketmaster servers. Again, will call the club direct Aside, interesting how Roos is prompting sales Well done PJ.
  13. Trying the Chrome browser... (some time later) Mmm... Sadly NO. Same error appearing after using Apple Safari & Google Chrome Don't worry I'll call the club direct Thanks for your response
  14. Errors on the sign up for new membership to the Melbournefc via "My Demon Account" and the MFC website. Maybe some perceive as a 'minor point' but I want to sign up to a membership, yet I'm getting errors... between the "Hello! Welcome to the Melbourne Football Club AccountManager" to "Create an account'. Hopefully it's because of 'traffic' going through the roof! Alas sitting here wondering why I can't process a membership / pay my $$$ to support the team. Any ideas?
  15. Right you're likely 2b. However, maybe, just could be, Frawley works on his kick to straighten up / lengthen (over summer with more intent and purpose) and stays round in his designated posy. Just a thought
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