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  1. Got to love it when a truly deserving player who's barely spoken of outside the club gets the win. She went to another level this year and has been among our most consistent since Season 1. Great effort. Also good to see some youngsters on the leaderboard in Hanks, Zanker and Sherriff.
  2. Interesting read about Paxy and her job with the Police Association. Definitely a rollercoaster week. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/paxman-earns-aflw-honour-in-the-midst-of-tragedy-20200427-p54noa.html
  3. Great effort! This is the extended squad, with the final 21 player squad to be announced at the (possibly virtual) W-Awards. If Paxman makes it, as she surely will, she'll be one of just two players to be a 4x AFLW All-Australian.
  4. Great player, probably our greatest across the first 4 years. In the first couple of seasons, she always looked like she was playing a different game to everyone else, such was her talent. It's less apparent now, even as she somehow stepped up her game further this year. My favourite story which shows her commitment and professionalism is how she arrived around 11am for the Friday night Whitten Oval game, all kitted up and ready to go, not wanting to get stuck in traffic. Just a note on this award for those who are unaware. The award Paxy has won is the Afl Women's website Player of the Year. A nice accolade, but it's not the Brownlow equivalent as the name might suggest. The league B&F Award (as yet unnamed) will be announced at the W Awards, along with the All Australian Team, Rising star etc. Last year this was held after the Grand Final so it's TBA when this will be announced. I think Paxy is a smoky for that award because there are few players who'll take votes off her, compared to the other favourites. Unfortunately her standard is so consistently good, that she sometimes goes unnoticed.
  5. I don't think the Hawks were going to be in until 2023 at the earliest anyway. I don't see how they could have added more teams while the current 3-year CBA was in place. All irrelevant now, as any more expansion is surely put off altogether. Which is what most fans/women's footy people wanted anyway, since 2017!
  6. I reckon Lily's match-winner and celebration might end up my footy moment of 2020! And all things considered, I'm ok with that.
  7. As for the game, well, wow. We didn't give the greatest account of ourselves in the first three and a half quarters, looking very disjointed up forward and loose in defense (Missing Lampard and Downie, plus the speed of the Irish). But what we did have is the one thing this team has had in spades since day 1. They never give up. It doesn't always come off, often they leave it too late or shoot themselves in the foot with conversion. But they just keep going. That's what I want above all else in a footy team so even if we got lucky, I was very proud. Perko - let's keep her, Daisy - immense, Scott's marking and second efforts kept us in it. O'Dea (Junior) was just willing us over the line and you could see on the bench after Lily's goal that she knew it wasn't over yet - focused. Newman worked hard and played selflessly. Heath and L.Pearce did well to last the distance on their return and were important. Obligatory mention of Paxman, of course. Hore found ways to get involved despite being well held at times. Cordner made some mistakes but also had some important touches. Special mention to Sherriff who's quietly gone about a great debut season- I've wanted to mention her every week but keeps slipping from mind! My favourite part of the game review? Injuries: Nil. Shout out to (just some!) of the injured at home and to McEvoy and Goldie who were probably stuck in an airport somewhere on the way home to Ireland. Petrevski, a debut to remember. Hopefully her cousin can celebrate similarly tomorrow! Next week? Let's just get through tomorrow. And then Monday. It's a long time away.
  8. I'll give it a go because it's a great example of our "one club" spirit. This kind of thing is so important to a strong culture and we all need to support each other, especially at the moment. Also we must identify the player who said "she won't make the distance" so Lily can tell them what for! Just kidding, it was a tough kick and I'm sure few were confident!
  9. This team is okay on paper but a lack of cohesion might hurt us, as it's quite different structurally. Can't quite believe we're playing in a final tomorrow! It's come so slowly and so quickly at the same time. I only hope they're able to give it their best in strange circumstances and enjoy what might be their last game for a long time.
  10. Yep 23 including emergencies. 21 in the game. We've listed an ex-player who's in a coaching role this year and a player with a concussion concern as our emergencies...so I don't think the league is taking the need for 23 very seriously at this point.
  11. For those jumping in for finals action, here's where the list sits after a tumultuous season. These are just "long-term" (3+ week) and season-ending injuries/absences so far, from the original list of 30. In the end, we did have 16 players who played all 6 home and away games. Before R1: Smith (knee, season), Sloane (knee, season), Jakobsson (work absence, season), L.Pearce (R1-3, 5-?), Mithen (R1-4) R2-R6: Kemp (knee, season), Guerin (knee, season), Heath (appendicitis, ?), Downie (illness, ?), Lampard (knee, season), Goldrick (home to Ireland, season), McEvoy (home to Ireland, season) So from last week's team we have 18 players. Then, possibly available for this weekend: Downie, L.Pearce, Heath, Colvin, Petrevski and apparently former Docker and Blue Kirby Bentley, another train-on. So we'll get to 21 in one way or another. But we go into this game quite depleted. Of those now missing, I'd say 6 at absolute minimum are in our best 21.
  12. Former Demon vice captain and current Geelong captain Mel Hickey is the first go. A great ambassador for women's footy over many years and a friend to many current Dees. AFLW Geelong captain: 2019– AFL Women's All-Australian team: 2017 VWFL/VFLW 7× VWFL/VFLW premiership player: 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 VFL Women's team of the year: 2016
  13. And just to add, there are many players across the league who will now have played their last game without knowing it, due to age, injuries, the competition passing them by or the need to return to careers. An all too brief footy career for some but I'm sure greatly cherished. Nothing major in the scheme of the world but I think worth noting.
  14. Love the way these two have attacked the game - no fear. They've obviously been told to just give it crack, not to worry about mistakes. I think they've had a great impact and have been a positive in a season where we've had to rely more on depth players than ever before.
  15. 8- team final series. https://womens.afl/news/49363/aflw-finals-structure-revealed-after-season-cut-short Thanks to the AFL for its stellar communication during this time /end sarcasm In all seriousness, I doubt there'll be a Grand Final. Things could look different quickly. Let's all enjoy the possibly brief moment where the Dees are still in the hunt. (Also, can we even field a team? With Lampard down and Goldrick maybe out, we're still around 1 fit player.)
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