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  1. Aided again by the YouTube stream, I checked out our game v Carlton at Casey. After a slow start in the 1st quarter, our girls' superior ball movement began to dominate in the 2nd, on the foundation of some good tacking and contested ball work. We were able to hold the ball in the fwd 50 for long stretches, while the defensive structure worked very well to cut off many of the Blues' attempts to go forward. In particular, Lampard was again impressive, as was Bentvelzen as the game wore on. Keeping the Blues goalless in the 2nd and 3rd set up the game. Birch was concussed in the 3rd and took no further part (making it 2 big hits in 2 weeks, not ideal). Of the VFLW players, I liked the games of Hogg, Clayton and Archer, who went in hard. Guerin knows where the goals are and I look forward to her 2020 AFLW season - she's got good one-touch skills, which is very valuable at this level especially. And only 19. Of the other AFLW-listed players, Zanker was the stand-out for me. She did a lot of the ruck work to excellent effect and she's great at ground level too. A very versatile and competitive player who brings others into it around her. Jakobsson, Smith and Emonson were again all crucial players in our chain to goal, where we had a good spread of finishers. Final score Casey 7.8.50 Carlton 2.7.19 Casey Goalkickers: M. Guerin 2, K. Oates, T. Tatterson, K. Smith, R. Clayton, B. Winbanks As of Saturday night, we sit atop the ladder... enjoy it while it lasts. Next week is on Sunday v. Williamstown, in Williamstown.
  2. I'm going to try to keep an eye on the Demon's efforts in the VFLW this year. Pretty sure I said that last year too! But I never did make a game live. I had so much focus on the guys' march to the finals! Might be a different story this year... Here's where the Melbourne AFLW listed players are listed for VFLW: Casey - Birch, Cordner, Cunningham, Downie, Emonson, Gay, Guerin, Hanks, Heath, Hore, Jakobbson, Kemp, Lampard, Mithen, Scott, Sherriff, Smith, Zanker Darebin - O'Dea, L.Pearce Williamstown - Newman Not listed - Paxman, Daisy, Sloane Of course, the extent to which some of these players will participate remains to be seen. As far as I can tell, it's still the rule that 12 AFLW listed players can be fielded per team. I'm not sure if there's a cap overall though? Anyway, I watched Round 1 on the stream delayed... once my heart rate returned to normal from the AFL men's game! It was a scrappy affair at Windy Hill for the first three quarters, with Essendon was able to capitalise on some defensive lapses at ground level. Emonson stood out to me in the first three quarters for her cleanness and ability to read the game. Birch took a big high hit but played out the game and looks a handy addition to the backline in 2020. Then came the last quarter and our players' desire to win was palpable. Essendon kicked the first to be 17 points ahead but after that the ball pretty much camped in our 50. I'm not across the VFLW players, but the Melbourne-listed players really did come to the fore. Zanker didn't hit the scoreboard but her pressure and ruckwork around the ground were excellent. Lampard was crucial in setting up some forward entries. Smith didn't always execute her passes but drove the intensity around the ball. Jakobsson plucked some crucial contested marks in the forward line... which again makes me wonder about her potential as a swing player. The real hero though was Guerin, who kicked a monster goal from just on the centre square that really sparked the last quarter comeback. Then she kicked truly for the match winner from a holding the player free kick with under a minute to play. She ended up with 3 goals. Just like with the men's game, I thought we were gone in the dying stages. Happy to be proven wrong twice in one day! That leaves Casey 5th on the ladder. Next week is at Casey v Carlton, who had a bye for Round 1.
  3. I was sure that at least one of these would go, given the expansion, but here we are. Good news! A different Hickey! Yet to play, so another of the unproven ones. All up we have 20 signed, which leaves 7 places plus 3 rookies. I think the rookies can only be cross-coders.
  4. The vast majority of our big names have signed on for 2020! The expansion teams can take up to 4 players total from us, so this is great news. Locked in are: Paxman (now a Club B&F winner and 3X All-Australian), O'Dea, Scott, Lampard, Cunningham, L.Pearce, Mithen, Newman, Hore, Emonson, Gay, Cordner, Smith, Zanker, Hanks, Guerin, Sloane, Sherriff Yet to sign: Jakobbson, Downie, Heath, Radan, Guest, Phillips, Kemp, Patterson, Woodland, Whitfort, Brancatisano, Hickey. And I guess technically Daisy? The only other trade news of note for us is Libby Birch of the Western Bulldogs supposedly requesting a trade to Melbourne.
  5. Karen Paxman led the way for the Dees in the awards for the 2019 season, which were of course dominated by the incredible Phillips. Erin is clearly a cut above, although we might wonder what an extra decade or so in a professional environment might have meant for a player like Paxman. We'll never know! Safe to say there will be a new winner crowned at Melbourne's best and fairest on Saturday, after Daisy took out the 2017 and 2018 honours. W Awards Best & Fairest 1st - Phillips (19 votes) 2nd - Hooker (11 votes) 3rd - Paxman (10 votes) Coaches Association MVP 1st - Phillips (51 votes) 5th - Paxman (32 votes) =15th - L.Pearce (18 votes) All Australians Paxman L. Pearce For the record, Paxman is now 3 from 3 for All Australian honours, alongside only 2 other players in the competition.
  6. Putting my head in the sand re: Round 1 and checking in here instead. The pain is less fresh! Zanker played a couple of games at the end of the 2018 season and pretty sure she was 18 or 19 then. Mithen, of course! I felt like a broken record praising her early in the season! And I agree about the coach - a bad result next year might signal time for a new approach. I actually think the top coaching gig requires a very particular skill set given the challenges of the competition structure and the quickly changing game style from year to year. Cordner has for sure become more than a sentimental favourite. Good call on L.Pearce. I probably overlook her improvement because I'd expected it off the back of her VFLW season. But it really was quite the rise! It'd be great if Cunningham played in the VFLW this year, everything she needs will come from more games. I think she went back to basketball last winter though so who knows. Yeah, we could all see it early, and presumably with less info than the ones making the conferences! Mind boggling stuff. I hope you are correct in your call for 13 games but I don't hold out much hope. Glad to hear your kids enjoyed the season. Agree completely! Definitely flies under the radar but is a consistent player and, easy to forget, only 20 years old so lots of potential to add that next level to her game. On that last point - with the way some 18-year-olds played across the competition this year, I think in a couple of years there'll be a tipping point where the skills of the youngsters have to be weighed against the experience of the middle tier players. Will be interesting. 1. Definitely agree, we really missed Cranston in this regard. Gay started to step into this role as the season went on but it was clear against the Crows that we were lacking in this area. 2. Typical Melbourne, feels like we're constantly waiting for that one last marking option and then when we get one the delivery into 50 falls apart! 3. Yep, teams who know when to play the slow game often succeed. Maybe it just hasn't made it to the top of the 'to do' list yet, there's a lot to work on.
  7. Paging some other regulars I've seen around here this season for their views: @Lucifer's Hero @dl4e @Meggs @La Dee-vina Comedia @Dee Zephyr @Little Goffy And I'll jump in with mine: Best new player - Gay Most improved player - Cordner Most underrated player - Downie Player we missed the most from the 2018 list (aside from Daisy!) - Cranston 3 players we can least afford to lose to expansion - L.Pearce, Paxman, Hore 3 players you wouldn’t mind having a chance at another club 😉 - Ones we could cover and that have been in and out of the team - Guest, Patterson. Phillips, who's a good player but I think we could upgrade a similar type. Best win - A lot of our wins felt like not enough, but I guess Brisbane was most comprehensive. Worst loss (apart from Round 7!) - Freo. Could have won, should have won. Would have shaped the season. Best goal/other highlight - Zanker v. the Bulldogs. Can't go past it, not even Newman on the run v. North. Keep the coach Y/N? - Y. Continuity between seasons overrides any misgivings at this stage. Player with most potential in 2020 and beyond - Hanks. Great one-touch skills and movement, will find more consistency with experience. Most important area for improvement in 2020 (besides goal kicking accuracy!) - Better handball-kicking balance. Need to know what to do when the handball game is shut down. Type of player most needed in the draft/trade - We definitely seemed to lack strength around the ball in comparison to the Crows. Unfortunately, this type of player will be in hot demand from expansion teams. Off-season wish list – what needs to happen for success in 2020? - As many players as possible to play VFLW, preferably together at Casey. Alignment between the levels is becoming stronger and teams that can have that continuity in the second best comp. will be advantaged. How should the season be structured with 14 teams in 2020? No conferences! Ideally, a 13 game H&A season. Realistically, a straight ladder with most teams playing each other. And an easier draw for North and Melb to make up for this year 😉
  8. Before we switch our focus to the men’s team, I thought we should tie up our discussions of the women’s season before the farcical finals and long off-season begins. I’ve thought up some discussion points, feel free to add your two cents on some of these or your own reflections. Best new player Most improved player Most underrated player Player we missed the most from the 2018 list (aside from Daisy!) 3 players we can least afford to lose to expansion 3 players you wouldn’t mind having a chance at another club 😉 Best win Worst loss (apart from Round 7!) Best goal/other highlight Keep the coach Y/N? Player with most potential in 2020 and beyond Most important area for improvement in 2020 (besides goal kicking accuracy!) Type of player most needed in the draft/trade Off-season wish list – what needs to happen for success in 2020? How should the season be structured with 14 teams in 2020?
  9. Simply out-played, out-classed and maybe, out-coached. A very disappointing end given that our best can be terrific. Unfortunately, we were so far off that today and the Crows were comprehensively on top in every facet. They should go all the way. From slim pickings, the efforts of Mithen, plus Downie and Cordner under siege, were our best. And of course Emonson for kicking truly 😉 Despite a poor effort and result, I have every respect for our players, playing for the love of the game and often making sacrifices to do so - some we hear about and others we don't. They'll be disappointed to say the least. At some point this week before we're all consumed by the men's game, I'll try to put a thread together where we can reflect on the good, bad and the ugly from this season - there's lots to celebrate and this last game will probably overshadow those aspects so it would be good to do that while the season's still fresh.
  10. If it plays out like this I will eat my hat but what a happy meal it would be!
  11. Holding it out of reach of the other clubs... if only.
  12. Max just casually leaning there 😂 I think they also usually tally up the captain's predictions on premiers, brownlow, rising star etc. at this event.
  13. I wonder how they'll approach it - take the pressure off and play with a bit of reckless abandon, or like any other game. Back in our game (which is our usual approach) or go defensive then try to steal it?
  14. Despite those epic highlights from Cunningham and Zanker, plus O'Dea's efforts to drag us over the line, that was probably our worst result of the season. Too many players giving away unnecessary free kicks and we were diabolical in front of goal in the first. Interestingly, we lead the competition in contested marks and are 2nd in marks inside 50, probably mostly due to Cunningham's Inspector Gadget arms. Adelaide have kicked 48 goals 43 behinds to be 2nd in goal kicking accuracy compares to our 38 goals 43 behinds and 4th. And that's the difference. So... we'll need a miracle at Casey this Saturday but I hope at least they go out swinging. The conference system has obviously done us no favours, but close losses and failure to add % when we had the chance have cost us yet again. That wind-affected game against the Pies is the other one we could have capitalised on better despite the conditions. It's also probably worth acknowledging that we've been very lucky with injuries overall compared to some other teams and have had a very settled team from week to week, which is especially beneficial in the short season. So while we've had some bad luck (robbed by the umps against the Roos), we've certainly had a good run of luck in other ways, and like Lucifer says, only have ourselves to blame for the lapses that cost us against Freo and the Dogs.
  15. Victory from the jaws of defeat. Cunningham - cool as a cucumber!
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