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  1. FIXTURE UPDATE Melbourne will now play their Round 4 game on Friday 28th of February against Collingwood at Marvel Stadium. The game was originally fixture at Victoria Park. It will be a double header with the men's State of Origin Bushfire Relief event. Times TBA (hopefully not 4pm or something ridiculous). Really glad this has come together as I wasn't looking forward to choosing between events. And glad that both comps can be involved in a very worthy cause.
  2. True, it's all very unpredictable. I was trying to figure out what we'll need to do for a top 3 conference finish and I kept ending up with different teams in the top 3! I have a sneaking suspicion about the Saints... Possibly we could put Daisy in Smith's place? It'd be a real luxury to ease her in mainly behind the ball. I'll get down to training soon to get a better idea of where we're at and what the ruck plan is. And figure who's who of the new players.
  3. Another update, again not great news. Shae Sloane and Kat Smith will both miss the season due to ACL injuries. Same knee as last year for Sloane. This is apparently Smith's first serious injury in 13 years of footy, so new territory for her. Best of luck to both for a smooth recovery. Not sure if replacements can be added for season-long injuries like this. As always, the silver lining is this does open up some opportunities for new players who, especially in the case of Smith's position, might have struggled to break in otherwise. A month to go!
  4. Some updates on preseason so far and the plan for the next phase after Christmas. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/550619/aflw-program-just-ramping-up-stinear In some bad news, Lauren Pearce will miss the first half of the season due to injury. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/550498/ruck-pearce-to-face-delayed-start I was just thinking the other day (after Freo's ruck did her ACL) that she's the only player we'd hate to lose! The upside is that she hadn't returned to full training anyway, so they'd been effectively training with her absent already - clutching at straws perhaps... I guess we put Zanker in the ruck, Cordner to pinch hit and maybe one of the tall newbies gets a chance up forward. Unfortunate that we play North first up, since we struggled with their height last time. This doesn't do our chances any good at all. Still, the return of the 'other' Pearce and the continued improvement of our young players are some things to look forward to! I aim to get along to training in the new year and would be interested in everyone's thoughts on best 21 for round 1 as it gets closer.
  5. The Irish players are rookies so we didn't use any picks to get them. Freebies! The lack of early picks was basically due to expansion and our trade for Birch. The Daisy thing kind of makes sense to me. We lost her, got Sherriff as her replacement. To bring Daisy back, we either had to get rid of Sherriff or use a pick to keep her. Based on her VFLW form, I think worth it for a known quantity. It's hard to know how we'll go next year. St Kilda and Richmond's lists have essentially played together in the state league; less the case for West Coast and Gold Coast. Brisbane and Freo were ravaged by expansion. As were the Bulldogs, but they've got the cream of the crop in the draft, players that might have immediate impact like Prespakis this year. The Pies come in off a VFLW Premiership and looked very strong at that level - will it translate? As for us, we do have one of the most stable lists and have been on the edge of finals each year. Never forget that we had more H&A wins than the Runner-up this year! Still, we'll certainly need some players to step up because the standard continues to rise. I have zero concerns about Birch though. I can see the thinking behind the players we got at the draft, which is reassuring! I love that Colvin's highlight reel is pretty much bumps and tackles. It was good also to see a couple of Casey players get picked up: co-captain Garner and Bentvelzen.
  6. Rounding out the VFLW season, here are the Casey B&F awards for 2019. Unsurprisingly, the AFLW-listed players dominated the B&F count, with that famous Dees name ending up top. It might be in the blood, but you'd be hard pressed to find a more committed and hard-working player than Harriet Cordner. Best & Fairest Winner - Cordner Joint 2nd - Birch, Jakobsson, Zanker Most Improved - Dyson Rising Star - Winbanks Coaches Award - Garner Casey Trademark & Values Award - Hanks
  7. Also of note for Dees fans - Melbourne's AFLW ruck, Lauren Pearce, won the VFLW Best & Fairest (albeit not playing for Casey). I won't duplicate here, but more info on the VFLW awards on the other forum!
  8. The winner of the VFLW Best & Fairest is Melbourne's own Lauren Pearce, who dominated in the ruck for Darebin in 2019. Pearce won with 18 votes from Conti (Richmond, 16 votes) and McIntosh (Essendon, 14 votes). The award itself is now named partly after the 'other' Pearce, Daisy, herself a 6-time winner. A humble and deserving winner, Lauren is a great asset to our AFLW team and a loyal player for Darebin. After being the runner-up in the 2018 count, Lauren led the way in an inexperienced 2019 Darebin side. While this meant there weren't many players to take votes off her, gaining votes so consistently in a team that won few games speaks to her influence across the league. Pearce was named in the VFLW Team of the Year as captain. Casey Demons Libby Birch and Bianca Jakobsson also won Team of the Year honours. Casey's votes in the VFLW B&F: Jakobsson 10 (5th overall) Cordner 8 Birch 5 Winbanks 4 Emonson, Scott 3 Smith, Mithen, Guerin, Garner 2 Johnson, Bailey, Tatterson 1
  9. Casey VFLW finished on a high with a 57-point victory over NT Thunder! Also surely the first time the VFLW team has kicked the highest score of the weekend for the Dees? The match venue was changed from Casey Fields to Skybus stadium. It was clear and even sunny conditions, though there was a strong breeze about. For selection, I got my wish, with Casey fielding its lowest number of AFLW-listed players since mid-way through the season. On the other hand, NT Thunder has continued to be weakened by injury, plus all the travel, and apparently had 3 emergencies step in. Casey had the wind advantage in the first and were quick to capitalise. In fact, it was apparent from the get-go that the team was switched on and a step ahead. Suffice to say, bursts of 4 and 5 goals in the 1st and 3rd quarters, respectively, tell the story of the game. It was also young ruck Winbanks' best game of the year, a truly dominant performance (41 of Casey's 47 hit-outs, while NT were in the single figures). Not only was she impressive in the ruck, particularly her tap work to Mithen, but her second efforts and physicality around the ground showed how far she's come this season, often against more experienced opposition. There was some good marking (50 to 22), much of it uncontested given the space our players were allowed, however Hogg, Sherriff and Hore all had some strong contested grabs as well. Casey built the wall well to trap the ball for repeat inside 50s (50 to 11), with Downie (7 marks) intercepting plenty. Pratt worked hard in the midfield, while Hogg scored her first goal, judging by the celebrations. Despite having more of the ball, Casey ended up with 2 more tackles, showing their intent around the contest. They were desperate not to concede and to add more to the scoreboard right down to the dying seconds. Meanwhile, for NT, Ponter was good with 2 goals despite close attention, while ex-Dee Hickey (Jordann, not Mel) also showed a bit in defence. The most bizarre moment of the game occurred when Hore, dashing toward 50, was stopped in her tracks by an NT player who grabbed her ponytail and this was somehow deemed holding the ball. I guess technically her ponytail was 'below the shoulders', but still. Outrageous! There were some interesting positional changes for this game. Lampard played in the midfield, where her typical composure with the ball was again on display but with more attacking pay-off. In the last quarter, it was one of my favourite moves in footy, the classic swing, with Downie going one-out in the goal square and enjoying 2 well-celebrated goals. Leading the disposal count for Casey and the game was Mithen (35). She was pretty much doing as she pleased, including a super-slo-mo handball while the NT players simply watched on, presumably dazzled. Next best were Downie (21) and Guerin (20). I noticed AFLW coach Stinear on the bench - possibly he's been there for other games too. Also notable on the sidelines was our AFLW leading goalkicker, Tegan Cunningham. FINAL SCORE Casey: 11.9.75 NT 3.0.18 Casey's best: Winbanks, Mithen, Lampard, Hore. Goalkickers: Hore 3, Downie, Sherriff, Mithen 2, Hogg, Scott. Some final thoughts on the season. This was my first time paying proper attention to our VFLW team. From all appearances, there seems to be a great balance of competing needs in the Casey program, with very clear messaging and an environment focused on development for each player while also cementing a strong team culture. I'll be interested to see how the closer integration impacts AFLW 2020. In terms of the end result, we're trending in the right direction. In 2018, Casey finished 10th (3-11), while this year we're likely to finish 8th (6-8). Casey improved their result/s from last year (in terms of margin or win/loss) against each team, except for the Saints, WB and Richmond, all teams that will feature in finals. We went from 5 losses by 30+ points in 2018, to 2 in 2019. At the other end, from 0 wins by 30+ in 2018, to 4 in 2019. The 5 losses by under 15 points (WB 10, Uni 5, Pies 3, Hawks 3, Saints 11) were all against teams ahead on the ladder, so that ended up being the difference. Lastly, I hope those reading along have found these reports useful or interesting. I've benefited a lot from the info shared by others on this forum, so I figure this is the least I can do, to make sure that each of our 4 teams are represented. And the gap between AFLW seasons is so long that it was good to keep an eye on the 'off season'. Plus I guess I can now call myself a Casey fan. Go Dees!
  10. Thanks Meggs, glad to hear it. Yeah, all the issues with the competition structure are frustrating to say the least. It's ridiculous that they're stilling making decisions year to year. As of now, players making decisions about study, leave from work, living arrangements etc. have no idea when the season will be, how long etc.... Don't even get me started on the conference system - if they base it off win-loss from this year, Melbourne will be screwed over again! I'm looking forward to getting some new draftees too. I think we did well out of the trade period, with very little impact from the expansion and picking up a gem in Birch.
  11. It was a heart-breaker for Casey, with a 3 point loss to the Hawks putting us out of finals contention in 2019. Garner, Kirkwood, Archer and Lampard re-joined the side, with Zanker, Birch, Heath and Howes all out. It was by no means Casey's most experienced side, with Jakobsson, Emonson and Bentvelzen (who has been among the best of the VFLW-listed) all missing as well. With all that in mind, and the quality of the Hawks' team, this was a tough proposition that our girls clearly came prepared for. I chose to go to the MCG and witnessed Oscar McDonald's first goal, so there's how that decision worked out. Hence this report is again cobbled together from various sources. It was a game of two halves (as they so often are!) with rain in the first before a sunny second. Our mids battled hard from the get-go against the bigger-bodied Hawks, but the class of McWilliams shone up forward and they went into quarter time with a 10 point lead, with Casey scoreless. The rain continued in the second as the Hawks peppered the goals. Their inaccuracy cost them a greater lead and left the door ajar for the Dees in a low-scoring encounter. Hard work paid off for Casey with a dribbled goal for Notman, her first in the VFLW, while McWilliams got on the board again for the Hawks. Casey trailed by 11 at half time. The sun came out in the third and, with the season on the line, Casey rose to the occasion. Hogg in particular was persistent and determined. Again there was a goal scored either way, with Guerin the goalkicker for the Dees. Going into the last quarter it was the Hawks 3.7.25 to Casey 2.1.13. With the breeze in the last, Casey kept the Hawks scoreless for the quarter. However, some missed set shots cost us. Cordner's steal from a kick-in and subsequent goal (well worth the watch on the highlights) brought Casey within 3 points, but then the game was over and so were Casey's finals hopes. From all reports, effort and intent couldn't be faulted, just the finishing skills held us back against the reigning premiers. In her first game since Round 5, Lampard dominated the disposals for Casey with 28 (and 7 marks), followed by Guerin and Mithen with 16 each. McDonough (13 tackles) and Pratt were mentioned by coach Damien Keeping for their tagging efforts against the Hawks mids. Also earning the praise of the coach was co-captain Garner who had the job on veteran Meg Hutchins and restricted her to 7 disposals. Notably, Keeping commented that Garner has put together a season worthy of AFLW consideration. FINAL SCORE: Hawks 3.7.25 Casey 3.4.22 Casey's best: McDonough, Hanks, Hogg, Lampard, Hore, Winbanks Next week, it's Casey's last game of the season against NT Thunder at Casey Fields, Sunday 11.30. Will it be another demolition job? Changes are afoot with the NT-Crows alliance, so who knows what that means for VFLW 2020. Selection-wise, I'd actually love to see us play as much of the VFLW-only list as possible, especially the youngsters looking towards the draft. Time will tell, although it's clear they've had a very well-organised plan across the season.
  12. Casey Fields hasn't been a happy hunting ground in the VFLW this season, with a record of 1 win and 4 losses there prior to Round 13. So it was good to get a victory there on the weekend, albeit by the slimmest of margins and not in especially convincing style! On debut was Notman, who played for Vic Country in U18 championships last month. Alicia Johnson became the first Casey Demons VFLW player to reach 50 games, after previously playing for Cranbourne. Clearly a much-loved and respected player! Downie returned after being sidelined with a shoulder injury and was a standout in defence. Co-captain Garner missed her first game of the season, while Jakobsson was another noteworthy out. The game was a scrap, with lots of stoppages. Heath set the tone early with a great tackle. Hore's goal in the first quarter was classy and included a well-executed fend off on the run. In the second, Darebin capitalised on a bad turnover to kick a goal from a free kick. Casey trailed by 1 point at half time. Costly free kicks and turnovers from both teams prevent scoreboard action in the third, with just 1 point added for each side. 1.4 to 1.2 in the last made for a frustrating but nail-biting finish. A neat pass from Birch set Hore up for her second goal, but Darebin were quick to reply after a kick-in error, leaving Casey 2 points down. Casey pushed hard to get ahead on the scoreboard by any means possible, clawing their way in front point by point. Scott hit the post, then Guerin took a strong contested mark and sneaked in a point to bring the scores level. In the last 2 minutes, L.Pearce tried to take the ball out of the ruck right in front of Casey's goal, no doubt hoping to get a quick exit and drive the ball forward for Darebin. However, Zanker, always determined in a tight situation, was able to make a lightning steal and slammed through what turned out to be the winning point. FINAL SCORE Casey 2.6.18 Darebin 2.5.17 BEST: Hore, Sherriff, Downie, McClean, Zanker GOALS: Hore 2. Of interest from an AFLW perspective, L.Pearce and O'Dea were clearly the best for Darebin. In the end, Pearce had 35 hitouts, followed by Zanker with 15 and Winbanks with 9. Mithen led the way for Casey in disposals with 26. The fact that Mithen also had our most marks is a good indication of how things went up forward. Sometimes you just have to win ugly, and they certainly did on this occasion. As a result of the last-gasp win, Casey's finals hopes still have a (faint) pulse, as we creep up to 8th on the ladder. Next week it's the 5th-placed reigning premiers, Hawthorn, at Box Hill at 1pm Saturday.
  13. Round 12 didn't deliver the result Casey needed, with our girls falling to the Southern Saints again, this time by 35 points. I was distracted by my mate in my ear most of the game, so just some general impressions today. Aside from the result, it was nice to watch a game in clear conditions at a ground I haven't visited since the Sandringham affiliation way back when. Coming into the side for her first VFLW game of the year was Scott and it was a typically solid game from a reliable type. The Saint's strong defense once again proved crucial, with our players unable to make the most of many forays forward. Just on that - only 1 team has kicked more than 25 points against the Saints this season! While they haven't always put on a big score themselves, that wasn't the case this week, as their rebound out of defensive 50 and forward entries were high quality. Their dominance in the third quarter put the game beyond doubt. In a quite contested game at times, the Saints dominated the ruck, were able to out-muscle our midfield and made it difficult to create clean chains forward. Based on that performance and their position on the ladder, the Saints have a lot to look forward to in their debut AFLW season. They've put together a good side and I expect they'll have a similar line up next year to what we saw Sunday. For Casey, all of the usual suspects put in some hard work and deserved more reward on the scoreboard. Of course, 2 goals total is hardly ever going to be enough and some major defensive lapses made it tough going. FINAL SCORE Saints 5.14.44 Casey 2.3.15 Casey's Best: Heath, Hanks, Hore, Smith. The goalkickers were Webber and Smith. Jakobsson, Mithen and Birch led the disposals, while Hore and Heath had 8 and 7 tackles, respectively. Casey remains 9th on the ladder and will now need to win 3 from 3 and have results go our way to make the finals. A good opportunity to see what our players are made of and some more valuable experience for the younger crew. Plenty of Dees AFLW action in the game vs. Darebin next week, with L.Pearce and O'Dea likely to line up for the Falcons against their teammates. Darebin's form has been on the up - L.Pearce had 24 disposals and 39 hitouts in their win against Geelong, which is great from an AFLW perspective but represents danger for our ruck group next week!
  14. The drought is over for the Casey girls, as they snapped a 6-week losing streak to crush NT Thunder by 65 points in Alice Springs. For the record, their score of 13.7.85 was the highest in Casey's two seasons of VFLW so far. A win was definitely in the works soon, I just wasn't convinced it would happen on the road or in such style. It seems like things really came together and I reckon the conditions would have suited us. Possibly NT went in with a less experienced team (including some first-gamers), plus the absence of Ponter would have any defender breathing a sigh of relief. Having said that, whoever kept Stevie-Lee Thompson to one goal deserves a pat on the back. By all reports, Casey dominated much of the possession, which surely helped in that regard. There's been a tendency for our girls to really up the ante at the end of quarters and in the last. Nothing wrong with that, but consistency of intensity is obviously the ideal. 20 minute flat quarters mean time can run away quickly! So it's good to see the even spread of goals across the quarters in this game (3, 4, 2, 4), which suggests a really consistent 4-quarter effort. In her debut for Casey, Wearne slotted through 3 goals - I reckon she'll get another go! Also notably it was the first win at Casey for Mithen, Howes and Webber as well. Love the spread of goal kickers, especially youngsters Webber and Howes getting involved. Listed among the best were Hanks, Smith, Clayton, Bailey and Heath, while Birch led the way with 22 disposals and 8 marks, followed by Mithen (21 disposals), Zanker (20 disposals, 8 marks, 3 goals) and Hore (19 disposals, 6 tackles, 2 goals). It was clearly a strong team performance that should give the Dees some pep in their step for the run home. FINAL SCORE NT Thunder 3.2.20 Casey 13.7.85 Goalkickers: Wearne 3, Zanker 3, Hore 2, Sherriff, Jakobsson, Cordner, Webber, Howes Casey now sit 9th on the ladder and with 4 games remaining (plus a bye in the last round), there's not much room for error. Next week it's the 2nd-place Saints in Sandringham on Sunday. They've been big improvers and are very strong defensively. Will be interesting to see how this match-up compares to the 11-point loss in Round 4.
  15. So far a successful trip for the Dees to Alice, with the Casey VFLW team having a 65-point win over NT Thunder yesterday. Their biggest win of the season so far and well-deserved by the sounds of it. Fingers crossed for an unlikely double!
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