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  1. Surely Hibberd cannot rank that high after 2018. 2017, maybe. Then there's a Port rookie (Jake Pasini) who has never played a game, with a points rating of 79, higher than Jayden Stephenson (78), Marlion Pickett (72), Rowan Marshall (65) and number one pick Matt Rowell (69). It's a farce, and surely not that hard to get right.
  2. I would love to know more about how they came up with these ranking points 😂
  3. This one still brings a smile to my face!
  4. I recommend this show to anyone who'll listen - Babylon Berlin. It's an excellent period piece/crime drama set in Berlin in the 1920's and 30's, with all of the social and political unrest you'd expect. Season 3 just dropped on Netflix, it's in German but there's an English dub (which is terrible, subtitles are much better IMO).
  5. Not well known and requires a bit of Harry Potter knowledge but I've heard 'Gilderoy' for Jay Lockhart.
  6. Good luck mate. Those Dreamliners are something else, best planes going round.
  7. Great idea, especially as it's an opportunity for some of the younger guys on here to see or hear about some classics from back in the day. Nothing like a good first hand account!
  8. So pumped to see Kozzy and Fritsch running amok.
  9. Just joined the Robbie Flower league, team name is DemocracyManifest
  10. Luther


    Devastating for Aaron and I'm so disappointed we won't see him for a while... again. Unfortunately this could be it for him, because I'd bet this injury will drag out for much longer than 3 months.
  11. I thought I read somewhere last week that the AFL are prepared to dip into an emergency fund to prop up clubs and pay players where required?
  12. Maybe she was just a very good wrestler?
  13. Yep, it can take time to learn and adapt to the ups and downs, as with any high pressure job. Look at Hardwick, and how long it took him to get a handle on it - with extremely positive results!
  14. Exactly what he's built for. I think we'll see him play with more freedom as VC and I can't wait to see him tear it up in another finals series.
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