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  1. We shouldn't trade Viney, but he needs to relinquish the captaincy so he can focus on his own game. Gawn for skipper, it has to happen.
  2. Do not trade Brayshaw. As many have already said, just play him in the position he's built for.
  3. Bad news for you - I live in London and am still unable to separate from them. You'll merely carry the burden with you.
  4. Burn the club to the ground, salt the earth and never utter the name again.
  5. How about after a bad decade?
  6. Never happy! Rubbish spectacle but we came away with 4 points and a thrilling finish. Take that any day of the week, a win is a win.
  7. Marty Hore you star, take a bow!
  8. But in all seriousness, we're really missing Hannan's link up IMO.
  9. He's averaging 31.5 touches, 4.8 tackles and 7.2 clearances... and he's a little down at the moment. Clarrie is a star.
  10. What an absolute [censored] embarrassment. Never thought I'd be justifiably copping it from someone who supports Gold Coast, but I am. That's as low as it gets.
  11. Christ, I don't think I can watch any more.
  12. Lever's recovery is sounding pretty positive, Goody looks stoked with how he's coming along.
  13. Both solid tonight, but will be eclipsed in the near future. Or they aren't, hopefully it'll mean they've both improved immensely and deserve to be in our best, fit 22. Would love a Rampe or Lloooyyyyyyd in our side.
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