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  1. What an absolute [censored] embarrassment. Never thought I'd be justifiably copping it from someone who supports Gold Coast, but I am. That's as low as it gets.
  2. Christ, I don't think I can watch any more.
  3. Lever's recovery is sounding pretty positive, Goody looks stoked with how he's coming along.
  4. Both solid tonight, but will be eclipsed in the near future. Or they aren't, hopefully it'll mean they've both improved immensely and deserve to be in our best, fit 22. Would love a Rampe or Lloooyyyyyyd in our side.
  5. Agree, and if Spargo can find his way back in on form, he and Gilderoy will be a dangerous duo.
  6. Really enjoying watching Brisbane this year, entertaining game between them and Port so far. Aside from Mathieson continually dropping the knees for high frees...
  7. Never as bad as it seems, we'll be fine.
  8. So if he stays, does he sign an extension? Or we do it all over again next year?
  9. Almost reached the top of the mountain and now the wheels are falling off.
  10. A million rubbish handballs and absent work rate aren't part of the game plan. Sure, it needs some tinkering but I think the game plan has really stood up in the latter half of the season.
  11. I am so nervous, I'm not going to be able to sleep (in London).
  12. They're nervous, as they should be.
  13. Neville Jetta is one of the toughest players to ever don the jumper.
  14. Lots of heart, but back to a landslide of dumb forward entries.
  15. [censored]! Oscar has been bloody sloppy tonight.
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