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  1. Great shots mate, he's clearly got a lot of talent!
  2. Add Lehmann to that too, who in my opinion got away with murder.
  3. Those photos are getting me extremely excited.
  4. He definitely won't be available at 28, but using 10 on him feels risky.
  5. Good result, really liking our moves this off season.
  6. I do, but I find the Poms much worse. That may have something to do with living in London though.
  7. Would much rather the All Blacks in the final than the bloody Poms...
  8. I think we could do worse than pick up Josh Walker, delisted by Brisbane and can play both ends. Great size too at 196cm and 101kg.
  9. Have they made any sort of declaration about their intentions to take both of them?
  10. Very small sample size to use as a reliable indicator. It'd be interesting to see who the opposition was in the games where Gawn was missing. But I don't think we're useless without him at all either.
  11. Tongue in cheek. We should definitely refrain from trading Brayshaw as we stand to gain far more by keeping him. His value at the moment would be rubbish, whereas if he can regain last years form next season he'll literally transform our midfield.
  12. Can we give them Oscar McDonald instead of Frost? This is disappointing.
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