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  1. Limitations don't apply to this thread. Evidence: 8 years worth of posts and more than 2^10 pages ...
  2. I watched the first quarter with the sound on, which is about a quarter more than usual, and then turned the sound off until the last couple of minutes. Much better way to watch the footy than to listen to the inane prattle that passes for commentary.
  3. Moses going to part the red-and-blue sea and lead us to the Promised Land? I like it, BB ... 😈😅
  4. It was Gough yelling in response to a member of then then Country Party, probably Doug Anthony, IIRC.
  5. Which thread is that? I know of no such thread on Demonland ... And who is that guy anyway? 😁
  6. Much better than cheap tea. But not in the same league as marsala tea.
  7. No -- you would use a pick on a Pom and a puck on a Kiwi ...
  8. Does our third puck have to be used on a player from New Zealand? 😀
  9. Don't worry --- the rest of us don't have a clue either. We just don't let that get to us 🙂
  10. Rest in peace. Gone far too soon. Shocking to hear. So sad for those close to him. It is at moments like these when I realise the truth of the saying "Never complain about growing old. Not everyone gets the chance".
  11. So we pass the first millenium, despite the despairing Hemingway. The quality of this thread is not strained, nor can it be measured by simple statistical means. The volume drops off when we are successful, and surges when we are not, following a well-worn cycle of triumph and tears. Ever will it be so!
  12. So what did you do? 🙂
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