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  1. Maxy tires as the game goes on which is understandable. Having Preuss in the side will help a lot with this so to will his aggression.
  2. Agree we played our best game against the umps favourites but I still think we are a better team with him in it. Why did we bother getting Preuss if we are not going to play him. Him and maxy could be an awesome and dangerous combo if given game time together.
  3. FOR THE LOVE IF GOD PICK PREUSS IN THE SENIORS. Be proactive and make the opposition try and figure out how to deal with 2 massive ruckman/ forwards units.
  4. Preuss would have kicked straight if he was selected! 😁😁😁😁
  5. When our season is dead and buried he should be put out to pasture for the rest of the season to get his body and fitness right.
  6. Yeah sorry dr there were so many bad calls that one escaped my memory.
  7. Worst non call of the season. I HATE F...........................ING UMPS.
  8. Controlled the game and kicked like mules to hand wc the win. Real missed opportunity. Best game we have played this season except for kicking for goal Btw the umps can go and get f.
  9. We need to keep the intensity up for the next two quarters. Will be a massive test to see if we can be consistent for 4 quarters. We also need to maximise our is50s.
  10. If we lose it won’t be because we didn’t pick Preuss and it’s nothing to do with feeling vindicated if we lose as u suggest. He is ready to go and showed good form last week and should be in the team. He provides great support for Maxy. It’s pretty simple.
  11. Good to see we learn from our mistakes. FMD it shouldn’t have mattered if Hickey was in or not Preuss should have been selected.
  12. Good one. You have to be in a certain state to watch the dees GYM.
  13. Well I’m ready. I’ve had 6 rums for dinner and set to watch the footy. Now for desert!! Go Dees.
  14. Still better than the alternative imo.
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