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  1. If the giants want our pic 3 then they can sell the farm to get it. I really hope we don’t fold and take their first next yr as part of the deal.
  2. Ha ha ha nice blowing your own trumpet 🎺 there Red. Well done. You must be the new #bestnewsbreakerondemonland now.
  3. Great news considering how bad we went. Another yr Extension so maybe they are going to see if we are any good next season before deciding to extend again. Let’s hope next season we are much better then they can sign a multi yr extension.
  4. The below is music to my ears given our high quality skill level last season. “I will be heavily involved in the kicking program. People think kicking is solely technical but there are so many other elements, so hopefully we can teach the players to make better decisions, or easier decisions, so that the technical side becomes easier.”
  5. Now it just needs to transfer to on field decisions by the players.
  6. I had no idea what they were copying but still made me laugh. Some people are over sensitive and look for the bad in everything. That’s the way of the world it seems.
  7. Tbh I would have like to seen more senior players turn up to day 1. I know they are entitled to a break but after the season we had would have been good to see more senior players there.
  8. Given his IQ I totally understand why he is having trouble understanding some of our recent decisions.
  9. This coming from Bennell is huge imo. He is highly motivated to get back on the track and that is a great thing to have in a player Lets hope we get him and he gets on the park and performs out of his skin. Would be a great win for us
  10. I’m happy with the 2 games up in Qld and surprised that we have 3 Friday night games. Thought we would only get one cause of Anzac eve. Could have done with less Sunday games though.
  11. Thanks for sharing D11. if it’s right or wrong time will tell but some of us appreciate info u get and pass on.
  12. Good news and one less player to worry about leaving. Now bring on Tracca.
  13. When ever we have a “soft” draw we always seem to stuff it up. if we are going to be any good as a team we need to beat any team anywhere on any ground. We need to be mentally stronger and this is the ideal opportunity to start at rd 1 and rd 2. It’s time we stood up and stayed up.
  14. Sen just said Bennell to melb WILL happen. lets hope so.
  15. Imo A win in the first round will be great and unexpected but a loss could be the first nail in goodies coffin (depending on how we lose).
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