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  1. One thing is for sure we would rank #1 in the Comp for lowest tackles!
  2. Imo Brayshaw has been played out of position which could be why he is down on form. I DONT WANT TO TRADE HIM. Lets play him in his correct position. Mark my words if we trade him he will excel at his new club and we will regret it. Also maybe the coach needs to change or alter his game plan.
  3. Ah ok thought it was a goal. Either way hopefully he settles himself and takes the set shot next time All season our skills and decision making have been horrendous. This needs to be fixed otherwise we can just cut and paste our comments from this season to next.
  4. And on top of that the dogs went down the other end and scored a goal. Massive 2 goal turnaround at a critical time of the game. Let’s hope upon review if he had his time over he would take the set shot.
  5. This has been our problem all season along with skill errors but it’s not getting better either which is a concern.
  6. This is from the afl site http://m.afl.com.au/news/2019-07-11/dees-thinking-big-in-quest-to-muzzle-dogs Lever and Jetta will also return, having both dealt with knee injuries this season. Both made their comebacks via the VFL last week. Lever is set to play just his second AFL match this year, while Jetta will return after three months on the sidelines. Despite their lengthy spells out of the team, Goodwin said he has no hesitation in picking both for Sunday's important clash at Marvel Stadium.
  7. We prob don’t need an external review because the forty department knows where they stuffed up and will rectify it for next season. I have no doubt there will be a review just not an external one.
  8. I didn’t think we over celebrated at all tbh. At the end of the game the players had smiles on their faces but so did I. Ffs u can’t even smile at the end of a game if u win. The media over analyse everything but that’s what happens when u, the media think u are bigger than the game and need to try and remain relevant.
  9. Was a very hard game to watch but apart from Hunts goal in the last thought Tracs evasive skills were terrific especially when he avoided 4 blues in either the 3rd or 4th quarter. He is finally looking like being in some sort of form. Now he just needs to be consistent.
  10. Preuss did well. Should have been in the team weeks ago.
  11. So he is fit to play by MFC standards!
  12. NOTHING is obvious when u support the MFC palace, that’s the only thing that is obvious.
  13. Yep play the Benny hill music please. We are a joke.
  14. Brendan, Don’t hold your breath mate.
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