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  1. Unchanged from last week. Awesome cause that worked really well and we won oh wait on......... FMD MFC never fails to amaze and delight its supporters.
  2. I was just on the phone to the Membership dep and we were talking about what is going on and even they couldn’t believe how we are playing and our selection and non selection of certain players. Good to see it’s not just us crazies on demonland that are frustrated and amazed at what is going on which is unlike some who continue put blind faith in the club and it’s coaches.
  3. Unfortunately Dee this has been the case for a number of seasons. (With a little bit of relief here and there) We have another season where we will watch another team win the premiership and more lower teams pass us AGAIN.
  4. Watch Richmond play keepings off like the cats did against us and achieve the same result, another loss. Then In Goodwins pressor He will repeat the same diarrhoea he did last week. It’s ground hog week and season as per usual. U can just see it happening.
  5. Thanks spirit. This says it all to me: I can’t understand the selection of this side at times. "Some of the players that are getting games in that team at this moment aren’t good enough for AFL footy." Goodwin continues to baffle everyone even educated former coaches.
  6. If Omac comes in and goes to Lynch or Jack and gets manhandled like a 5 year old I will spew up.
  7. Ha ha must admit when I heard it I looked at my phones thinking they may have been ringing!! I need to get my hearing checked 😁 Good work on the podcast.
  8. I was meaning it tongue in cheek mate but I hope they are working on it but it’s a bloody slow burn.
  9. I would take him over Goodwin any day kozzie. With Lyon u know what u are getting.
  10. Does donating give you unlimited wishes SW???????????? Would be a miracle if it were to happen given this is what we have heard they are working on for the last numerous seasons.
  11. It’s funni I just listened to GB on demonland and he said when he first came to the MFC he would be sitting there wondering when will we kick our next goal. Funni cause I think that NOW and last season. Some things don’t seem to change that much.
  12. It’s like when people drive, road rules are optional which is the same as when u play for Melbourne, defence is optional 😳
  13. We have to melbournise him first then he can come into the team. Ffs he betta be in the side this week. It’s not like we have an abundance of goal kickers in our side.
  14. That’s to long to wait 13 and to much damage would be done between now and then. I don’t want another wasted season 2021 we have had to many of those already. If we don’t improve and make finals then he has to go imo. Negotiate a buyout of his contract. I Know it’s costly but leaving is probably more costly in way of $$, player retention and membership.
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