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  1. You are always going to get ur [censored] heads but the event would be monitored and such lovely people would be asked to leave by other influential type of people. it wouldn’t happen much if there was a no tolerance to [censored] heads.
  2. Speaking of fan engagement binman why don’t the dees look outside the square and be an innovator for once rather than be a follow of other clubs. I think that fan engagement would dramatically increase if after every home game they have players available to fans for say max 30mins to talk, get autographs and take photos. Whether we win or lose the home game it’s a chance to mingle and either celebrate or commiserate with the players. The NBL does this and it’s awesome. I’m a member of the Brisbane Bullets and even after we lose u can talk with the players and discuss how frustrating the game was or where it went wrong or blame the refs (which is my favourite). On the flip side when we win it’s great to chat and celebrate together. it would take some organising but given its 30 mins out of their week it’s hardly a massive time impost. it’s just a thought and I reckon it would be a massive winner for the club but doubt it will ever happen.
  3. Despite this set back I still want us to recruit him as a rookie.
  4. Whether his is true or not I tell ya if we go through major off and or on field dramas again like pre Roos days I reckon that would just about do my head in with this club. FFS they just need to get there [censored] together and KEEP it together for longer than 5 mins. Is that so hard to ask for.
  5. Can’t come quick enough imo.
  6. Imo we are still in hell. We ain’t out of it yet but hopefully it happens sooner rather than later.
  7. That’s true but Sunday is a pain in the [censored] as traffic is generally a lot worse on the highway going back towards Brisbane.
  8. I don’t understand why they just can’t keep it on the Saturday. We have had it on Friday, Saturday and now Sunday. Just leave it on Saturday. Why is it so hard!
  9. One of my concerns when reading the training reports is we are still turning the ball over and missing targets when not under pressure. I sure as hell hope we don’t repeat our turnovers and pathetic skills next season otherwise it will just be another lost season.
  10. Motivation for a player can be a great asset to have. Hopefully we have a few who want to prove themselves and their performances reflect this.
  11. I read or heard somewhere we were into Jackson from back around June of this yr Kent. Cal prob got some late mail and made hay while the sun shined I would have thought. My understanding Is that we have been watching Jackson for a while and were keen to get him based on what we had seen. This gave me a little more comfort in understanding the decision in that it wasn’t a last minute decision to get a player.
  12. Think Age was taking the piz dd.
  13. As goody said in his interview, take the best player available. Let’s hope it turns out to be a good player.
  14. Didn’t think of that but I think deep down he is weagles through and through.
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