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  1. Just do what u have to Andy to keep going. Im sure all here on demonland are behind u. Put it this way it’s better to have ads than no demonland at all.
  2. I wonder when the media will read demonland again and report on fox that this is in motion as a possibility. If what u r saying is true bizzell and I generally give the benefit of the doubt to new posters unless proven otherwise, then Hogan would need to remove that big chip on his shoulder, adjust his attitude and chase and tackle like he has never before. Also stop throwing his arms in the air pleading for free kicks. Time will tell if u r on the money.
  3. We can all just cut and paste our comments from last season because based on our first and possibly only match of 2020 it’s exactly the same crap. I have no confidence that if we have another preseason with Goody anything will change. Either the players aren’t listening OR the coach is not getting through to the players.
  4. Very frustrating Win. Im over feeling like this about the dees performances. I just want to enjoy watching our team rather than listen to all the excuses. It’s doin my head in and I’m sure I’m not alone.
  5. Win he has had 6 months that’s SIX MONTHS over the off season to get it right and it ain’t happening based on what I saw yesterday. It really is pathetic. Imagine how much GWS would have smacked us by this week if it were going ahead.
  6. Article from SEN https://www.sen.com.au/news/2020/03/22/same-old-melbourne-the-2019-trap-the-demons-fell-straight-back-into/ Nothing we don’t already know, well most of us anyway.
  7. The best thing about yesterday is that we get to talk about the insipid performance for TEN weeks or there abouts. I was really looking forward to the season again after a horrendous 2019 and it took the MFC one quarter to screw me and my kids over again. FMD melb get ur [censored] together.
  8. Well it’s good to see we have improved on last season. FMD. No spread when defending, bombing it into the f50, missing targets, missing gettable goals and basically playing like we don’t have anything to prove from last season. I’m glad the season has been suspended because having to see this [censored] again for another season would be horrendous. imo Goodwin has to go. I know it’s an early call but NOTHING has changed from last season.
  9. Very lazy. Saw a shot of Oliver casually jogging after an eagles player like we were 100 points up. Players still don’t get it. FMD.
  10. My only glimmer of hope is that the weagles generally don’t start the season well. I REALLY hope that trend continues.
  11. DemonOX


    Bloody hell he can’t take a trick.
  12. Pity we didn’t have 16 min quarters last season that may have been beneficial considering our fitness levels.
  13. Why don’t the clubs just divide each of the players salary by the number of normal games 22 then deduct the value of 5 games being a 17 game season from their wage. IMO that seems fair. Personally I would take a pay cut rather than lose my job if I had to.
  14. Could work in our favour as there won’t be any screaming feral wc supports there. Umps will hopefully be better too.
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