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  1. Nope. Been our best marking defender of late. He’ll play in the back half as he should.
  2. Exactly! People on here complaining about how terrible our disposal has been this year. As you mentioned, there’s no doubting the boys pace & run... but his guy would match some of our worst kicks in the team.
  3. Nathan Jones... You owe us one next Qtr. Such a dumb thing to do.
  4. Once again, disposal across half back is just terrible - under little to no pressure. Those 2 kicks going forward from Tom McDonald were reminiscent of his days in deffence. So uninspiring right now.
  5. I did say hopefully not, did I not? Similar symptoms twice in 2 weeks? I think there’s a legitimate reason to be a little concerned for our coach.
  6. Was also very obvious to me that he didn’t sound right at all for that first minute or so. Moments where he sounded just as he did with that last presser he pulled out of... LH, he definitely settled after that, no doubt... but the man can’t be 100% Seems more than just dizzy spells to me. Hopefully not. 🔴🔵
  7. Has to be Dazzle. Surely now. It got so bad last night that i quietly started laughing to myself after each of he's contests. Not fair on him nor the club to be playing in the AFL. It's over.
  8. Not a fan of him. He's not the type of forward we need IMHO
  9. Jeff Garlett - you obviously can not for the life of you contest any ball in the air. Absolutely deflating.
  10. Just add that to the rest of your long list of assists this year Bailey.
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