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  1. What i will say about Spargo... He's very good in just being composed, steady & patient in traffic. Some really good decisions in-tight tonight. Exactly what we need from him. + a little more. Harmes' importance is increasing. Nice hands, goalkicker. Disposals looked to have improved, also. Don't be fooled by Patracca's disposal count... he was super efficient & clean tonight. Beautiful game kid. Jones, you bleed red & blue. So happy for you. Melksham, ... well, he's now just a gun. He is confidence personified & super super important. In the 'very important players to this club' kinda guy. Max, IS the very important guy. Hunt's looking fit. Top 3rQ... wrapped for him. Hibb - Better, i think? Fritsch - Better. Oscar - Worser Preuss - Massive guy. Weed knows how to kick for goal... very confident & settled in approach. Could go on. šŸ”“šŸ”µ
  2. Its called a throw you muppet! Pay it!!!
  3. Well done skipšŸ”“šŸ”µ
  4. Sack Oscar McDonald right NOW!!!
  5. Our stoppage set up is an absolute mess. Cant win a one-on-one.
  7. Been the case since he squibed at that forward 50 contest against Richmond ansac eve 18ā€™ A damn shame...
  8. Like most, looks like a guy who's just underdone. Lack of pace was very evident & physically he looks very weak / undeveloped. These first 4 to 6 weeks will be very slow guys. Already looking forward to the second half of the season... got a feeling we'll hit the back half hard! šŸ”“šŸ”µ
  9. May & Lever cant come in quick enough! Will change the whole dynamic / structure of our play. Backline was an absolute mess today. Salem the only winner down back... could argue our only winner for the day. He was fantastic.
  10. Both didn't have great days at all today, but you can't say they're hopeless.
  11. Play him down back next year. Might not need May now.
  12. I know im stating the obvious here, but you have got to be taking the [censored] with this!
  13. My only problem with this move (Smith over Fritta) is when the moment comes for Joel to dispose the football. Joel's disposal & decision making under pressure can be very suspect... Defend, spoil, tackle - keep it simple son. šŸ”“ā­•
  14. What a star this man is! Literally has the AFL world at his feet.
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