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  1. Such a well balanced post. Best training report thus far!
  2. & just to put their list in context, this list was compiled as 'needs base' as opposed to where they actually think the boys will fall.
  3. Momentum’s really building now! 🔴🔵
  4. In with a real chance D17. Fingers crossed mate
  5. Those players & coaches were from the Dees Dazzle. Just clearing that up mate 🔴🔵
  6. Sam Edmund reporting that he want's to play his footy in Melbourne. Think's he'll be training with the Dees. Real chance.
  7. Just confirmed via SEN: Harley Bennell to do a medical tonight with the Melbourne Football Club
  8. Personally, if we're to go by highlights, Dylan Stephens is exactly what our midfields lacks & needs. Speed, class & goals - Fantastic point of difference from the kid. I've timestamped 3 bits of vision below that have impressed me more so than most highlight packages thus far. 1. @ 1:03 2. @ 2:06 3. @ 2:36 Maybe it's Dylan we're looking to make an early jump on? I hope so.
  9. Selling him a bit short there, Oli. Shows a heap more promise than Jayden.
  10. BIG! Is that left his non preferred Moon?
  11. Lol Trac wont be going anywhere.
  12. Just reported on SEN - Brad Hill doesn’t want to play for the Dees. Ed Langdon in the box seat to land with us.
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