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  1. Jeff Garlett - you obviously can not for the life of you contest any ball in the air. Absolutely deflating.
  2. Just add that to the rest of your long list of assists this year Bailey.
  3. Im sorry, but Billy Stretch for once in your time can you please hit the first option. Instead - stop, prop, no... then kick to an opposition player. Had enough.
  4. & it's a real shame because it looks as though our system has finally got going (some what)... but there's always a tipping point when it comes to injuries & today's late out may prove to be just that.
  5. Salem out hurts... BIG time! So that's no Lever, May, Salem, Jetta, Hibberd. Ridiculous.
  6. It was shown on AFL 360 last night, Moon... wasn’t nice. Good to see him feeling much better at training this morning.
  7. All jokes aside, that was pretty disturbing to watch 😕 Get well soon, Goody 🔴🔵
  8. Besides his 2 set shot misses, he looked good tonight. Best he’s looked this year IMO.
  9. West Coast twice, Adelaide twice, Sydney once, Geelong... well, just about. We just seem to come to play when we’re, 1: On the road 2: When we’re the clear underdogs. Not the same team, we know... but something’s in the air tonight. 🔴🔵
  10. At least we know the boy can mark the thing. Not shy on crashing a pack too.
  11. The latter two - No they don't.
  12. Oscar McDonald - you are terrible!!!
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