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  1. The ONLY player in our midfield capable of being composed with ball in hand, lowering the eyes & hitting up a leading target is Petracca. Simple.
  2. Shocking piece of play from Salem! I actually couldn't believe how slow he played that out! & after all that he goes & does what you just said... terrible!
  3. Nah, Jones wasn't out there bud
  4. Can only assume they trained yesterday maybe? Considering they both played in the scratch match Saturday arvo.
  5. Hey all. Tried my luck this morning down @ Casey. Here's what i saw. The forwards had the whole oval to themselves... not to sure where the rest of the crew were. Anyways, The forwards group included: TMac, Fritsch, Kozzy, Jackson, ANB & Hunt. Harley was there, didn't train, but he was the drill assistant for the session. Warm Up: The boys paired up for some laps around the oval; Kozzy / Hunt, ANB / Fritsch while Jackson & Tmac ran solo. There was about a 50m gap between the runners. Slow, steady laps for about 10mins. A game of soccer for 5mins & then a couple of 150m run throughs at about half pace. Jackson's a glider, Kozzy's quick & Tmac's a robot. Some kick to kick about 30m apart to round off the warm up. First drill: Player in the goal square starts us off. He kicks to a player on the corner of the 50m arc who then kicks to a player at the top of the 50 - He then gathers, plays on & kicks for goal. No real intensity about this drill, boys still moving at about half pace. Lasts for about 10mins. Nothing more to see here. Second drill: Group of 4 at the center of the ground with Justin Plapp. 2 at the goal square (1 forward, 1 defender). Plapp kicks the ball up to 1 of the group of 4, they then run a carry, disposing by handball to each player, with the last chain of the group kicking to the leading forward. The kicker is rotated at each restart. Tom, Jackson & Hunt mostly leading out from the square. Fritschs' delivery is a standout. Hunt - good hands out in front on the lead. Jackson just glides across the park - Good bounce about him. Kozzy just knows how to play the game. Tom looks stiff... but that's Tom. Third Drill: Starting player positioned about mid ground closer to the flank. He gathers a random ball from Harely (ground ball, half volley, on the full etc), who then kicks a 30m kick to a leading half forward who marks 60m from goal. Player then waits for one of the two leading forwards to present. He makes his choice & the forward marks about 35m out from goal. No shots were taken. Melk appears from nowhere! some light jogs around the oval & then some kick to kick with burgo... but then joins the boys soon after. Once again, Fritschs' delivery from 60 out to a leading forward is a class above the rest. Low penetrating darts... the others are ok, but they don't penetrate through the air like Bailey's. All drills where done at about half pace. Aaron Nietschke was doing some runs along the other oval with a couple of the medical boys. No sign of Weid. Or Brown. The weather got me outta there before they ended. Happy to answer any questions. 🔴🔵
  6. But just imagine it for a sec boys, Jesse back in our colors. His return to the G would be epic!!! Put him in our side right now & its a whole different ball game. [Censored]
  7. Man it was just different with Jesse...😒 Melbourne faithful were up & about that day! 🔴🔵
  8. First half pros & cons Pros: Viney, Viney, Viney Cons: how long you got?
  9. Leave it all out on the park tonight boys! Break a leg & she'll be right to go by rnd 2
  10. Yeah i hear you, McQueen... just looked like a strange decision for a day game in Perth for Rnd1. Anyway, feeling good about today regardless.
  11. 6:40 is such a late start. Still can’t believe the AFL scheduled the game for this time considering what we all know about Perth’s weather this time of the year. 3:40pm Perth time? Sun will be absolutely peaking! But we’ll still get up, so... 🔴🔵
  12. Round 1 Injury Update | vandenBerg sidelined again… https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/578205/round-1-injury-update-vandenberg-sidelined-again He was so close... smh.
  13. You can already see Max’s style as captain. Loves to pump up his boys.
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