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  1. I might apply....OK guys, get ball...kick goals (pfft easy peasy)
  2. Ray Smith, one of our better imports from Essendon
  3. Not sure that "Got rid of" is right, I get the feeling he thought it was time to do something else. Good luck to him and thanks for nurturing guys like Harmes and Trac.
  4. Thanks DD, really interesting interview. I was expecting him to say, we got lost and lacked direction this year, but to hear him say that he thought we were on the right track and extenuating circumstances (injuries, surgery etc) got in the way of where we wanted to be. I, like the previous posters, feel a little better about next year.
  5. I actually reckon he was their best out of a sorry lot yesterday.
  6. Didn't we also play in 2 of the 4 GF's in the VFL?
  7. I think I heard the term "Exceptional" 20 times in the last quarter yesterday, Collingwood were "exceptional, .....just exceptional"
  8. Long Time ago, you might as well have said Henry Coles
  9. And we have sooo much luck with ex Collingwood players....
  10. I'm glad there is some love for JKH although he's not the classiest of players, not once did i see him standing or jogging whilst opposition players ran amuck, unlike some of his team mates
  11. Tasmanian author and respected Sports Journalist retired a couple of years ago, used to write great articles in The Age. Embedded into the Melbourne Football club during their recent rebuild. Caught Andy Maher and Bob Murphy discussing this on SEN as I was on my way home, would love to hear the audio
  12. 3 times they've tried the kick over the top to Lewis, 3 times it has failed.
  13. Ok settled and looked better at the end
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