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  1. It's a long season, he'll get his chance
  2. How come we need to change 2 players and West Coast only one MFC IN Lewis , Jetta WCE IN: Lewis Jetta
  3. 6. Gawn 5. Jones 4. Petracca 3. Oliver 2. Hore 1. Salem
  4. How much better does Viney look when he attacks the ball. A ripper tackle that quarter. reminds me of the Viney we all love
  5. Petracca has been OK. I like his attack on the ball
  6. I see Duckwood up to his old tricks, still beggars belief why umpires can't see the deliberate duck from him.
  7. I made a rule not to degrade our players after a loss, I will calm down, I will look at at the team in the cool calm of the new day, and then I will drop T Mac, Petracca ,Hunt and Jones.
  8. Cannot believe all the negative energy on this page. I thought I was looking at Bombers page instead. We lost that quarter by a point !!!!! We've been good in the second half of most games recently. Tough to win down at Geelong. You get no help from the umps as the crowd make the decisions. Oliver Brayshaw, Viney, KK Salem, Gawn have been great. The commenators dribble all over Duckwood and Ablett but its been the Cats young guys that have played well. I predict a Dees comeback in this quarter
  9. Not sure why some are calling for Wagner to be dropped, I thought he was far from our worst yesterday 14 disposals, 4 tackles, (a couple ripper ones too). I think some here have prejudices before the ball is even bounced. Also I saw Trac, on the half forward flank, chase, and tackle 3 times in one great effort on the HFF, I'm staying positive, horrible day yesterday,move on.
  10. No conclusions should be made from Round 1. Players are always rusty, however so much for the rule changes, hasn't made this game a better spectacle.
  11. If I was a full back, I'd be bumping into the post just at the same time the ball passes, a bit like when the ball hits a batsmans pad instead of the bat.
  12. Rapt for Max, however....I checked on the MFC site to make sure that next week was definitely his 100, and was disappointed to see the blurb about Max and few other players were still circa 2017-18.
  13. I apologise for my ignorance , but what is the difference between TBC and test?
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