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  1. L to R : Frost Watts Dunn Lewis JKH Stretch Morton The Prince and Neeld
  2. I made this Joke 3 weeks ago.....got nothing
  3. MIght be Running on Empty if that's the case
  4. To play Geelong at Kardina park in their home final and beat them by 10 goals
  5. Great photos 666 , I remember the discussion last year about the ball drop of some of these players and the position of the balancing arm. some players look quite artistic in their arm and hand position (e.g. Trac and Salem) some look quite awkward like T Mac, I wonder if the kicking coaches take this into consideration?
  6. I'll go out on a limb here and say I like the idea, the players who get to play in this game will treasure the opportunity and plus it will sell out in a second and raise lots of $$$ for the cause. Players can get injured any time, look at the Smith and Sloane for the AFLW Dees side. I reckon Clarrie, Max and Trac would love a big V jumper to show the grand kids
  7. A comment about the "choose the $25 Demon shop option instead of the scarf", a friend of mine did that last year, then went to the shop choose some minor items, badge, stickers, cup etc and handed her $25 voucher and was told she couldn't use it because the $25 could only come off 1 item of $25 or more. She put all the little stuff BACK and walked out.
  8. I wear mine every indigenous round, still get lots of comments.
  9. I might apply....OK guys, get ball...kick goals (pfft easy peasy)
  10. Ray Smith, one of our better imports from Essendon
  11. Not sure that "Got rid of" is right, I get the feeling he thought it was time to do something else. Good luck to him and thanks for nurturing guys like Harmes and Trac.
  12. Thanks DD, really interesting interview. I was expecting him to say, we got lost and lacked direction this year, but to hear him say that he thought we were on the right track and extenuating circumstances (injuries, surgery etc) got in the way of where we wanted to be. I, like the previous posters, feel a little better about next year.
  13. I actually reckon he was their best out of a sorry lot yesterday.
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