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  1. Removing 'Hogan's Hangers' as quarter time entertainment will save countless lives.
  2. I don't understand people taking King's opinions personally. He's posing a theory. He backed Goodwin's coaching for six months and now you hate him because he noticed something bad.
  3. conclusion of this BS When we lose everyone played bad and when we win everyone was great.
  4. Sensational Tackling Pressure Unquestionable effort If we play like that all year we're gonna win a tonne
  5. If Brisbane get Carlton (pack of flooders) here, we're on top of the ladder.
  6. Flash has two sons and a daughter. I'm hoping they all become demons in the next decade
  7. Friend who works in sports media told me Trengove will me getting a rookie spot on the Bulldogs list in 2018
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