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  1. The intro musics a bit dramatic. Strike force ops centre.
  2. Had a feeling this was a possibility when the Frost issue arose. As stated, Pies have a lot of stars and depth to cover in their salary cap. They barely signed on Langdon (a really good Backman) last year which showed the cap strain they are under. Be good if there was some incentive based payments to hedge against injury. Think he is a top class player with footy nous.
  3. Well it's not like the FD forgot that he was out of contract. If it's true they low balled an offer, than its a calculated move. Every player is an opportunity and an opportunity cost. Could be we think the compansation/salary cap affords us something else we have in mind - another player (there is a few possibly available ) while Joel Smith Hore or Petty step into the back 6/7. How about we trade for hawks/nth first pick in exchange for frost and one of the split picks?
  4. I think our 2nd round pick is fair, but if Freo are difficult (which wouldn't suprise me), is the PSD a practical option? Scenario: Ed asks for a one year deal worth 2 years of $, which is then renegotiated but wards off GCS? Ifs this is realistic, then its also excellent leverage over Freo. I still have hopes for KK on the other wing.
  5. I think we strategically leaked interest in Hill to have all parties think about Melb as an option, without us putting fwd a hard commitment, b/c we're only interested if it's the right price all round, including Hill wanting to come, salary and trade price.
  6. Umpiring - I note there is a general email address on the AFL's website. Perhaps we should all express our objections through that channel? I'm serious. Game v Hawks was awfully one sided too. Game plan - I'm liking it! Defence first, open forward line when we can use the corridor. Forward line - players still mostly out of form bar Hunt, but improving.
  7. So over Oscar. Please put him to pasture.
  8. Don't mind the options of: - Frost on Rohan, or - May playing sweeper in def.
  9. First time l've genuinely felt sympathy for an opposition player. He's more Melbourne than Collingwood to me.
  10. Sam Gray in their emergencies. Thought he was a good player? I worry that philosophy (ie. individuals picked on form) dictates our selections rather than best team to win against the opponent. We have 3 small fwds on bench. Risk being out match in height.
  11. TBH I am struggling to justify a spot for Lewis - but can you drop a guy with his status, is he untouchable? I feel like last year he played the backline sweeper, stepping in for Lever, but I'm not sure of his role given he's not the quickest mover.
  12. Same, same. Now I'm just anxious for trade period to end, so the door is well and truely shut. Don't want the industry convincing them rightfully so, that they just fleeced themselves, and then offering pick 5 on Wed afternoon when they finally realise Neale can't be convinced to stay of his own free will. 5/6 & 11 would have been my minimum - Hogan's a gun. Think the current outcome is great - Hogan had an itch, we behaved generously, now that option has gone - time to refocus at the Dee's and continue enjoying being at Melb and riding the wave towards success - great club, great team mates, great coach and great success. Managing the Tmac/Weid/Hogan dilemma was my only concern, with the prospect of loosing Weid for opportunity and then Hogan to WA, but I'm starting to warm to the Hogan CHB idea, where potentially they all fit nicely. Makes me think of Neitz back there.
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