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  1. Out: The embarrassing Spargo. In: Jeffy. Who has pace, can hit a target & can kick further than 20m.
  2. The exit gate at the G is looking more appealing by the minute.
  3. Spargo is a complete waste of space. Anyone who thinks he can play better than Jeffy is kidding themselves including our coach. Tom Mc is doing nothing down forward. Move him back FFS.
  4. Wow, after last week's effort who would have though we'd beat a Dom Tyson inspired Norf:)
  5. Pathetic. Game over & goodnight
  6. Swans get 3 soft goals due to our fumbling turnovers. Max keeps putting it down Swans players throats in the middle & who is playing on Alir Alir? Make him accountable FFS.
  7. We need a dangerous small forward like a Jeffy big time. Lever can't get back quick enough too.
  8. Well we have started tanking already. What a surprise. Pathetic rabble.
  9. Need Jeffy, Hannan & Lever back & maybe we will improve.
  10. Petracca has the fumbles & ANB can't bend down to pick the ball up. Forward line useless.
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