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  1. Stretch. Lol. If Casey had a 2nds team that's where he should be playing
  2. TV off. Game over. So predictable by the umpires. Stick it up your are AFL
  3. Umpires & our bad goal kicking have killed any chances of us winning. Fuckrn [censored] biased umpires
  4. Cheating fuckrn [censored]. Stretch is horrible excuse of a footballer
  5. [censored] non decision by the umpire on Kennedy infringing on O Mac. Typical gifts them a goal
  6. Dumb arsed selection. Pruess would have kicked 5 by now. Keilty looks so bad & fumbly.
  7. Keilty bad mistake not to punch that ball forward
  8. Do we get to keep our first draft pick at the end of this season?
  9. Out: The embarrassing Spargo. In: Jeffy. Who has pace, can hit a target & can kick further than 20m.
  10. The exit gate at the G is looking more appealing by the minute.
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