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  1. Still need a tall FF. Someone tell Goodwin we have options FFS.
  2. If Joel Smith plays in the team he should be forward. You can't go for the big spekkie & allow your opponent an easy goal from off the back of the pack. Not smart enough as a backman at this stage.
  3. No wonder the AFL don't ever send Hawthorn down there to play. They are an absolute embarrassment.
  4. Was it Frosty that gave Ablett the elbow in the guts & the free after taking a good mark?
  5. When Petty is fit, goodbye O Mac.
  6. Spargo wouldn't get a game in Box Hill 2nds.
  7. This is past the point of being embarrassing. Eagles to kick 20.
  8. O Mac can't even keep up with Darling .lol
  9. Spargo can't kick & Hibbert just wants to bang it long & high. Nothing has changed from last season. Still a rabble.
  10. We got rid of Frosty & kept OMac. FMD.
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