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  1. 3 hours ago, ben russell said:

    Should be aiming for 14 wins minimum with that draw. 

    Should be aiming for 14 wins minimum irrespective of the draw.

    I hope the club doesn't indulge in Demonland Groupthink (Trademark pending) and start assessing the likelihood of wins and losses on the vagaries of the draw. 

  2. If he is able to play again, I hope all clubs agree to let St Kilda redraft him with their last pick in the draft of the relevant year. It would be even better if the AFL made a rule that players who sit out a year (or more) because of concussion can be automatically re-listed. In fact, the rules should change so instead of delisting him, St Kilda should be able to temporarily suspend his listing. The last thing he needs is the pressure of wondering whether he might be drafted by another club should he return and still want to play with the Saints. 

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  3. I think supporters forget that when players are drafted they are most often still teenagers with the potential to grow. If Stretch had grown a few more centimetres he might have been more successful. Instead, he always seemed undersized and for that reason not strong enough to match it with bigger players. Both Stretch and JKH deserve credit for what they've achieved. I hope that they succeed with whatever they do next, whether it's continuing as AFL footballers or not.  

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  4. The AFL should never have given the medal to Cotchin and Mitchell in the first place precisely because of the possibility that one day new evidence might have cleared Watson. Note that I am not saying the story today has necssarily done that, but it's a problem entirely avoidable if the AFL had decided when it stripped Watson of the medal to leave the Brownlow unawarded for that year. 

  5. 10 hours ago, Jaded said:

    Say what you like about our on field performance, but I think our off field and trade performances have been pretty spot on lately.

    I also think Josh Mahoney's media performances neatly find the right balance between telling the truth but not necessarily the whole truth. That's important both for members and supporters to know what's going on but also to enable him to keep his powder dry should other opportunities arise.

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  6. I just like the fact that we obviously had a plan for the trade period and have executed it cleanly and (compared with most other clubs) quickly. I assume much of the work was done months ago getting the players interested and negotiating terms, but the deals with the other clubs (ie, Freo and Hawthorn) still had to be done. The club deserves credit for its ability to achieve its desired aims.

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  7. 1 hour ago, inanunda said:

    For far too long we have played the safe card and it has got us nowhere.  It is time for us to take a risk and take a punt on two players that we will get for nothing and have massive up side. Harley Bennell and Sam Murrey. Ignore the hype, the negativity, the history and just have a crack.

    Put them on the rookie list and if it doesn't work what have you lost? Nothing.

    Not quite. You've lost two rookie list spots which could have been used on other players 

  8. 3 minutes ago, Clintosaurus said:

    I think the colour would represent time spent in that part of the ground? Obviously players don't have possession of the ball all the time, and the map would indicate more time was spent on or near centre wing, in the middle when the ball is on the other side, or drifting to half forward or half back.

    That makes sense. Thanks.

  9. 12 hours ago, deanox said:

    You keep saying this, except he plays on a wing. That's his best position. 

    Here is his possession heat map for 2019. The one showing the hotspots on the wings, a bit in the centre,  the defensive flanks and dropping back to full back (but never going near CHB),  and occasionally drifting forward on the flanks? That's Tomlinson.



    Can anyone explain to me what the blue dots are meant to represent that the colours don't? If the blue dots are meant to be possessions, do they add anything that the colours do not? And, if that's the case, I'm struggling to see why the colours are what they are. There seems to be plenty of inconsistency. Many of the blue dots seems to appear in areas coloured yellow/green (see the area just outside the forward 50m mark or the full back position, for example) which seem to have just as much density as some of the red/orange.

  10. I can't believe that the association of Freddie with the unprintable word "clusterf#ck" hasn't had a mention. I can only assume that when most of this thread was written in 2011 "clusterf#ck" wasn't in common use. Either that or the mods had a busy time cleaning up this thread. Let's be honest, the MFC, both on and off field during the life of this thread, has clearly been a clusterf#ck many times between 2011 and now, so it's not really understandable why the obvious association hasn't been mentioned (and more than once).

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  11. On 10/5/2019 at 1:20 PM, Lucifer's Hero said:


    I can not conceive the club would not replace the departed coaches.   He may have just worded 'no more new coaches' poorly and meant the new coaches just haven't joined us yet.

    I'm not necessarily concerned. Too many coaches may confuse the players. I don't know what the right number is, but I just want us to have the balance right. I got a sense this year that the changes to the coaching panel made during the season suggested that there was something wrong with the coaching group. That's not to say the individuals weren't each appropriately skilled but, rather, they may not have been working smoothly as a group. To paraphrase a cliche, perhaps we had too many cooks.

  12. 9 hours ago, Demons11 said:

    Because he is a [censored]! 

    The most negative person in football 

    Not sure I agree. There are a few Demonlanders who are far more negative. Exhibit A:

    7 hours ago, Mental Demons said:

    Our window is closed with these numpties running the MFC. Tomlinson was the worst player in the GF and has struggled to be in the best 22 all year. He is only OK at a few things but not great anything. Offering  Frost, our best defender, more money would have been better value. Elliot is fragile and overpriced we would get better value out of Butler. Langdon is OK but not top tier and won't make up the difference for the team to be successful. There are about ten players at Freo I would rather target. May is an overpriced spud that no other team was gullible enough to want, yet he is the most secure player on our list. MFC is stuffed. Everybody sees Melbourne coming. 



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  13. 33 minutes ago, AaronDaveyChipsAndGravey said:

    Bedford was pick 60 odd and has the same weight as a stick, and hence will be given time to develop. I would have thought steven may and nev jetta are pretty hand indigenous recruits. Just because they dont have the flash of a rioli or liam ryan type doesnt mean they arent as important

    Stack and Pickett are both enigmas and a punt that took off for Richmond that suit where they’re culturally at as a club. The sad reality is that I doubt either of those would really thrive at the Dees. Anyways, I’d be backing our recruiting staff to be looking at the best possible players to fill our needs regardless of their background

    According to some posters here on Demonland, though, May can't be any good because he's a private school boy.

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  14. 11 hours ago, Seraph said:

    MC can't even get the right Christian after talking to him. Jesus.

    Is the single word sentence at the end meant to be confirmation of who the right Christian is? Or is this some sort of clue for religious cryptic crossword fans? Or just maybe it's an inadvertent pun. And all from someone with the angelic name of "Seraph". 

    Gets my vote for Demonland post of the year, even if I don't fully understand it.

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  15. 1 hour ago, Lucifer's Hero said:

    So GCS got a heap of priority picks.  But no news of the off field support they really need eg

    • improved club rooms and facilities
    • increased salary cap (Gil refused because he "...has a strong view that salary caps should not be compromised". LOL - Gil has principles!  Yeh, I know a cheap shot but couldn't resist!)  gold-coast-package
    • Without sal cap increase they will struggle to both attract mature players and keep their young talent.
    • better medical and fitness staff and related resources
    • better development and welfare staff
    • improve the low morale of draftees that play their Home games on dodgy suburban ovals that no-one goes to watch
    • increase their 'soft cap' - Its tough getting football staff to go there without lots of $$.

    Priority picks are like fool's gold.  Stewie Dew said as much mid year when he said pp's won't solve the problems.  Without changing the off field issues it will continue to be a revolving door of draftees.

    I don't mind GCS getting the pps.  But it is so frustrating that he AFL have missed a golden opportunity to really help the club.  Fix the off-field things and players might stay.

    I agree with your suggestions to assist, but it's not a binary issue. Gold Coast could still get all this assistance as well as the priority picks. In fact, wasn't the move of  Mark Evans from AFL HQ to be the CEO of Gold Coast part of that off-field assistance?

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  16. 5 minutes ago, DeeSpencer said:

    We had more top draft picks in 2007, 08, 09 than any other club I'd imagine - Richmond were the only one who would be close. Unfortunately we were operating with a football department and club without anything close to the resources.

    We were left behind when the rich clubs started spending money and the AFL had so much cash that they didn't know what to do with that they invented 2 whole new clubs. Our supporters rallied for the debt demolition campaign but that was only to get us back in the game.

    The likes of Morton, Grimes, Maric, Trengove, Gysberts, Tapscott, Watts, Strauss and Blease should be [censored] as hell they were drafted to Melbourne and weren't given proper facilities, proper coaching or proper fitness/medical staff. The same issues that hindered Gold Coast's start up hurt that generation of our players. The only ones who made it through - Gawn and Jetta - spent most of the time injured.

    Oh and what was our reward for taking all those draft picks so we were prepared for the new clubs - we were slandered in the media for tanking years after the event, furthering a rift between the coaches and administration. Our club name was turned to mud for doing the same thing several clubs had and have done since.

    Where were our handouts in 2012-2014? We were as bad if not worse than the Suns are now and instead were given a small amount of extra funding for Roos and told to trade, draft and develop our way back. We had to give up prime draft picks and list spots for Tyson, Vince, Hibberd, Melksham, Frost, Garlett, Cross etc to get back to being a competitive side. Now the Suns can have their cake and eat it too? They can trade draft picks for experienced players whilst still getting access at the top of the draft. Damn right I'll say it's unfair.

    Really? I don't think anyone cares two hoots.

  17. It's a bit more generous than I was expecting, but I have no problem with the AFL giving the Gold Coast a hand. What does surprise me is that all of the additional picks appear to be unencumbered. I was expecting the AFL to require at least one of the picks to be traded. That would have given the Gold Coast one or more mature players rather than another 18 year old. Of course, Gold Coast can still trade these additional picks on their own volition.

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  18. 11 minutes ago, bluey said:

    Well they just sacked five coaches, the list Manager, and the fitness Svengali, so I’m done thinking “someone” on a high may just understand what’s happened, I doubt  too many people believe the chaff they have been fed about injuries being the reason, for the club reclaiming it’s basket case status so quickly.

    Sacked? Are you sure? Just because Viney, Misson, Jennings and others have left the club it doesn't mean they were "sacked". Would they have been sacked if they didn't leave voluntarily? Who knows? But let's keep to the facts.

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  19. 19 hours ago, DubDee said:

    It’s a great time to compete with Vic clubs. Dons, blues and saints all poor. Hawks are in for a rough patch. 

    As seen by our two finals last year with 90K plus the fans come out quickly when you win. Get that right and we’ll be fine off field

    With all due respect, I think the order has to be the other way around. Get the off field right and then on field success will follow.

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  20. 1 hour ago, Fork 'em said:

    I remember during my playing days.
    I wasn't a bad kick and had reasonable skills but on the run with goals in front I was forking woeful.
    Wasn't a bad snap, wasn't a bad set shot.

    Same with a bloke leading straight at me.
    Would put it at his feet time after time.
    Leading on an angle and I could hit 'em.

    And you are right about confidence.
    The amount of times players were clear and instead of taking a shot they looked to dish off handing responsibility to someone else .....

    Even Dusty Martin obviously has his demons.
    30m out dead in front and he'll try play on and hook it in every time.

    What's the tune here? It certainly looks like it's been written in the form of song lyrics. 

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  21. 5 minutes ago, demonstone said:

    Agreed.  A name like Anzac really takes the biscuit.

    I wonder if he was born in Australia? There's all sorts of legal protections over the use of the word 'Anzac'. I would have thought registering the name of a child as 'Anzac' wouldn't be allowed in this country.

  22. On 9/24/2019 at 1:50 PM, Skin Deeamond said:

    Let them perish. It’s a dumb idea. Two teams in a Rugby League state. The AFL is run by money hungry morons who are wrecking the game. Next we’ll have a team based in China or Sierra Leone.

    There's an excellent article from Chip Le Grand in today's Age which explains why expansion into western Sydney has been so important to the AFL, and, by extension, the poorer clubs such as ours. A second team in Queensland won't provide the same benefits (even if it were ever to be successful) but the principle is the same. In short, the AFL would eventually wither away if it didn't pursue a north-of-the-Murray strategy. 

    The consistent failure of the MFC to be successful is unrelated to national expansion. We were dreadful from 1965 to 1986 when it was still a 12 team competition and all because of poor back-of-house administration. If we want to succeed, we have to stop blaming the AFL Commission, Gillon McLachlan, the umpires, the media, the poker machines and betting companies, and recognise that success comes from within.

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  23. 12 hours ago, Demonsone said:

    What’s pathetic is the acceptance of mediocrity the mfc has dished out the last 55 years...

    I'm unclear what this comment is doing in a thread about Jack Trengove being delisted at Port Adelaide. Seems a bit off topic.

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